I convinced young aunt to fuck

Hindi Sex Story, Mausi Ki Chudai : My name is Jignesh Parikh. I live in Ahmedabad. I love to fuck smooth girls smooth pussies. Which girl would not like to have sex? My aunt’s name is Kuhu. She used to come to my house every few days. My mother has 2 younger sisters- Kuhu Mausi and Riya Mausi. Kuhu aunty has become completely young now. That 24 year old was fucking hot stuff. Earlier I was not such a bad boy. But my friend had made me get his girlfriends pussy many times. After that I started looking at every girl from the point of view of sex and fuck. That day also Kuhu aunty had come to our house. My grandmother’s house is here in Ahmedabad, so sometimes grandmother, sometimes Kuhu aunty used to come to our house often. I was now 19 years old. As soon as aunt came, my eyes got stuck on her body. She was wearing a white T-shirt and a red skirt. There was a small gold locket around the neck. My evil eye went on her nipple. Kuhu aunty’s milk had just started growing. That’s why they were not very big. But 30” will be comfortable. She considered me a child. She used to think that I do not know anything but I had already fucked many girls. “What are you looking at like this Jignesh??” She started asking “your body is looking very good in T-shirt” I said she understood that I was looking at her with a chudai eye. Underneath she was wearing a red skirt. Now Kuhu mausi was fully bloomed and now she needed some thick cock. She stayed at our house. He had college holidays. I had kept some books with sex pics on the side of his bed. Now it was to be seen whether she opens it or not. One night my plan worked. Kuhu aunty opened the book with nude pictures and started looking at it. Slowly he took off her skirt and started fingering her pussy. Then by pointing his finger for a long time, he released the water from his smooth hole. In this way it started happening everyday. It happened the next day also. At 11 o’clock in the night, Kuhu aunty started looking at the naked nude photo of that book and took off her panty and started showing 2 fingers. A window in his room was open. I quickly jumped into the room through the window. She could not see me. Lying on her bed, opening both her bare legs, she was quickly putting two fingers in and out. Kuhu aunty “…..hee hee hee……a a a a .ahhhhhhh uhhhhhhh….. u u u…” was being done. Both his eyes were closed. His condition was telling that he was getting ultimate joy. She was completely naked without clothes. I saw his whole body for some time and enjoyed it. “How did you like my book???” I asked, she suddenly got upset. When I opened my eyes, I was standing in front of me. “How did you come so late in the night?? Why have you come Jignesh??? She started saying “Aunty ji to give you the fun of sex” I said in fear and covered my pussy with both hands. I started opening my pant. Then taking off his T-shirt, started caressing his cock. Aunt’s eyes went on my cock. 5” long and 2” thick was a juicy penis. I went to him on the bed. “Jignesh!! If you do something like that, I will call the police. Don’t come near me” she said. I held her hand and removed it from her smooth fur and started licking it quickly. She started saying “..ahhhhhh sceeeeee….aaaaa….aha…ha ha s s s.” Let me tell you that Kuhu aunty’s pussy was completely clean. She had cleaned all the hairs well. I took out my tongue and started licking it. She kept threatening to call the police. Then he surrendered. “When did you become such a dirty boy Jignesh??” Kuhu aunty now laughingly started asking “whose aunty will be such a sexy and cuddly girl, that nephew will get spoiled” I said and started drinking her pussy again, opened both legs while lying on the bed and started sucking. I made him enthusiastic by drinking the grain of his pussy well. Kuhu Aunty “……Aai…Aai….Aai…..Isssss…….Uhhhhhh…..Ohhhhh….” Started doing My lust kept increasing. Then I took my 2 fingers and inserted them into the pulp soaked in their juice and started stroking inside and out. She started trembling. I put my finger in and out more than 100 times. Aunt started dying to fuck. “Jignesh!! Quickly put the cock inside” she said. I did the same. Caught his erect hardened cock and inserted it into her pussy. Then started fucking by moving the waist. Kuhu aunty’s voice started getting louder. I quickly shook my waist and started enjoying her pussy. Then did the kissing scene. As soon as I took it, I lay down on him. By giving my hand in the hands of my aunt, I did it and quickly started keeping my lips on her lips while licking my pussy. At first she was not in the mood to kiss. “No! Jignesh!! No kiss” she said, but I wanted to drink the juice of her juicy lips anyway. I did not listen to him and in the end I connected my lips with his lips and sucked it in my mouth. Downstairs fucking was on. Inhaling the fragrance of Kuhu aunty’s breath, I raised my waist and started licking her pussy. She kept on saying “Ai….Ai….Ai… ahhhhhh…..cc c c….ha ha ha…” Then slowly all the shame went away from me. Started having sex by making me her boyfriend. “You are very sweet nephew” she started saying and filled me in both arms. After that, she got fucked while lying naked. “If you say, I will take out the material” I said after some time, “No, do it inside only!! Feels good” she said and hugged me to the chest. Then I gave 8-10 big jerks in her pussy and finally fell. Aunt also started sweating. Clinging to me again started kissing on the lips. This is how friends I fucked my sexy aunt. After that obscene jokes started happening between us. When Kuhu aunty used to cut brinjal etc. I would say “Yeh wala brinjal to aapko liye sahi rahega” she would smile. Some days passed. The fuck didn’t happen. Then Kuhu aunty was about to return. My grandmother’s health was not good. His phone rang. “Jignesh!! I am leaving tomorrow” Aunty said, my face dropped. “Will you come to my room tonight??” She asked “sure” I shook my head and said everyone was asleep by 12 midnight. I slowly went to Kuhu aunty’s room with my feet down. As soon as I went inside, she clung to me as if she were my girlfriend. After that the kiss started. Today she was looking even hotter in black maxi. She had kept her big hair open, due to which she was looking very sexy. For more than 10 minutes we both sucked each other’s lips. Then we both went to the bed and lay down in each other’s arms. “If you go away, how dirty will it look?” Put. Over her black maxi I started squeezing her 30” milk. Slowly they were made naked. Took off bra and panty. Kuhu aunty became completely naked. “You are late!! I will suck your cock today!!” She started saying I lay down. She took off my innerwear tights with triangular frenchie. I had maintained all my jhant well. Both my tablets were also completely smooth and clear. The young man’s 24-year-old aunt’s hand started twitching with the touch of his hand. Stood up like a missile. She caught hold of my bamboo and started masturbating. I started saying “Aau….Aau….hmmmmm ahhhhhh…cc cc c..ha ha ha….”. She started masturbating quickly. Then she bent down and started sucking it in her mouth. I started going crazy. Now Kuhu aunty started sucking faster and gave full fun. Somehow I kept myself from falling down. She kept giving hand to fist. “Today I will ride your cock” she said then she came and sat on my cock really much. And jumped up and started hitting. In this way today the sex started in a new pose. I caught hold of her thin waist and started helping in fucking. She jumped up and started having sex. My cock now started tearing her pussy to the full depth. There was no limit to the joy. Whenever Kuhu aunty used to jump, her milk used to move up and down. I grabbed her milk and thrashed her well by squeezing it. Then she got down from the cock. “Lay down aunty” I said and took her pussy in my mouth and licked it for a long time. Then put cocks and again fucked a lot. She stayed down and I fucked from above in missionary style. “Now you be a mare!! I want to fuck your ass.” I said, “No, no ass.” Till date he had never fucked her ass. I took oil and rubbed it on her ass hole and started inserting the cock. “It hurts Jignesh!!….um um um um….um…um..hmmmmm ahhhhhh..ai…ai…ai…. .” She kept saying that I did not listen to her. With force, I inserted the 3” cock very tightly. Kuhu aunty has become like this. Maybe there were tears in his eyes. I started fucking. Slowly 3″ dick in the ass. After that the cock itself went inside and reached 5” inside. Kuhu aunty kept on dying in pain. The mare remained. But I also fulfilled my dream of fucking his ass. The next day she went to her grandmother’s house. This is even more cool!

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