My mother kisses my friend and I chuckle at the sight of her

I live in Maharastra. My father and my mother live in my family. My mother is already fond of being hot. At present my mother’s age is 43. Her name is Shobhana. She is very cool to show off. From top to bottom, everything is so white that anyone’s mind can be tempted. My age is 26 now. When I passed 10th, I did polytechnic, so my mother used to look very hot, when I was 18 years old at that time, she was very young and the matter was also frank in the mind. When I was 16 and 17 years old, she had already slept with 10 young smart handsome cool boys. Because when that hot friend came to my house, she used to talk frankly to them like what is going on these days, whether a girl did not know whether she did batting, bowling or not, used to speak such dirty words, then where is Sanja running to fuck mommy’s mind? Is. But when I was 16 to 17, I used to talk frankly to my mother. She used to say that when we friends used to play cricket, then call her and bring her when my father lived on the job and sisters used to play cricket in college and on the ground, when he was fond of killing her. So now I come to the direct story. We were doing polytechnic after 10th, I had a friend in polytechnic college, after that lunch break we used to go to college, because the college was close to home, so mom used to keep watching her. So I think mommy loves it maybe. I noticed this thing for 2-3 months, and he was also very handsome, and he had already fucked 2-3 girls and Usmi mummy mummy ki girl, so he told us this. Meaning he was also experienced. So after 2 to 3 months of running like this, I once asked my mother how do you feel about Bunty. So say anything. I said he tells us in college that he has 2-3 affairs and he takes the girls to the hills, many times both alone on the bike. So I noticed that my mother started bursting laddoos in her mind. So I said that is good. So she spoke loudly, tell her that she never came home to us. So I understood why she is speaking, call her and bring her. And he also understood what I thought about both of them. But she said that she did not tell anyone outside. I said mother, he will not tell anyone. So you plan by bidding and call him. One day my father worked as a laborer, he went to eat less food at 2 o’clock. The college of my arms was only in the afternoon. Diwali children had holidays, they all went to the village, there was no one in the locality, there is an industry in front of us, there was also Diwali holiday for 15 days, but polytechnics and colleges were operational, they came to call me after lunch break, so I thought Sachin, today there is an opportunity too, there is also a ritual, the iron is hot to kill. I said Bunty, today there was some work on your side, he said what is less. I said broken is personal, it is mother’s work but do not tell anyone, she will not tell, I will tell you work. I said my mother is calling you in the house, there is no one in the house, father has gone to work, he asked me to stay out of the house. So he understood what is less of my mother, so he did not speak immediately, he said brother You are not ashamed to say anything like this. I said this is my mother’s wish, not mine. He did not say anything for 10 minutes, he was looking for his answer, he was also tickling, he was feeling the lottery. He used to keep smiling in his heart. He said yes after taking 10 minutes. I came to the house and told my mother that she is coming. So said ok, let’s say in 10 minutes, we again went to get condom on medical. I took condom. He came home. I was standing outside, he went inside the house, pushed the door a little, I stood outside till the mother had put the bed down. He went to the house for 5 minutes, laddoos were bursting in my mind too, so when I opened the direct door, my mother was lying down and she was pressing her boobs by lifting her bra up. So my mother went shy and said you Sachin out. When I did not speak, he was sucking the boobs like a dog and when he was screaming loudly because of chewing the boobs, he was kissing loudly and I was watching all the spectacles, she was telling me to go out again and again. My mother was enjoying in front of me, so Bunty’s dam of patience broke. My mother said, put a quilt on your face and go to sleep. I did it but the quilt had a hole, I was watching the program from that hole. He picked him up, took him to the wall and kissing him like a dog, then he also started giving a response, he felt that I am not seeing him. So he just put her all over her and was kissing by putting her finger in the pussy. She was shocked now. This cycle lasted for about half an hour, he entered directly inside the sari and started chewing the pussy loudly and she was dancing, she was getting ticklish, so Uui Mamiya, leave the chud, na dog, by the way, he was chewing hard, then he Chew the pussy for 15 minutes. Now she could not stay with mom, she said, she put her on the bed, then she put her on the bed, gave her a pillow under her back, she opened her pant, broke her cock, she had a cross, she took equal position on the cock’s pussy and pushed the cock like that Tears came from mother’s eyes, she started giving her a gulp, then she said sister-in-law wanted my cock, nor did she take out the cock, put condom, put all the pure oil in her pussy till the pussy becomes almost full and heavy. Live was watching all this. Then he poured the cock and inserted it again hard then all the oil fell out of the pressure and it was scorched on the pussy, the mother started crying loudly and shouting uuuuiimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmiyaa wavo mommiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,a,aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,a kamen,and your cock was not pressing your kiss and kissing her. Started doing it because he should not make noise, he was shooting very loudly and oil was flying out from the pressure and after 10 minutes he also started enjoying his pussy was now suffering. He now spread his legs and started giving strokes with full power, this was the last lesson of the shot, he was hitting such a powerful shot like someone doing gym, that mother started crying again because of those strokes, she didn’t even look down and the shot would die Gone, after applying powerful strokes for about 10 minutes, the mother fell, after that Bunty also fell after the loss of the mother in 5 minutes, what happened, my mother’s ass was filled with oil. He went to the bathroom, shot happened, mother calmed down. He talked and we went to college. I too went to the toilet and licked it after watching the live scene. We went to college for 2 3 days we did not talk. What would we both talk about then in 3-4 days he asked. One day he came to my house again, and he again started fucking my mother, now it was such a condition that whenever he came home with me, mother would take Bunty to her room, and close the door. , and from inside only ah ah ah ah and abuses come, like fuck me, put cock in my pussy, why doesn’t it fuck loudly, then Bunty also abuses mother, hey shovel don’t take my cock, show my ass , licked the pussy, and I used to chuckle outside, but now my tolerance limit is over, I too will now pelt my mother. How did you like this story, tell me on nonveg, I will keep on coming with more hot stories for you.

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