Maa ka choot phada, Maa Ki Chudai ki kahani, Sex With My Real Mother

hello friends my name is dilip age 19 height 6 fit my mother name is pooja age 38 height 5 fit 1 inch figure 38.25.37 looks very sexy when i turned 17 i wanted to fuck my mother but my Mother was very straightforward, when I used to see mother taking bath, I used to feel like going to fuck mother now, but I was afraid that if I tell my father, trouble will come, so I used to masturbate everyday in the name of mother. It went on for a few years, when I turned 19, that day came, after a few days my health deteriorated, I was sleeping in my room, then between 1 to 1:30 am I started shaking due to fever. I started shivering, I had a thin blanket to cover myself, the shivering was not going away from that blanket, so I got up from my room and went to my mother’s room. Mother woke up as soon as mother saw me. I said, I went to sleep with my mother, when I touched my mother’s body, then my 7 inch cock stood up to fuck me, I started pretending to sleep, my hand was on my mother’s stomach and my mouth was on my nipples, then I Slowly putting his hand on the mother’s hole, he started caressing the mother’s hole was completely soft, mother suddenly sobbed loudly and said, son, what are you doing, I am your mother. I am feeling cold, that’s why I am taking heat from your hole. Mother also agreed. Then mother said, take off all my clothes and take off your clothes also and take heat by hugging my body, then I took off mother’s clothes or my own Mother took off the clothes and kept me inside the blanket, then I could not help it and climbed on top of mother, sobs were coming out of mother’s mouth, I put my mouth in mother’s mouth and with one hand I was caressing mother’s hole. And I was pressing milk with one hand, it went on like this for some time, after that I and mother were in 69 positions, mother started sucking my cock in her mouth, I also started licking mother’s hole, after some time mother fell from mother’s hole. After some time mother became uncontrollable and started biting my cock with her teeth. I got angry and slapped mother’s pussy hard. Then I took the position of 99 and then started rubbing my cock in the mother’s hole. Put cock in mother’s hole, how much will you scream, then I started pushing slowly by putting my cock in mother’s hole, suddenly when I pushed hard, my 8 inch cock entered mother’s hole and mother started screaming loudly. She started saying, just son, I will not be able to bear more pain, but I did not listen to mother’s words and started pushing her loudly. , mast chudai ki story in hindi, mother sex story in hindi Maa ka choot phada, Ma Ki Chudai ki kahani, Sex With My Real Mother This is even more cool!

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