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Friends, I am Arun from Lucknow. I have been a fan of non veg story dot com. Its stories give a lot of entertainment. And also gives new tips for sex. So today I am also present with my sex story. So let me tell you my fucking story. Can we touch our sisters in India, touch them? If we talk without any hesitation, then we all brothers can openly fuck our sisters without any fear and public shame. Why is India so conservative? Why are you now carrying the burden of rituals on your shoulders? Why can’t we brothers fuck our sisters like in foreign countries. Why there are so many rules and principles regarding sex and sex in our country. That day when I was sitting quietly alone at home, all these things were coming to my mind while roaming around. It was heard that my sister Poonam has started talking to a Muslim boy. This thing spread like a fire in my whole locality. Some people were even saying that that Muslim boy was going to fuck my sister in a deserted park, but luckily Sharma uncle saw it. Seeing them, that boy ran away leaving my young and sexy sister. Sharma uncle came and told the whole thing to my mother. Sister!! Today I caught your girl Poonam red handed, otherwise your girl would have got fucked in that deserted park. You would have lost your respect, say that I have seen it. Where are you Pandits and where is that Muslim boy. I would say that your girl has become hot now, get her married immediately!! Told Sharma uncle to my mother. I was standing there. Told Sharma uncle in the whole locality that Karan’s sister Poonam narrowly escaped being fucked by a Muslim boy today. That night I slapped my sister Poonam with slippers. Bastard! Bitch!! Whore somewhere!! What did you go to do there in the park, in that deserted park?? Did your mother go to fuck?? I hit my Chudasi sister with slippers in different ways and abused her in different ways. Food was not cooked in my house that black night. My father passed away 10 years ago. Now my 20-year-old strong-willed sister Poonam, I and my mother were at home. My mother also hit Poonam with a broom. Both of us were thinking that everything would be settled. Mother did not spend 10 days and caught 1 Reliance mobile from Poonam’s room from under her pillow. Well then Chinar!! Now mother used to talk to that bitter person through free phone and called me. That day also Poonam was beaten up with the slippers worn by me and mother. But a few days passed and a new mobile was confiscated from him. Mother was also upset and so was I. Sister !! There will be no benefit from such fighting. Girl you have become hot in the same way as cows get hot in vegetable market. Then the fat strong bulls run and fuck the cows in the whole recession. Sister, beating the girl will not make any difference. Your girl Poonam’s pussy has become hot. Just arrange for some fat strong cock for this. She will forget that Muslim boy in a day where he ate big fat cock 2-4 times, all his heat will be calm!! The aunt next door explained to my mother. Mother told me all this at night. Auntie tells the truth anyway 16 annas!! If we arrange cocks for Poonam’s hot pussy, she will forget that Muslim boy!! I said. So make arrangements son!! Mother said. I could not sleep that night. I remained innocent and on the other hand my sister became chudasi. Well, what happened happened, but I did not want that tomorrow my sister would run away with that Muslim boy. Now all I had to do was somehow arrange cocks for him. Mother also saw Poonam awake at night. When mother asked her why she was awake, she said that she could not sleep. The whole body is burning like today. Mother told me that Poonam has become very hot now. She needs cock as soon as possible. Once I felt like going to Poonam’s room at night. Fuck the bitch a lot. I will tear her bosda apart like a prostitute. Then thought that this is against the rules. If I were a Muslim, I would have been able to fuck my sister, but this does not happen among us Hindus. Real brother ties up his sister, how could I fuck her? I kept thinking all night that how should I fuck my sister. By the way, many boys will be ready to fuck Poonam, but if he is good then he can give her full dose. So play the same so well that she forgets her Muslim lover completely. Vinod, Aman, Gopal, Rajat many names came to my mind, then finally Sudhir’s name came to my mind. Sudhir was 6 feet tall, he also used to go to the gym. His past chudai record was also very good. He used to handle 4 to 4 girls at a time. I thought that I would talk to Sudhir. The next day I called Sudhir to McDonald’s. Ordered Chicken Burger, Maharaja Burger, Smoothie and French Fries for him. Why brother Arun!! You are very stingy. How is it costing me so much today! Sudhir spoke. I told the whole thing in his ear. His face kept getting worse. He came under some tension. Sudhir was also a Pandit. Last year he had come with a marriage proposal for my sister Poonam, but refused for this relationship with my mother. Sudhir once loved my sister Poonam and wanted to marry her. Then later he married another girl. This was the whole story. Brother will do it?? Otherwise Poonam will run away with that boy. Just make her understand that if she doesn’t get cock these days, she will definitely run away with that Muslim boy!! Folding hands with Sudhir, I said. It will take 1000! It’s okay!! I will give But fuck Poonam well. The heat of her pussy should be calm. And yes friend, make a recording of his sex with mobile too. I’ll have some fun too!! I said. I paid the entire bill for Sudhir’s food at McDonald’s. It’s afternoon. It is evening. Then it was night. Mother and I started waiting impatiently for Sudhir. Even today my fuck sister Poonam was not able to sleep. Me and mother had locked her in the room, because she had become blind in the fire of love and lust. When Sudhir rang the bell and I opened the door and saw that Sudhir was my friend, then I was relieved. Sudhir was wearing a red T-shirt and jeans with cool arms. Her body was visible in her tight T-shirt. Come!! in this room !! I said and opened the lock of Poonam’s room. Satisfy her otherwise you are not a man!! I reminded Sudhir once again. He went under. I again put the latch on the door of Poonam’s room and filled the lock. Mother was old, went to her room. I sat outside there on the side of the wall. If Poonam gets fucked well today, then the heat of her pussy will calm down. She will forget that boy and we will be saved from getting cut off in the society. I thought. I started watching all the work through the hole in the door. When Sudhir went under, he saw Poonam, the sister of my very slim sister. Poonam’s long fair face, thin waist, full fair hands and 2 shapely breasts. Sudhir’s penis stood erect on seeing Poonam. Let me cool your heat!! Sudhir said no, I love Salim. I am his disgrace. I will marry him only!! Poonam said. On hearing this, Sudhir slapped Poonam many times. He was forcibly thrown on the bed. In 5 minutes he tore the clothes of my young dear sister. My sister started making tears by crying. I could see my sister’s two perfectly round breasts through the hole in the door. Sudhir held my sister tightly and started drinking her breasts. Poonam started getting restless and disorientated. It must have been 10 minutes that she herself started feeding Sudhir with her own hands. I was happy to see that the work is going well. Before this, Sudhir had drank the breasts of at least 8 girls and had eaten the ass of at least 6 girls. It was because of his wonderful experience that I took him. He was slapping Poonam’s mother with his hand and was drinking to the brim. When Sudhir breastfed Poonam, her teats became tighter and started to taunt. The beauty and beauty of Poonam’s breasts was made just by looking at them. He had taken his milk in his hand and Sudhir was drinking it with pleasure. Just 10 minutes ago, the girl who was fucking cock in various ways, now she became calm like a straight cow and was about to eat the bull ie Sudhir’s cock. I was also watching this strange pastime through the hole in the door. Now Sudhir opened both Poonam’s legs and started drinking her boo. Its whistle has been blown!! Sudhir spoke. I heard. After all, what was feared happened. He took a kiss from that Muslim boy. Well what happened happened. My friend Sudhir started fucking my sexy sister Poonam. Sudhir took his cock in his hand. It was a thick red pink cock. It was a very beautiful cock, friends. Sudhir took his cock in his hand and patted Poonam’s cheek 2-4 times with love. Poonam’s anger became useless to fuck even more. Then Sudhir put his thick cock on Poonam’s hole and then put it under him. He started fucking Poonam. In the beginning Poonam did not enjoy at all. Any child would have fucked me more than this!! Poonam said. Sudhir got angry. This statement was an abuse on his manhood. He pulled Poonam’s both fair thighs down and pulled himself down from the bed. Now he started wooing Poonam like a prostitute. Inside and inside, deeper and deeper, Sudhir started thrusting with his thick cock. He started fucking my sister like a robot. Now Poonam started enjoying. Yes Sudhir!! That’s it!! Just keep feeding me here!! Look, don’t stop, otherwise you will see your mother’s beaten face!! Fuck! fuck me hard!! Faster and faster! My sister started hitting dialogues in different ways. Sudhir now sang in double enthusiasm. His cock is now bigger than before. And became fat after blooming more. Le Chinal!! Le Randi!! Will you also remember that you had eaten some fat cock!! This Chinar!! Le Randi! How much cock will she eat! Eat to your heart’s content today!! Sudhir also started answering and started fucking my sister without stopping. I kept watching that scene. Friends, I was overwhelmed and mesmerized seeing that fuck. What did Sudhir beat my stray sister. I have become a huge fan of him. After some time my chinal sister’s pussy started hurting. Stop Sudhir!! My pussy is hurting! Poonam said no Chinal!! Why are you running now? Fuck well today! Why do you run now? Sudhir spoke. And he must have fucked my sister like a machine 200 300 times in 2 minutes. Poonam’s whole sister trembled, trembled. Each and every goosebumps stood up. Stop it Sudhir!! Just doing it hurts!! Poonam started crying. First of all, if Chinal wants to eat cock then she will eat my or any Hindu’s cock. Will not fuck with that Salim. Make the wada!! Sudhir spoke and kept on feeding him. I promise that from today I will eat only your cock!! Poonam said. At least 50 times, Sudhir quickly knocked my sister and fucked her and left the material in her bosom. Friends, that whole night Sudhir fucked my sister like hot cow 15 16 times in total. In the morning I put 1000 rupees in his hand. Thanks man!! I said.Non Veg Story.com will heartily wait for the comments of all your readers.

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