Papa fucked my pointed breasts by biting them with his teeth

I Sangeeta is telling you my story on My father and my father had a new relationship when I came back to my maternal home after the death of my husband. 1 night father came and said ‘ daughter! Your husband has already passed away. But your pussy is still brand new. Keep using it. On the other hand, I was also feeling like eating cock. Just friends, there was an agreement between us father and daughter. Papa came to my room. My lips started drinking. Now I did not wear Mangal Sutra, because now I had become a widow. Papa’s hands went on my boobs while drinking my lips. He started pressing my tightly rounded breasts with his hands. I started getting very intoxicated. Papa was drinking my lips like some of his goods. After some time, I was not able to control at all. Fuck papa!! Don’t torture me now! Fuck your widowed but young girl!’ I said. I was wearing a white saree. Papa took me to the bed. Took off my clothes. Took off my blouse, took off my saree, tore off my petticoat. Even removed my bra and panty. My real father made me naked. Girl you are as beautiful as your mother!! Papa spoke. Friends, let me tell you that it has been 10 years since my mother died. For so many days, father could not find anyone to lick. But when I became a widow, now my father was about to get a new pussy. Papa lay down on me. Started drinking my soft soft hot hot boobs. ‘Daughter!! You are such a wonderful thing. Your husband must be fucking you everyday??’ He spoke. ‘Yes father! He used to take me every night. Naga did not kill even on any day. He could not sleep without fucking me ‘ I said ‘ daughter !! You are such a tough material. The man who sees you once, his penis should stand up immediately. He will accept you as a fuck only.’ Papa said and started drinking my pointy very small tits in his mouth after licking and licking. My father turned out to be very naughty. They were biting my pointed breasts with their teeth and drinking. I was feeling pain as well as being excited and having fun as well. ‘Papa, comfortably suck my coconut!! Take it easy Dad,’ I said. But there was no effect on him. He was in his tune. They were drinking loudly my white Kadli-like chicks, biting them loudly with their teeth. Papa had become very naughty. If he could only eat my breasts and lie down. He used to press my juicy breasts hard and used to move his tongue on the nipples and drink it. Friends, this game went on for a long time. Then father came on my pussy. My boo started drinking. My jhantas were very big. After the death of my husband, no man had ever fucked me, so there was no work of making skirts. But today father was going to fuck me. I wanted him to fuck me with full pleasure. ‘dad ! If you want, make me a jhante and eat me pelo!’ I said. Daughter!! Now there is so much time to eat that I can make your skirts. First I will fuck you once, then later I will keep making jantes!’ Papa said and started drinking my boo. Today I had a lot of jante. Father’s face was hidden in the black grass of black weeds. He was drinking my pussy well after opening it with his fingers. Right now I was very rarely fucked. Because the one who worked hard on my pink pussy had become dear to me. That’s why now my father was working hard on my pussy. Papa was drinking the red lips of my pussy by taking out his tongue. He was caressing the grain of the pussy with his finger. And were putting the tongue in the pussy hole. I was having a lot of fun. Now father had become my favorite. I was feeding my pussy to him. The whole sister was getting fucked. I was experiencing sexual excitement. Chudas had also started feeling a little hungry. I was also feeling urine. 2-4 drops of urine came out from my anus, which my father drank. He was licking my pussy like a desi dog. For today I had become his bitch. There was a sensation of great force in my pussy. In Kamasutra, Acharya Vatsyayan has called ‘work’ an art. The more men and women inculcate this art in their married life, the sweeter their married life becomes. Friends, on the same pattern, father was seen in the mood to fuck me like his wife. He put his many fingers in my pussy and started licking my pussy. Due to this I got very pissed off. Sex started running in my blood, the intense desire to get fucked became strong. Papa started licking her pussy very loudly. Then he put his big dick in my pink belly. They started fucking me. Like washing clothes on my pussy. I found father’s jerks very sweet. My father was taking me faster than my late husband. were eating and drinking My father started beating me by knocking, I felt that I am reaching God. Papa really had a lot of strength and energy. My late husband could not fuck me with such force. While pushing me, my father was also pounding and pressing my coconut. It was all wonderful and wonderful, friends. I was getting fucked by my real father and was getting closer to God. He was fucking me considering me as his woman. Friends, I was feeling high level of mental and physical happiness. There was an uproar in my pussy. Sweet blissful waves were coming out of my pussy which were going on both sides of my thighs and navel. My father had proved to be a very artistic man. He had proved to be a complete connoisseur of Kamashastra. Papa knew very well how to fuck a lady. His dick was sliding in my smooth pussy with pleasure and was getting inside out. I was getting fucked with pleasure and aa aaah maa maa maa aa ha ha ha !! Was taking hissing. I was feeling that father’s dick is going to fuck his goods in my pussy. Then after some time father hugged me while fucking me. Wrapped me in his arms like a man wraps his woman. Then father started pushing furiously. Then he left his hot stuff in my pussy only. We both slept together. When we father and daughter woke up, it was 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Papa was hungry. ‘Go cook food daughter. But in this way he became naked. Only then will it be fun. We will be naked all day today!’ Papa said, ‘Yes Papa,’ I said. Friends, I did not wear any cloth on my body. My hair was also open. Today once I had got kissed by my father. Now she was going to cook food for father. My breasts were completely bare. I had not even put on the scarf. Because father’s order was that today we father and daughter should remain naked. I went to the bathroom to pee. Standing without closing the door, I started urinating. Then she went to cook in the kitchen naked. After some time I put the food on the dining table. Papa also came. Now his dick was looking very big like a donkey’s dick. His son once again wanted to kiss his daughter’s pussy. Papa’s dick was erect again. I started eating food sitting next to my father. Papa’s one hand was in my pussy and with the other hand he was eating pulses and rice. When the juice of my pussy touched his hand, he used to drink it. After some time we father and daughter had eaten food. ‘Daughter ! I want to fuck you one more time! Father said, ‘Fuck you father! Now which one of my men is sitting here? Now my pussy is yours. Because now I am dependent on you’ I said. Papa decided to fuck me standing this time. He made me sit on the dining table and started drinking my lips. This time he was licking my upper lip. Because it is said that by drinking from the upper lip, the ass rises very strongly. I put my hand on Papa’s smooth smooth shoulder. Papa started drinking my upper lip. Started robbing the color of my pink lips. Today I had become my father’s wife. There was no one else to fuck me in my life. That’s why I had now become my father’s wife. Papa’s hands were on my hanging chest. The way the bells of a temple keep hanging, in the same way my pointed breasts were also hanging from my chest. My father’s hand was on my pointed chest. Today father was also enjoying the joy of heaven. Friends, after drinking my lips, father turned me around and made me stand on the support of the dining table. Papa was just standing behind me. He kept caressing my smooth back for a long time. Keep kissing Then started grinding his teeth. Friends, I got very pissed off by this. If a man bites any woman on the back, then it is obvious that she would like to be kissed more. When my father bit me hard on my back, my fair skin got his teeth marks. Pain was also happening, but Chudas was also rising. Then father sat down on the ground. My chubby white butts were in front of my father. At first they caressed my buttocks by touching them with their hands and then started repeating the same old act. He started biting my ass with his sharp teeth. While there was pain, I was feeling excitement and sexual sensation. Then father sat from behind and started drinking my bhosda. Papa’s lips were on the red spots of my pussy. He was drinking. I was having fun. I was standing on the support of the dining table and was making my father drink Bur’s balls. Then papa put his fat cock in my mast lal lal bur’s fists and started fucking me. Now father was fucking me while standing. Whereas in the morning my father had fucked me lying down. I was doing night sports with my real father. Papa was giving dick in the secret hole of my pussy. Standing like this, I was getting to eat cock more deeply. Very intoxicating sound of gach gach was born from my pussy. Papa kept me leaning slightly forward on the dining table. They were fucking me crazy. I had shrunk my pussy so that more and more rubbing could be found in the pussy. And get more pleasure. Today I was feeling a high level of physical and mental happiness. For today, I had become my real father’s wife. For today I had become my father’s favorite prostitute. Papa put his hand on my waist. He was fingering my navel and was fucking quickly from behind. Papa’s hands were shaking on my nipples too. He was attacking my pussy very loudly and tearing the holes. The sound of Pat Pat was echoing in the whole room. Today I had become my father’s favorite prostitute. Papa was putting his nose in my silky adorable curly hair and was smelling the fragrance of my amazing fuck body. And were fucking me from behind. Then after some time father again fell in my hot pussy. Once again, due to lust, he started biting my bare smooth back. I didn’t say anything to my father. Kept getting her back cut. The man who gave me so much pleasure by fucking me how could I refuse him. After 1 week we father and daughter were engaged in sex again. I used to wear only white saree to show off in the society. But no one knew that I was having fun with my father like a married woman. Now many things had changed. I used to take bath at 10 pm. Used to wear colorful saris. Used to apply vermilion in father’s name. Mang Bharti Ti. Was completely decorated. She used to wear Gajra in her hair. She used to wear Nath in her nose. Used to apply lipstick on the lips. Then she used to go to father’s room to get fucked. Friends, there is no doubt about this that I had become my father’s favorite prostitute. Today, father once again undressed me and made me lie on his chest. Gave dick in my pussy and started fucking me lying on the chest. Papa had monopolized my smooth white body. They started fucking me by caressing my back and buttocks. Papa was drinking my milk. Friends, if anyone benefited the most from my husband’s death, it was my father. Now he used to beat my pussy everyday. At this time I used to take his huge chest and was fucking it. My round velvet breasts were being crushed by my father’s chest. And below my pussy was also being crushed by father’s dick. Today, father once again made me a desi prostitute and fucked me all day long. You are reading this story on

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