If the husband is an alcoholic then the physical relationship has been made with the son itself.

Mother Son Sex Story – Sometimes something unimaginable happens. What I never thought happened in my life. Many such sex relationships are formed which are not right in the eyes of the society, but what can a human being do, whose heart is in control. Should I also say a mistake or say something else, it has happened. My son got attracted towards me, I also got attracted towards him and the relationship between mother and son took a turn till having a physical relationship. I am going to tell you my story on nonvegstory.com. What happened that I came in his arms and he came in my arms. And then the relationship fell apart. Know the full story. My name is Geeta, I am 38 years old. I am a resident of Haryana, I live in Delhi. Husband came to Delhi after selling a lot of land in Haryana so that he would do business in Delhi and be happy. But maybe it was just a dream. All those who had brought money from him got spoiled in business. Still trying to settle my life by living in a rented house. I am Haryanvi, so still hot and sexy, I have a body of milk and curd, so I still look young. My boobs are like those of a young 20 year old girl. My build is still tight. I am fair, I am hot and sexy. Means I don’t look less than any other girl. I am 38 years old like this but sexy and desire to have sex can fail any girl. But friends, this is the thing, where does a person get what he wants. It happened that I also did not get everything. I want to fuck, I want to bang, I want a hand to rub the tits in my pussy, but I could not find it. The reason was this. When the husband failed everywhere, when money started running out, he started drinking alcohol. Now even more trouble has come in the house. Firstly, the husband is drunk and on top of such a financial crunch. Drunk so much in three years that his face is gone, he is looking old. Lean has become thin. And as far as giving sex pleasure is concerned, he was not able to give it to me. The dick will not stand and think for yourself what is the use of caressing the pussy with the hand. The same started happening with me, my husband used to come in the night and used to caress my whole body naked. His cock used to remain dead, his hand used to keep moving. How much can I tolerate? That’s why I slowly started making distance. And soon both of them started sleeping separately. Now he started fighting everyday, used to come after drinking at night, used to abuse and used to say wrong things. One day he said that it seems your relationship has become with someone else, that’s why you don’t worry about sex. Looks like you fuck somewhere else that’s why you remain so calm. I am told that I never go out of the house or meet anyone. So he said, she must be celebrating at home, son has become young, this can also happen. You must be getting pussy killed by him only. Friends, I was stunned. Divansh is just 21 years old. I am his mother. He studies. Nowadays the college is closed so he stays at home. The husband is out all day. That’s why he started doubting me that I make my son kill my pussy. But it was not so. I told the whole thing to my son. So he started saying why do you worry? I know papa has gone mad. Don’t worry, I am here to take care of all your needs. So I said son, what can you do? You can give only what is the duty of a son, but the duty of a husband can only be fulfilled by the husband. That’s why he said, when you have become infamous even like this, then there is no problem even if the relationship is formed. I was also taken aback by his words. Because if he dies outside the house, don’t know which prostitute will trap him and she will become the daughter-in-law of my house. My perspective has changed a bit since his day. Because there was an open talk between us, the matter of sex did not reach, I had said that nothing like this would happen. I am mother and you are my son. It was a matter of one day, the husband came drunk at night and started abusing me, again he said the same thing, nowadays young cock is going in your pussy, that’s why you are proud. He went out of the house while abusing and then called that I am going to Ajmer with my friends. I will not come for two days. I was crying when my son also came. Seeing me crying, he started asking that today again he told you that you are stuck with me. I said yes. He kissed me on the lips keeping me silent, I started looking at him with tears in my eyes. He again came close to me, now locked the lips and started sucking my lips. Slowly he started pressing my boobs. Slowly started caressing my body, started caressing my thigh. I said close the door properly. He immediately closed the door outside. I stood up, he quickly came and hugged me and started rubbing my boobs while sucking my lips. I started losing consciousness. I started getting mad, the hand of a young boy was lying in my boobs, I was furious. Everything I thought I wanted was happening. Then he took me to the bedroom and took off my clothes, I also took off his clothes. He was drinking while pressing my boobs. The nipple was pressing. My pussy was hot. Now I could not help it and I started sucking his cock. Water came in my pussy as soon as I touched the thick strong cock. Now my body was on fire, the rustle had increased in my pussy. He was also eager to put his cock in my pussy without delay. I lay down and he came between my legs. Thick cock’s supada was applied on my pussy and pushed hard. Hi guys it was fun. I got satisfaction. I needed such a cock, which my son had fulfilled today by putting it in my pussy. Now he started fucking me hard and I also started picking up my ass and getting fucked. When the thick cock goes in the pussy while mashing the tits, current runs in the whole body and automatically hisses come out of the mouth. Same thing was happening with me. He fucked me for about an hour then dropped his goods in my pussy. From that day onwards, I do not have any complaint whether my husband’s brother-in-law comes or not, drinks alcohol or dies, it does not matter to me. He got what he wanted. As far as work and business are concerned, mother and son themselves are selling goods online together. Money is coming, there is happiness too. No problem. You were reading this story on nonvegstory.com. I am going to bring my second story soon on this website. ,

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