In order to become modern and slim, brother had sex yesterday morning

Indian Bhai Bahan Adut Sex Story : My name is Surabhi, I study in Delhi University. I am hot and sexy, so I started thinking about maintaining my figure. Earlier I was a simple girl. But a little changed when I got admission in college. Because boys trap such girls and make girlfriends who are hot and sexy. Everyone wants big tits, wide ass and bulge in the butt. But the body should be thin, the waist should be thin. But I was getting fat. I wanted to look beautiful in college. So I said to my brother that brother, you build your body and go to the gym. Will you make me do Yoga Vyaram in the morning. Both mother and father are teachers in the school, so both of them leave early in the morning. So bhai bolai kare hot sexy where will you go. My brother always wanted me to look like a buffalo so that no boy would stare at me. No brother wants his sister to look hot and sexy so why would my brother want me to get slim trim. But I lured my brother that if my weight reduces by 5 kg, I will give you a gift. My brother said what gift will you give, I said that I will give whatever you ask for, so he asked me to swear. I swore too. That it is okay to ask when my reason will decrease. My brother started making me do yoga at eight in the morning and also started doing push-ups. I also started doing well. Ordered yoga mats. Ordered a dress too. And started doing it daily. He started helping me. Slowly I came very close to my brother. Now I was not feeling any shame in any way. He used to touch my body. Used to go up and down. To be honest, the distances had become very short. Not a single day passed when my brother did not touch my tits, butt and thigh. Eventually I reduced my 6 kilos cause soon. Now brother said that you remember my gift, don’t you? I said yes, ask whenever you want. That’s why he spoke to me. I want to have sex with you. Even so, for whom are you becoming hot slim trim? I have made you hot, I have made you sexy. I want Prasad to be given to me first. So I immediately said brother, this does not happen. No brother fucks his sister. So he immediately took out his mobile and opened the non-veg website and showed it. That many brothers have sex with their sisters. I have also seen that it is correct. That’s why my brother said that you have sworn on me that I will give whatever you want. I said ok will give but don’t tell anyone. And yes do it slowly. I feel scared. So he said don’t worry, I will not let the pain happen, I will do it slowly and I will put inside as much as you say. I said ok. I will come after closing the door. I closed the door outside. And when she came inside, he was standing with his clothes open. His cock was also standing and was moving back and forth holding it by the hand. I went inside the room he broke down on me. Started kissing me He started rubbing his hands on my tits. took me in his arms My brother started breathing fast, he started saying. My life, my life, you are not my sister, you are my wife. make me happy today Show me heaven today. I also hugged my brother and put my lips on his lips. I did lip lock. My brother started taking off my clothes. I unhooked the hook at the end of the bra and my boobs came out. He started rubbing my nipples. After that he started sucking my nipple. Ohhhhhh it was amazing friends, my body was on fire. I got mad. Then he put his cock in my hand. I started shaking then sat down and took his cock in my mouth and started drinking. Holding my hair, he started taking out the whole cock inside. It was going up to my throat. Then he lifted me in his lap and took me to the bed. First he licked my pussy a lot. Pointed finger When I became water. After that he inserted his thick cock in my pussy. Friends, as soon as his thick cock went into my pussy. I moaned There was a lot of pain. But the pussy was very wet, because of this, his cock started coming out easily. What was it then friends, I myself started taking his cock by rotating my ass. I myself would jump and take his cock inside the pussy. Sometimes he is above me, sometimes I am below him. Fuck again in the ass friends, that day was fun. My fuck had started. From that day onwards, both of us used to put sex movies in the laptop and then used to have sex. Mother and father would have gone to school, both of us used to have sex everyday. That is, in order to be slim and look hot, she got fucked by her brother. Indian Bhai Bahan Adut Sex Story. brother sister sex story at home

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