i fucked my best friend

Best Friend Sex Story : Thank you friends, you liked the story of my aunt’s sex on non-veg story dot com. Today again your friend Raj Sharma is here with a new story for you. Friends, the story is like this. I have a very beautiful friend and her name is Reena who lives in Ratlam. Her figure size is 34-28-38 and we are very good friends. Friends, this thing happened a few months ago, we both are very open in our talks and we talk to each other about all kinds of things, even today she lives with her landlord in a rented house in Ratlam. Friends, I used to visit his room all the time and whenever we used to meet, we used to kiss and hug, slowly we moved forward from all these. Friends, she also had a boyfriend and she used to like him too, but I felt that she was always more happy with me, she would kiss and hug me in her room and we would talk for hours together. Used to kiss and touch each other over the clothes and I used to press her boobs and also used to touch her ass. She also put her hand on my cock and shook it for a long time and sometimes both of us used to lie completely naked, but did not do anything wrong, but always used to kiss each other by sticking and in the meantime, both of us quarreled many times. But we didn’t lose control and had a lot of fun. Friends went to her room in one day, then we kept kissing as usual, then suddenly that day she took my cock out of my pant and then she started kissing him. After sucking for about 15 minutes, it became very hot and I kept kissing her lips and now I kept squeezing her boobs hard and we both were having a lot of fun. Then I put my one in her panty. When I put my hand, I felt that her pussy was very wet till now and I was not able to control it either. Now she was continuously fisting me and after about 20 minutes we both fell one by one and kept lying down. Then after some time we got up and went to take bath. Then we put on our clothes and have our food. Friends, now we took off all our clothes, first I took off her kurta and she took off my T-shirt, then I took off her salwar and she took off my lower. Friends, now she was in front of me only in bra, panty and I was in underwear and vest. My erect cock was visible emerging out of the underwear and then I took off her panty and my underwear too, then we both kissed each other very fiercely, then after some time I made her lie on the bed and her ass Put a pillow under her, so that her pussy opened up completely and I went crazy seeing her pink pussy. Now I started caressing her with one hand on her pussy, due to which she started moaning slowly and Then seeing the right opportunity, I put one of my finger in her and slowly started taking it out, due to which she was shivering. Then I kept kissing her whole body and she was continuously moaning. Then we came to 69 position and she kept sucking my cock and I kept licking her pussy because of which she started to suffer, but after about 15 minutes we both fell. Then I kept kissing her continuously and sucking her pussy as far as my tongue went inside and after that I pressed and sucked her boobs for a long time, her boobs were now red and she took my cock in her mouth. I was erecting it once again and I could not control it anymore, then I spread both her legs and put a little thick pillow under her ass and put a condom on her cock on her pussy mouth and then In two strong jerks, he inserted his entire cock inside at once, due to which she screamed very loudly, but she closed her mouth, then after stopping for a while, she kept taking it out slowly. She collapsed after ten minutes. So I straightened her and made her a mare and now I started fucking her pussy by inserting cock from behind and then I continued to push and fuck her. I was about to ejaculate after continuously fucking her in that position for about 25 minutes. Then she quickly took out the cock and removed the condom from the cock and then she drank all my semen by taking the cock in her mouth. She then rested there for about 15 minutes. Now after some time she started sucking my cock once again and as soon as my cock was erect, she smiled at me and put her own ass in front of me and said to me that This is left. I put a little butter on my cock and her ass and put the cock in her ass with a lot of pressure, but even after three hard thrusts, the cock did not enter, and then I put a little more pressure, then two inches entered inside. Tears came from her eyes, but there was no pain on her face, I could clearly see the satisfaction on her face. Now she herself gave a blow to the back with full force of her ass, due to which my cock moved a little further and went inside her ass completely and I continued to push and fuck her and then continued for about 15 minutes. After fucking, both of us fell down. Now both of us went to bath and then after coming out of bath, I fucked her once again. Friends, she was enjoying a lot and she was very happy with my sex and the glow of satisfaction was clearly visible on her face. Then after a while she told me that you tie both my hands and feet and then fuck me hard, I will not stop you today. Then I tied both his hands and spread both his legs and tied them. Then I took my mouth towards her pussy and I licked her pussy for a long time and because of my continuous sucking and licking she jumped again and again and then for the first time I tasted the full water of her pussy and then she It was a bit salty. Then after licking her pussy for some time, I put my cock in her mouth and my cock was wearing a chocolate flavored condom at that time, she was very happy and after sucking for some time, she removed the condom. Sucked cock and I dropped all my semen on her mouth and boobs. After some time, I fucked her very hard by sitting on my lap and then my semen came out after about ten minutes, but now her pussy was completely ready for her fuck. Then we sat completely naked and drank tea together, then she told me that just one more time would be enough for today and to fuck the rest later, but this time I told her to fuck without condom, because today She was getting me fucked for the first time and she had already broken her seal by fingering her pussy many times before. Now once again we got ready for our last fuck and this time she was under him and she was on top of me. Pressing her pussy slowly on my erect cock, she was inserting the cock inside. Friends today for the first time I was watching her pussy skin rubbing on the skin of my cock and I cannot tell you how much I was enjoying at that time. She got up slowly on my cock and then sat down due to which the cock was going inside and out and she herself was doing her fuck with my cock and was having a lot of fun and then after ten minutes we both fell down and for some time Keep lying down Friends, this was the story of my sex, how did you like it? [email protected]This is even cooler!

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