Student ki Gulabi choot ki chudai story

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Boys are eager to fuck me. Teacher also salutes by raising his cock in front of my beauty. Teachers also touch me as soon as they get a chance. Many teachers suppress my boobs. Friends, now I come to my story. Friends, I am a girl from a middle family. My father has his own business. I only have two sisters. My sister got married. She lives with her in-laws. I don’t have any brother. I was sent to Kanpur by my father for preparation. I was preparing for a year in Kanpur. After a year I had to prepare again. But because the condition of the house was not good, Papa was asking me to come home. I refused to come to my father. The next day I went to the director sir’s office. Director Sir’s face was left wide open after seeing me. He asked me to sit on the chair placed in front of him. I told all my problems to sir. His name was Atul. Atul sir was staring at me. I was very afraid. He said your fee can be waived. But I have one condition. When I heard his condition, I was shocked. He had invited her to his house that night. I could not understand anything. After thinking till night, I reached Atul sir’s house at 8 pm. Atul sir was waiting for me. There was no one at his house except Atul sir. Asked Atul sir, he told me. Mummy Papa lives in the village itself. He was not married yet, so no one else was at home. Taking me inside, Atul sir started asking me to kiss. He said that I have thirst for many days. You quench my thirst for sex, I will forgive your fee. I begged Sir but he just kept saying the same thing. I also felt like kissing. I was staring at Atul sir’s taut cock with pajamas. Atul sir’s cock was looking very big and fat. I said yes to Atul sir. Atul sir took me in his arms and lifted me up. Holding me, he started kissing on my cheeks. I too started getting desperate to kiss now. Atul sir was kissing me from cheek to throat. I was pricking Atul sir’s cock. Atul sir was kissing me standing. Atul sir was licking my lips with his lips. I was also supporting Atul sir. Atul sir was holding my hair and kissing and sucking on my lips. Sucking my pink rose-like lips made them more pink. I too was licking the lips of Atul sir tremendously. Atul sir was enjoying a lot. He was sucking my tongue in my mouth. I also did like Atul sir. I also started sucking from his lips to his tongue. Atul sir put his hand on my boobs and started pressing. I started to feel like kissing more now. Atul sir was pushing my ass from above. Atul sir was kissing me while pressing my nipples. Sometimes he would press my boobs hard. C… C… C…. C ….iss… ss… ss used to come out of my mouth. Atul sir went to his bedroom and made me lie on his bed. He climbed on himself. Kissing my ass. Atul sir started kissing my pussy from above the jeans. I was slowly getting hot. Made me stand while kissing. Atul sir took off my T-shirt. I wore a white T-shirt and blue jeans that day. My ass was bulging in jeans. Atul sir started admiring the tight chutneys in my tight bra. I was looking very hot in a black bra. Seeing me in bra, Atul started saying sir. You are looking even more sexy. You must be a porn star. Atul sir started caressing my cheeks. I started touching Atul sir’s stem cock with my hands. Atul sir got more excited and started pressing my cheeks while kissing. Stuffed my nipples in my mouth with bra. Sliding the straps of my bra, he started opening the hook of my bra by putting his hand behind him. My bra hook was stuck. Atul sir kissing on my back. Took off my bra. Atul sir came in front of me and started drinking my Musami juice. My fair skin was squeezing the juice of my nipples like butter. I was having a lot of fun. I too was holding Atul sir tightly. Atul sir was biting my brown nipples while drinking my nipples. As soon as I cut the nipple between them, my mouth c… cc… cc…..iss. .Suh leaves. Atul sir was drinking my chutchi well. My pussy was itching hard now. I was putting my hand in the jeans and fingering the pussy. Atul sir untied the belt from my jeans. Opening the button of my jeans, took out my jeans and put me in the panties. Seeing me in the panties, Atul sir got very excited and quickly took off his pajama and threw it. His cock was standing in his underwear. It seemed as if the underwear would tear and jump out. Seeing Atul sir’s big fat cock, my pussy started pounding from inside. I started worrying about my pussy. Atul sir took off my panties and started smelling. As soon as I smelled my panties, Atul sir’s cock started jumping in the underwear. Atul sir opened both my legs and saw my pussy. Seeing my pussy, he broke down to lick. Like dogs break down seeing biscuits. Atul sir was licking my pussy with his whole tongue. Like I have chocolate on my pussy. I was licking and sucking my pussy with great pleasure. I was exhaling hot breath. I was pressing Atul sir in my pussy. On pressing me, Atul sir used to drink my pussy well. I had to give up the juice of my pussy. Which Atul sir was waiting for. As soon as the juice of my pussy came out, Atul sir wiped all the chaat and cleaned it. Atul sir was putting his tongue in my pussy and doing pussy mat. Atul sir was playing by pulling the grain of my pussy by holding it with his lips. I was having a lot of fun. Atul sir was biting my pussy by licking it. My life would have gone as soon as I cut the pussy. Atul sir was putting two fingers in my pussy. He was torturing me with both his fingers inside out. Atul sir was licking his fingers again and again in my pussy by taking them out. Removed all the material from my pussy and licked it. I also took out Atul sir’s brief. Then I saw Atul sir’s lauda. I used to see such a big and fat cock only in blue films. Today I felt very good to see in real. Atul sir gave me his Lauda. I started following his laude back and forth. Seeing him, his lauda became bigger and fatter. I started sucking with the cap of the gourd in my mouth. Atul sir grabbed my hair and put more lauda in my mouth than the cap. I was sucking the lode like ice cream. In between, he would also hit his fist. Atul sir was also getting excited to fuck. In my mouth, you were putting your cock inside out. Atul sir’s big fat cock was going inside my throat. I was starting to get short of breath. I took the cock out of my mouth. She was breathing peacefully. In this, Atul sir spread my legs by laying me down. Moving his big cock moved towards my pussy. My pussy started to tingle. Rubbing his cock on my pussy. He was making my pussy hot. Atul sir was rubbing his hot cock well on my pussy. My pussy is now ready to eat his fat cock. I was very hot. No sound was coming out of my mouth. I grabbed his rubbing cock with my hand and started putting it in my pussy. Atul sir understood that I am eager to kiss. He rubbed his cock on the grain of my pussy. Tried to put his cock in my pussy. My pussy was very tight. His cock remained outside. My pussy, which came playing with small cock, was facing big cock today. My pussy was torn as soon as I saw the cock. Atul sir put a little bit of oil on his cock and put a little bit in the hole of my pussy. Even after applying oil to Atul sir, trying to put the cock in the pussy was going in vain. In anger, Atul sir pushed hard, this time my pussy burst. The cap of his cock entered my pussy. I loudly said “Mummy….Mummy..CC CCC- ha ha ha….oooo ..oooooo…oooo…unhoo unhoo…” ohh…ohh.. The cock of the head was being inserted in my pussy. Atul sir’s cock was piercing my pussy and was entering inside. My pussy was expanding. I was painfully rubbing my pussy with my hands. The pain in my pussy started to subside. Atul sir was putting his cock completely in my pussy. I was enjoying kissing now. Atul sir’s big cock kept tearing my pussy continuously. Atul sir’s cock had torn my pussy for a while. My pussy was taking Atul sir’s whole cock deep inside. I was lifting my waist and kissing. Atul sir was also fighting tons of his bullets in my ass. Now I was enjoying getting kissed even in the pain of the pussy. Atul sir was hitting me with a bang. Atul sir lifted me up and bowed down. My cheeks started hanging. Put your cock in my pussy from behind and start fucking me by standing. My pussy was leaving its water again and again. Because of my pussy being wet, his cock used to penetrate very quickly. I was biting my lips by pressing my nipples with one hand. After eating Atul sir’s lauda, ​​the itching of my pussy started to calm down well. I was chuckled by saying, “Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooos. Atul sir was tearing my pussy and making its filling. I suddenly put my cock on my ass hole. Atul sir started putting his cock in my ass. After so long, the pain of the pussy had just subsided. That he wanted to give one more pain. I refused, he did not listen. Put your cock in my ass. Now along with the pussy, my ass was also torn. I started screaming again. “Oh mother–oh mother…died…my… Atul sir lay down tired. Made me sit on the cock like his tower. I was slowly getting my ass killed. As soon as the pain subsided, I started bouncing on his cock. I was taking Atul sir’s whole cock up and down and inside. Atul sir was kicking my ass by lifting it with his hands. I took out the cock from my ass and put it in my pussy. Then I started lying on top of Atul sir lifting my waist and kissing. Atul sir got up and lifted one of my legs and started chodne. Atul sir’s speed was increasing. Atul sir hastily lowered my leg and made me sit. Touching my cheeks, they were licking their fists. Atul sir’s lauda started twitching. He put his cock in my mouth. Dropped fresh stuff hot in my mouth. I drank all their stuff. Atul sir lay down feeling helpless. Got me stuck too. We both had a lot of fun throughout the night. My fees were also waived. Atul sir kept me in his house. We both live as husband and wife. I now play with Atul sir’s cock everyday. I now enjoy sex everyday. How did you like the story, do give your comments on non veg

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