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Sex has an important place in married life because it does not only connect man and woman with the body. Rather it helps in understanding each other as well as keeping the love and romance between them young forever. But sometimes both men and women consider it as a work. It is necessary to sleep with each other after just getting married. That’s why most of the people also complain that after marriage their sex life is not as fun as it should be. And this happens because you are not enjoying your sex life well. While having sex, it is necessary that both the partners give full support to each other, so that both can enjoy it. But if you do it like a chore, then not only does your sex life become useless, but it also starts causing tension in your married relationship. Even if the sex relationship with your partner is not good, then because of this, whether it is a woman or a man, both are eager to have a relationship outside. That’s why never treat sex like a chore, enjoy it, which can help in making your married life happy. For this, it is most important that you first find out the reason why your sex life is not good, both the partners should do this. Because one’s effort will not solve this problem. After that give time to each other and talk about this topic. So that both of you can come close to each other not only physically but also emotionally. Due to the lack of better sex life, the biggest reason for making sex like work is that you do not understand what your partner wants from you. As your partner first wants you to stimulate them for sex, but you start having direct sex, then it remains like work for your partner from now on. Thinking only about your comfort and not taking care of your partner, your partner is not able to support you in sex. For example, while having sex, you use a new position in which you are comfortable, but your partner is not able to enjoy it. Men like women who are bold and fearless and give their full support while having sex, if you do not do this then even men are not able to enjoy properly. Talking sexually while having sex increases the pleasure of sex, but even if you talk here and there while having sex, sex remains a work. If you are under stress, and are always worried about something unknown, then your sex life starts to deteriorate. It is also very important for the atmosphere to be romantic for better sex, but if your room is scattered, you are sitting on the bed with office or home issues, then also you cannot enjoy sex life to the fullest. Tips to enjoy sex life well: – If you want to enjoy your sex life well, then it is important that you do not treat sex like work. Rather try to make it spicy by adding some spices to it. So, today we have brought some such spices for you, which will make your sex life spicy, and you too can enjoy your sex life to the fullest. Being happy makes sex life better:- Sex life can be improved even by being happy always. In such a situation, if you also want to do sex not like work but by enjoying it, then you should not take stress for this. And to remove stress, you should talk to your partner, do exercise and meditation. By doing this your stress will go away and you will be able to enjoy sex life well. If you understand the desires of the partner, then the fun of sex will double:- Tips for better sex life The full fun of sex comes only when both the partners reach the extreme limit. And for this it is important that you understand the wishes of your partner, what your partner wants from you while having sex, if you support them in that, then you can enjoy sex twice. Because if your partner fulfills your desires while having sex, then you also give full support to them, which improves sex life. Sexual talk while having sex makes sex wonderful:- For better and fun sex, it is important that you start it by talking about sex before or while having sex. This helps you get ready for sex, which makes you aroused. And both of you can enjoy better sex. While talking about sex, women or men should also keep on flirting, this can make their sex process even more spectacular. Keeping the atmosphere of the room romantic at night makes sex a lot of fun:- Bed adds an important ripple in sex, that’s why you should make the atmosphere of your room romantic before going to bed. For example, a light light in the room, a clean and tidy room, you in a sexy dress, even this can make the atmosphere of the room romantic. Which helps you to attract your partner towards you. And because of the romantic atmosphere, the romance of your sex life can be kept young forever. Foreplay with partner makes sex better:- Foreplay means that you tamper with those parts of your partner to help them get excited. And if you want to enjoy sex not like work but to enjoy it to the fullest, then you should resort to foreplay. Because with this your partner also supports you while having sex and this should be done not only by men but also by women. By maintaining the comfort level, the partner gives full cooperation in sex:- Many times you use new positions while having sex. Because of which you are comfortable while having sex but your partner is getting upset. In such a situation, to enjoy your sex life to the fullest, it is important that you take care of both the partners while having sex. And they should be asked whether she is enjoying or not, if you keep your partner comfortable while having sex, then you can enjoy sex to the fullest. So if your partner also does sex just like finishing work, then you should also use the above tips for this. Also, both partners should not be ashamed to enjoy sex relations, whatever you want from your partner, you should talk openly about it. This also helps you to increase the enjoyment of your sex life even more. ,

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