my chudkad bhabhi does business and fucks everyone for money

Hello friends, Devansh welcomes all of you very much in this non veg story. Today I am going to tell you my super sexy story. My elder Naman Bhaiya got married the year before last. My Pinky Bhabhi was very fashionista. He loved to wear clothes of new design. Apart from this, sister-in-law was very fond of traveling. He was very fond of eating different types of dishes. But friends, my elder brother used to work in a private company. There was a lot of work lying there, but he used to get only 10,12,000 money. That’s why my Pinky Bhabhi’s new orders could not be fulfilled. One year has passed since the marriage and during this time the brother neither took the sister-in-law for an outing nor got any gold ornaments made. Gradually, both of them started quarreling every day. One day sister-in-law clearly told Naman Bhaiya that when you are not able to earn then why did you marry me. Sister-in-law said that either fulfill my hobby or divorce me. Elder brother got upset on this. “Pinky !! If you are fond of wearing new clothes and jewellery, then work in some company and… Bought necklace of I, my mother, father, and elder brother were all surprised that what kind of job did the sister-in-law get that she started earning 1 lakh in a month. But what do we do? Gradually, sister-in-law started doing shopping of more than 50 thousand, 80 thousand, 1 lakh every month. We all were very surprised that when elder brother works from morning till night, he can earn somewhere around 12 thousand and sister-in-law is earning lakhs every month. One day 2 men came home to meet my Pinky Bhabhi. Both were in suit boots. Sister-in-law gave me 500 note and ordered different types of breakfast. He gave the remaining 200 rupees to me. I kept thinking that how much money does the sister-in-law have. “Brother-in-law!!! We are having a private meeting. That’s why don’t disturb us for 2-3 hours!!” Sister-in-law spoke. I shook my head. Sister-in-law locked the door from inside. After 3 hours both the men came out of the sister-in-law’s room. And went away. Friends, this started happening everyday. Every day 2-3 new men would come to my house and sister-in-law would order different types of breakfast every time. Friends, I wanted to know what business meetings are held after all. When I peeped through the hole in the lock of the door, I was shocked. My Pinky Bhabhi was on the sofa in the middle and both the men were sitting next to her and were playing with her hair. I found something black in the branch. I started watching secretly. Slowly both the men started kissing the hand of sister-in-law. Then started drinking their cheeks and lips. Then both of them fucked sister-in-law 2 times in turn. Then after fixing the clothes and washing the face, gave a pearl bundle of money to the sister-in-law. And went away. Now I understand that my Chudasi sister-in-law has started the business of getting fucked. Every day she gets fucked by new men, slips pearls, that’s why so much money is raining. When brother came in the evening, I told him everything. The sister-in-law started questioning. “Pinky!! Since when have you started doing the business of kissing. Aren’t you ashamed of doing such dirty work???’ Brother said, sister-in-law turned back and gave the opposite answer. “…and you are not ashamed to give money to your wife. Whatever I enjoy, I earn money myself. So why are you having pain???’ Sister-in-law said. Brother got furious. They kicked and punched my cheeky sister-in-law a lot. Her face was swollen by slapping and slapping.“Whore!! Tell me….will you stop the filthiness or not??? Will not stop doing business’ brother told me. “….No!!! Will do business everyday!! I will get fucked by new men every day!!” Sister-in-law said. Brother was already angry. Then he kicked the sister-in-law with shoes. There were marks of beating on the whole body of sister-in-law. In the evening my sister-in-law, thirsty for both cock and money, went to the police station and they put the charge of dowry practice on my whole house. There were marks of beating on the body of sister-in-law. He did a perfect job. Sister-in-law used to earn a lot by doing Chudwa Chudwa. That’s why gave some money to the policemen. The police lathi-charged me, brother, my father and mother many times. We whole family’s ass got busted and mother got fucked. Then after a few days, the sister-in-law got all of us bailed out with her money. After a few days, my whole house started trembling with my sister-in-law. Sister-in-law threatened brother that if he said anything, she would ask the lover to come and get him killed. Friends, now everyone in my house is scared of Pinky Bhabhi. She became the mistress of the house and we all became servants. That day also 2 men came to my house. Sister-in-law caught me money and asked to bring breakfast. When both of them went inside the room, I thought why shouldn’t I also enjoy seeing all the exploits of my businessman sister-in-law today. Both those men had brought beer bottles with them. Sister-in-law poured beer into glasses for both of them with her own hands and then added ice cubes. “Pinky!! My love !! Serve us today in such a way that we will never forget this afternoon!! One of them said while flirtatiously stroking his chest. “Yes!! Pinky Rani!! Today, give both of us the pleasure of sex in some other way. Don’t worry about the money, we both will give you the price you asked for. Because I could hardly get a chance to see the fuck. I was just an innocent child of 12 years. I was still young. I didn’t fuck even once. Because friends, just a few days back my penis started getting erect. I was watching all the misdeeds of my clever businessman sister-in-law through the hole in the door. Slowly, one by one, both those men unbuttoned the blouse of my beautiful but unruly sister-in-law. And after opening the bra, started drinking each and every milk in his mouth. “Wah brother Pinky!! And no other prostitute’s milk is as tight as yours. I enjoy drinking only your milk!! One spoke. The second customer also started adding yes to the yes of the first one. Both Pinky hanged holding each milk of sister-in-law and started drinking it with gusto. Friends, today I came to know how high profile prostitute my real sister-in-law has become. I started thinking that if I had grown up, I would have given money to my sister-in-law and fucked me too. When both the customers started drinking sister-in-law’s milk, sister-in-law’s hand went on both of their cocks. Pinky Bhabhi had become very expert like a real prostitute. By opening the zip of the pants of both those men, the sister-in-law took out their thick cucumber-like dicks from their underwear and started whipping both the dicks with both hands. Both those men were enjoying a lot by this act of sister-in-law like pure randis. Both Mustande were sitting on the sofa next to sister-in-law and were drinking her milk. Sister-in-law was chewing her lips with sensuality and sensuality. This game went on. When both of them drank the beautiful round milk of sister-in-law to their heart’s content, then sister-in-law removed her purple saree and started dancing completely naked in front of those men. Pinky Bhabhi bare naked started dancing to some song by raising both her hands. Then turning back, she started moving her beautiful ass round and round like a white cake. Just like very expensive prostitutes dance ballet naked in front of the customer, in the same way the sister-in-law started dancing. Both his customers were looking very happy. Her glass sister-in-law used to come and fill it. Both of them used to start drinking beer. Friends, seeing all this, I was deeply entertained. Sisterfucker !! My chudasi bhabhi has turned out to be very modern, I told myself. Pinky Bhabhi was showing her sleek beautiful body to both of them by turning back. She was getting tired. Her waist and hips were moving round and round in a very colorful mood. My Chinal Bhabhi turned out to be quite an artist. She was twisting her waist vigorously like a spring. She won the hearts of both the customers with her intoxicating and sexy dance. Then sister-in-law herself removed their clothes one by one and sat on the floor on her knees. Then my chinal bhabhi started sucking their dicks one by one very leisurely. Friends, seeing all this, my cock also got erect. I felt like asking my sister-in-law to please suck my cock too, sister-in-law. But friends, my sister-in-law was not such a prostitute. High profile call girl. She used to suck others only for money. Not for free. I was watching all the exploits of sister-in-law with my own eyes through the hole in the lock of the door. Both the customers used to hit the sister-in-law’s face with their big cucumber-like sticks. Used to torture sister-in-law. Pinky Bhabhi used to quickly take his weapon in her hand and was very agile. My sister-in-law was absolutely randi no 1. The way she was sucking the big dicks of both of them with pleasure, neither shame nor regret. In that way, I was feeling that she was the biggest whore in my city. Sister-in-law used to suck the cocks of both of them by taking them till the throat. And she used to bang her head very loudly on the cock. I enjoyed seeing all this. I am very entertained guys. One of them went mad. He wanted to fuck his sister-in-law at this very moment. He pulled sister-in-law towards him by putting his hand on her waist. Friends, his cock was like a rocket. “Arry Pinky Rani!! Will you kill us just by showing your nails or will you fuck us too !!.Bring me pussy!!” He said Mustanda. He hugged Pinky Bhabhi tightly and started kissing and licking. Then he pressed Pinky Bhabhi’s milk and started drinking her soft soft beautiful lips. After some time, sitting on the sofa, he made his sister-in-law sit on his cock and started fucking. By God!!! Friends! Sister-in-law’s growing flexible waist started dancing on that man’s cock like a rubber. Uffffff!!….Friends, I had never seen such a thin, perfectly shaped waist like this till date. I was thinking that I should go now and fuck my sister-in-law by sitting on my cock. Woh mustanda bhabhi ko by god!!… how sexy he was pelting. Lap lapp sister-in-law’s waist was dancing on that man’s cock. Sister-in-law o mother….. o mother ooi ma ooi ooi ooi ooi ooi ooi ooi and started jumping on his dick like a spring and began to kiss. Friends, my eyes opened after seeing all this. As if I have found heaven. That man started fucking sister-in-law fast, then sister-in-law oh God!! Oh God!! Started shouting I was enjoying a lot. That man was fucking his sister-in-law by knocking. Sister-in-law was doing ta ta ta thaiya on his cock. His speed started getting faster…and faster. Sister-in-law herself started jumping on his cock like a spring. Then he bent the sister-in-law on himself while sitting and while drinking his lips, started fucking the sister-in-law bit by bit. Friends, I was getting a lot of happiness. Sister-in-law’s waist was like a flexible rubber waist. How beautiful and how sexy!! Pinky Bhabhi had held both his strong shoulders. Sister-in-law also started rotating her waist in a very charismatic way. That man’s long dick was making a sound of ‘khat-khat’ and Pinky used to go in and out of the sister-in-law’s bosom. The whole scene was very sexy and intoxicating. Seeing all this, my cock got erect. It occurred to me that I should enter the room now and go and lick my sister-in-law’s fucking pussy. After some time, the man left his hot goods in the sister-in-law’s bosom. Then the other customer made the sister-in-law sit on his cock and started fucking with pleasure. These two customers were probably very clever in fucking prostitutes. That’s why they were feeding sister-in-law so well. The second man also started tossing up and down by holding the thin waist of sister-in-law and started fucking with pleasure. Friends, seeing all this, my penis stood erect. The other man was drinking milk of sister-in-law and was hitting sister-in-law loudly like a prostitute. After smelling the armpits of sister-in-law, smelling the fragrance of her beloved, he was fucking her. It was certain that the sister-in-law had given her services to both those men earlier also. The way both of them were taking turns eating the sister-in-law in a very comfortable way, it was clear to him that the sister-in-law had been kissing both of those men earlier also. It is done. The other man kept on beating his sister-in-law for a long time, then fell off. Then the first man pulled the sister-in-law to him. “Pinky Rani!! Now give me your ass, then there will be fun!!” The first man spoke. He kept drinking sister-in-law’s ass for some time. He kept fingering. Sister-in-law kept saying ooi ooi aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Then sitting on the sofa, he woke up the sister-in-law and put his cock in her ass. Sister-in-law sobbed. He was also in a lot of pain. In some time, he slowly started taking her ass by tossing the sister-in-law. I saw another amazing scene in my life. I felt like going now and kicking my sister-in-law’s ass. But friends, I was too young to do all these big scandals. That man was kicking the sister-in-law and kicking her ass. The same sister-in-law was shouting like a prostitute, “Gandu!! Why slowly fucks my ass. Didn’t Gandu come today after drinking his mother’s milk!!!” Sister-in-law spoke like a whore. That man was filled with enthusiasm after hearing such abuses. And for 1 hour my chinal kept fucking Pinky Bhabhi’s ass. Then he left his goods on the face of sister-in-law. Pinky Bhabhi drank all his wealth. You are reading this story on non veg story dot com.

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