I make my brother my husband at night to kiss

Bhai Bahan Sex, Ek Sex Story Bhai aur Behn ki : What will you say when the sister herself traps her brother in her net and starts kissing him. I am doing the same thing nowadays. I am kissing my brother and my brother leaves no stone unturned in my sex. Today I am going to tell you the story of my house i.e. sex story of brother and sister on this website i.e. nonveg story.com. This sex story is between me and my elder brother. My brother is only 10 months older than me and I hanged him in such a way that he fucks me everyday. I will tell you how all this happened. Now without delay let me introduce myself. My name is Lovely and my brother’s name is Sandeep. I call him Sandeep only, not brother. I am very sexy. I am hot and tall, my fair body and big boobs are enough to drive anyone crazy. Seeing the bulge of my ass, anyone’s mind should be shaken. I am very awesome material. I am very fond of kissing. I have been having sex since school time. I love kissing. When the habit is of sex, then she will kiss whether in the house or outside. I believe that it is safe to kiss at home. After all, I am telling you about how I trapped my brother. Actually I am married. And my brother is also married. My sister-in-law has left my brother and eloped with a boy. The reason for this was that my brother used to fuck a lot. Sister-in-law said that he fucks with his ten inch cock for three to three hours. And my brother was not able to tolerate his big and fat cock. That’s why she left my brother and went away, she liked only small cocks, so with a boy. And I left my husband because he could not fuck me. His cock was very small, the semen used to come out quickly, so what would he do? I love sex, but God was written in my destiny by this weak man who was unable to calm the heat of my body. So on one side my brother who is number one chudu person leaving whom wife ran away and on one side I am one number chukkad whose heat of pussy does not cool down. So I came back to maternal home. When there was a rift with my mother and father, I came to my brother in Noida. My brother works in a company in Noida. And I am also coming here looking for a job. So brother also got support and I also started feeling like it. Only my brother and I live in the flat. Throughout the day he goes to the office and I do household chores throughout the day and read sex stories on nonveg story.com and caress my body. But I wanted a cock. First think that I should smack someone and kiss with him, but felt that it can be defamatory and how will the next person know. That’s why I had thought of putting strings on my brother i.e. Sandeep. So it is a matter of one day that I cooked good food on his birthday and made a plan to drink alcohol at night. Brother also knows that I drink sometimes and he also takes pegs only occasionally. So in the evening, both of us started getting colorful and by the time eleven o’clock in the night, both of us became tools, after consuming food and drinking alcohol. You would know. After drinking alcohol, first of all sorrow comes out. So brother started saying, see what sister is my friend, Rupali left and went away, that’s why I loved you more? Is it a crime to love? And when he started crying, I also started speaking my mind. We both siblings are same. If one is giving love, then Rupali ran away and I want love, then my husband ran away or I left him. So I told him not to let anything go while giving him a peg. We both have the same sorrow and live together. No one to see, no one to speak. Life is very short, so we both help each other, you love me, I will love you, both will be done. He understood my point. And then the beginning of a new relationship started from there. He took me in his arms, I was also waiting for him to open his arms and I would join him. Our love had blossomed. It did not take long to suck each other’s lips. He immediately started sucking on my lips, I also started sucking. I started putting my tongue in his mouth, he started sucking my tongue. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh as soon as his hand fell on both of my big nipples I shuddered. I immediately freed my tits from my bra and placed the nipple in his mouth. He started sucking and biting the nipple with his teeth. I said, why is it so early? Now both of us are together in a flat, so now I have become a wife and not a sister. Now keep it as it is, whether by making a sister or making a wife, I will support you every moment. Saying so much, I caught his cock because I also had to see the 10-inch long and thick cock, fearing which sister-in-law had run away. .I immediately started sleeping with his cock in my hand. Started back and forth. Then took it in the mouth. Sucking like ice cream. He was telling me to suck cock by holding my hair. I used to take it till my throat but could not take it completely. My pussy was very wet now. I had to take his fat cock in my pussy now. I immediately took off the panty and separated both the legs, he would immediately come and lick my pussy and finger. Ohhhhh, what can I tell friends, I was getting water. He was making me happy, he was doing everything I wanted. Where do I say dear, do not delay now, put your Khanda in my crack. He set his cock on my pussy and pushed hard. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the whole ten inch cock got into my pussy and then started making a sexy voice and abusing me. If you want to kiss my brother, then see my fat cock. One ran away and now it’s your turn. So I said you will run. I haven’t even got excited right now, I can take two such cocks together or I can take one cock together in one pussy in the ass. As soon as he said this, he started thrashing me loudly and I also picked up my bum and started kissing me. He would push hard and I would take his whole cock inside. He was chugging my nipples and I would stroke his chest hair, pinch his lips and grab his ass with both hands and pull it towards myself. He made me happy the very first time. I am blessed with a fat cock. I was longing for such a fuck, but today my brother made me happy. She made me happy all night, I also made her happy, the goods of the house remained in the house. Now both of us live as brothers and sisters during the day and as husband and wife at night. I am going to write my second story soon on nonveg story.com Thanks for so far.

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