I fuck my brother after putting my drunken husband to sleep

Indian Sex Story – Friends my name is Revati. I live in Delhi. Today I am going to share one of my story with you. I have full faith that you will find this story of mine very hot. Today I will tell you the truth, what happened after all that I started getting fucked by someone else except my husband. Friends of Nonveg Story dot com, you also know. Sometimes in life one has to do something wrong. People feel that so-and-so is doing or doing wrong, but people understand or think that what happened after all that they were forced to do wrong. People do not know the inside. My husband is under the burden of debt, because of which he drinks a lot at night. And this has ruined my sex life to a great extent. My sex life was bad earlier also because he could never fuck me properly or satisfy me. I’ve always been thirsty for sex. But you tell yourself how long a person can live without sex. Some support is also needed to extinguish the fire of lust. Friends, I am 28 years old now. No child has been born. How can someone fuck me, then how can I give birth to a child? Sorry, sometimes I get angry when everyone says that when will you become a mother? What should I do ? Friends, I could not bear it anymore, so I started working in an office. My brother, who lives on the lower floor, got me to work. Husband also has no problem because the ass is bursting. Due to debt. Friends, brother’s name is Roshan. I have got the opportunity to spend time with them during the day. Many times I go with him and come with him, but I get down away from home so that my husband does not doubt and does not feel bad that I go with some other man. Friends, when I shared my things with Roshan, he started helping me a lot. After a few days, I also shared about my personal life, then he became even more kind and gradually I started pulling towards him and the contact started increasing. And one day it came that Roshan told me that if you want, you can come down at night. Roshan lives alone as he is divorced. I see the quote is fine. Friends, I did not want to take such a step that my husband would come to know and I would be defamed. It was a matter of one day that my husband was drinking at night. I also sat with him and made him drink after making a peg himself. He drank so much that he fainted. I took him to the bed with great difficulty and put him to sleep. I immediately changed my clothes and applied lipstick. Brushed hair, applied deo and knocked on Roshan’s door. He came out and opened the door. I said I have come. So Roshan reacted as if he has got so much happiness. I really liked his reaction. After that I hugged him and put my lips on his lips, he also kissed and closed the door properly. And then took me in his lap and took me to the bedroom. Friends, I was restless. On reaching the bed, both of us took off our clothes. Roshan started sucking my lips. Then sliding down a little, reached near my nipples and started rubbing my nipples with two fingers. I started getting sensual because if you hold the nipple of any woman with two fingers, she will go crazy for sex. Friends, after that they started pressing my boobs slowly. My boob size is 34, it is round and small nipple looks very sexy on my white body. I myself am five inches seven inches tall and weigh a kilo. The ass is wide and the room is very thin. Friends, then Roshan slipped further down and now reached near my pussy and by separating both my legs, he started stirring my pussy with his tongue. I started going mad, it was a wonderful feeling at that time. Friends, then he started putting fingers in my pussy and then came up, now he started getting more wild, I myself also became wild. I was fingering my pussy got wet. My nipples were tight. I was taking siscarion. I said Roshan, I have become very sexy. Fuck me now don’t be late He also obeyed me and put his cock on the pussy and inserted it hard, now he was on me, I was down. He was pushing from above, his dick was getting into my pussy and I was pushing from below. Friends, my mouth remained open because his dick was very thick and his way of fucking was very sexy. I started enjoying. Then we both got into position on 69. Now he was licking my pussy and I returned to him. They were making each other happy for about 10 minutes. He made me a mare and started inserting dick in my pussy like my ass and started rubbing my tits with his hands. I used to shake when he used to push. Now I also started pushing back, his whole dick was getting into my pussy. Friends, then I went up and he got his dick down, now in my pussy, I get up and sit on it. While doing it slowly, I got excited and quickly started fucking. Friends, it was Saturday, he fucked me till about four in the morning. To be honest, I was happy in sex for the first time. When I went to my house, my husband was sleeping with his ass torn apart. Friends, this should not happen with anyone, the wife got fucked from somewhere else. Because her husband cannot fuck her. This is even more cool!

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