I have become pregnant with son-in-law, I will also kiss and my daughter too

Mother-In-Law Sex Story, Mother-In-Law Sex Story, Sas Story, Damad Story, Sasural Sex Story, My name is Radhika I am 38 years old. I married my daughter 8 months ago. I have only one child, she is my daughter. Last year only my husband died in an accident. So I got my daughter married at the age of eighteen. I have no one else, so son-in-law has called with him, now we live in Ghaziabad. After three months of marriage, my daughter has got a job, she is working in a government department in Pune, she will soon get her transfer to Delhi or Ghaziabad, so she is living in a lodge in Pune. I live here with my son-in-law. Could not go with the daughter because many times she goes to different cities for training. Now I am telling you my story, how did it happen that I had a relationship with son-in-law and then the matter went ahead and I became pregnant. Many times I think to give birth to this child but I think what will my daughter think? That’s why I don’t know what to do. It is a matter of one day that son-in-law’s health had become very bad. Immediately taken to the hospital. We were discharged after about an hour in the hospital, both of us had come home. When I got home, I went to take a shower in the bathroom. When she came out of the bath, she had put on her gown. And when the son-in-law came to the room, he started weeping. He started saying I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die. I said why are you saying this. What happened to you, there was some problem, the doctor has suppressed you, do not do this. But he started crying. Friends, to tell the truth, I was very scared because I had seen the death of my husband only a few months ago. Now I do not have any more support, with this support I have to spend my life. So I hugged him and put it on my chest. And then lay down with her because I myself was scared. He was sleeping clinging to me, suddenly the belt of my gown opened and his mouth came in between my two nipples. I immediately stopped and started getting up. Then the son-in-law took hold and said, mother, why are you ashamed of me, you sleep with me. I fell asleep again then he said not like you had slept before. I put it on my chest again. Now his actions have started. He slowly started caressing my nipples. And then it increased. I started getting nervous and thought all this is not right. Then in another way I felt that I should not do anything in such a way that the son-in-law gets angry and the result may be something wrong. So I did not say anything and the matter went on, he opened the belt of my gown and started drinking my teats in turn. I slowly got comfortable and I started stroking his hair. The talk increased, he started sucking my lips and started kissing. He then untied my long hair. And then from my lips to my belly, thighs, feet, then my nipples, my pussy started to kiss my ass. I started getting water. My lust reached its peak. My pussy had become very wet and it was also very hot. I grabbed his lad and then took it in my mouth. And started sucking. Holding my hair, he put his lauda in my mouth and took it out, I started to like all this very much. I was sucking son-in-law’s cock, you are reading this story on nonveg story.com. After that he went between my two legs and started fingering my pussy. I started releasing water from my pussy, he started licking with his tongue. Friends, what should I tell that he has made me so sensual. Then I said son-in-law, now such work will not work, do not delay now. As soon as he heard this, he spread both my legs and put his cocks on my pussy and started pushing hard. Friends, my happy pussy had become green again. I started moaning, my mouth was coming out of hissers. In addition to the sound of ah ah ah ah and oops ooh ooh ooh and was getting louder and louder. The more I spoke all these words, the more sexist they became. And then loudly he used to put his lauda in my pussy, when he used to kiss my lips while rubbing my nipples and then thrust the cock into the pussy, it seemed that paradise has been found. I immediately told him son-in-law, never leave me now, I will live like this with you now. I will also kiss and my daughter too, both of us will make a relationship with you, you make me your wife too. So my son-in-law said, become whatever you want to become, whether you become my mother, become your sister, be my wife or my mother-in-law, now I will fuck every day. Because your pussy, tits, ass, thigh, navel, lips are not less than a young girl. And then friends, this cycle continued every day, mother-in-law, wife became more, now this month my period did not come, when I checked with kit, it came to know that the pregnancy is positive. Now I don’t understand what to do. But it is certain that friends have come out in my life. I am very happy.

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