Real brother tore my ass and gave me a lot of fun

Hello friends, I welcome all of you very much to Non Veg Story dot com. My name is Manorama. I have been a regular reader of Non Veg Story since last many years and not a single night goes by when I do not read and enjoy its juicy chudai stories. Today I am telling you my story. I hope everyone will like this story. This was only a few days back. I came late that day from college. My brother Anubhav was very angry because of being late. Manorama! where were you?? How is it late?? She shouted and asked “I had gone to my friend’s house for a party.” When I said, Anubhav got very angry and started hitting me. So I also started hitting him with my hand. We both were twin brothers and sisters, so we were equal and used to fight a lot. Then, while quarreling, when Anubhav’s hand touched my mother, I felt very happy. Then he too went to his room. Maybe he was having some regrets. Now slowly I started feeling like getting fucked by my brother. I used to wonder what kind of sister I am that I am thinking of getting fucked by my real brother. Then for several days, while sleeping in the night, I put my finger in my pussy and calmed my pussy fire. Slowly, I started wearing short clothes everyday in front of my brother. Now when I started wearing shorts at home, they used to be till my thighs. And I used to wear only a thin T-shirt with open shoulders. Slowly I was feeling like getting fucked by my brother. A few days later my father and mother had gone out of town for a wedding. My brother and Anubhav were having exams. That’s why we had to stay at home. Meanwhile, I made a complete plan. I wore skimpy clothes and pretended to slip down the stairs and burst into tears. My brother Anubhav used to quarrel with me a lot but also used to love me a lot. He immediately came running. “What sister sister???” Anubhav asked, “Look brother, my foot has slipped and there is a lot of pain in my waist and back.” When I said, Anubhav lifted me in his arms and took me to the bedroom. He removed my top and made me lie on the bed on my stomach. Then he started making my moves. I was feeling great. Slowly my pussy was getting wet. I had only kept bra sister. Inside I wanted that today my brother should fuck me tightly and keep my pussy torn. “Brother! You untie my bra and move well in the whole back” I said. Anubhav untied my bra from behind. My back was completely bare now. Then Anubhav started moving his hand on my back. I was feeling fine. But my real aim was to eat my brother’s thick cock and fuck him hard. We were both 21 years old. “Ohhh! My stomach hurts too!” When I said, experience turned me around. My bra was already unbuttoned so it automatically got removed and my 34” amazing boobs were visible to him. My brother was not a characterless man. He was a good boy. So he started looking the other way. I held my brother’s hand. “No problem brother!! Shame on me! Come put a move on my belly!!” I said. Then the feeling started rubbing on my stomach. He was just looking at my beautiful 34” mom. My milk was very sexy. Then slowly the hands of Anubhav started moving on my mother and that movement started rubbing on my mother as well. I was feeling cold. After that I put the other hand of Anubhav on my other mother. Slowly he himself understood and we both started kissing. We both brother and sister had an agreement to fuck. Anubhav was lying on top of me and was sucking my lips. I felt very sexy. Both my lips were tingling. Because today for the first time I was sucking the lips of a young man. Both of us were kissing after being lip locked. Brother was sucking my lips like orange slices. My pussy started itching. I wanted to fuck my brother. Slowly Anubhav understood everything and started caressing my mom. Then started pressing fast. Whenever he used to move his hand on my boobs, I used to feel very sexy. Today the woman inside me wanted to fuck hard. I wanted brother to fuck me today and make me a woman. Today I was in the mood to get my pussy ripped. Then brother Tej Tej started pressing my boobs. I was getting intoxicated. I was making sounds of “..ahhhhhh sceeeeee….aaaaa….aha…ha ha ha”. Slowly brother started pressing my boobs faster and faster. I was feeling strangely intoxicated. Then Anubhav started sucking my boobs. He was also enjoying a lot. I was also feeding him my juicy boobs. A fire was burning inside me. Friends, my boobs were very beautiful. Big, juicy and like a pomegranate. If a boy had seen me naked once, he would have fucked both my pussy and ass tightly. Friends, what a beautiful girl I was. Slowly, Anubhav started loving me. He was feeling great too. He was sucking my boobs with pleasure. Without delay, Anubhav took my mom in his hand and started checking her size. My milk was very beautiful, the breasts were full, shapely and round, as if the one above had made a girl like me, like me, sitting with such ease. My fair breasts were proudly stretched. On the top of the chest, there were big red circles like pomegranates around my nipples, in which I was looking very sexy. Anubhav’s eyes fixed on me. Rapidly, he took control of my juicy nipples and caught both the mammos with both hands and started pressing and mashing fast. “U U U U U U… Aaaa Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… C C C C… I started crying loudly. My brother started pressing my milk like a horn. I was having a lot of fun too. Then he started drinking my milk by lying down in his mouth. I yearned It was like I had found heaven.’Sister!! You are such a strong material that the man who sees you once, his dick will stand up immediately and he will accept you only after fucking’ said Anubhav. I liked what he said. He again lay down on me and started drinking my pointy very small tits by licking and licking my mouth. He turned out to be very mischievous. He was biting my pointed breasts with his teeth and was drinking. I was in pain, excited and having fun. ‘Brother!….please suck my coconut with ease!! Suck it easy!!’ I said. But there was no effect on him. He was in his tune. He was drinking loudly my white Kadli-like teats, biting them loudly with his teeth. He had become very cuddly. Had he had his way, he would have eaten my breasts. He was pressing hard on my juicy breasts and moving his tongue on the nipples and was drinking. Friends, this game went on for a long time. “Brother! I am not able to control now. C C C C…. please quickly my pussy [चूत] Put cock in me and fuck fast!!” I said like a shameless girl. Anubhav had now sucked both my nipples well. Now he was going to fuck me. Anubhav gave his cock in my hand. Hi grandpa!! What a big dick he had. Was 10″ long and 2″ thick. I was scared when I took it in my hand. I was scared that how such a big cock would go inside my pussy. Then I quickly started licking his cock. Anubhav’s cock was erect in no time. He was looking very sexy cock. Like a donkey’s cock. I quickly started whipping her up and down. I was enjoying the experience too. He was making the sound of ah ah. I started licking his cock more quickly. Then taking it in my mouth I started sucking. My hair used to fall down again and again. Again and again I had to move the hair behind the ear. My brother’s cock was very juicy. I took it in my mouth and started sucking it quickly. Anubhav started caressing my pussy more. Slowly I was getting warm. Then I stuffed his cock inside the throat. For a long time I did not take out the cock. Then after a few minutes I took out his cock. He liked this act of mine very much. Then I quickly started sucking my brother’s cock with hard work. Now his cock had become more swollen and bigger. I was afraid that brother’s cock might tear my pussy. Anubhav made me lie down straight and started drinking my pussy. Friends, I wanted him to fuck me hard today and give me a lot of fun. That’s why this morning I had cleaned my pussy hair with hair remover cream and while taking bath, rubbed it well with soap and made it shine. My brother found my pussy very sexy and hot. He quickly started licking my ass like a mad dog. He was having fun too. He was licking the grain of my pussy quickly. I was feeling very sensational. I quickly started running my hands through my brother’s hair and caressing his face. He started licking my pussy more quickly. The taste of my chuddi was salty which was very much like the experience. Then he grabbed the long lips of my pussy with his teeth and started pulling them upwards. Friends, I was so excited that I felt that my material might get licked. Countless times the brother lifted my long lips with his teeth and raised them upwards. . I can’t help it now!!” I said but he did not listen to me and he kept on eating my pussy quickly. Then he slapped my pussy tightly. I was feeling very excited. Now I was completely ready to fuck and white material started coming out of my pussy. Anubhav opened my legs and put the cock in my pussy and started fucking me. I happily started getting fucked by ah ah ha ha. My pussy was shrunk due to the thick dick of experience. It was such an intoxicating rub. While fucking my stomach started twitching. Along with this, very strange pleasant waves started rising in my body, which was rising from my fucking pussy and spreading all over the body. I was getting fucked by fluttering. There was no need to explain anything to the experience. He knew everything. He was having sex with me like a hot boy. After some time my brother became very cocky and started licking my pussy like a machine without stopping. His waist was colliding with my waist by fluttering. The sound of chat chat was ringing in the room. Anubhav started kneading, pressing and mashing my breasts. My pussy got wet. Anubhav’s dick was taking my pussy very closely. And there my stomach was churning. Along with this, pleasant waves of pleasure were continuously rising from the pussy. In this period of great excitement, Anubhav slapped me 2-4 on my cheek. I grabbed the bed sheet with my claws and squeezed it tightly because my [चूत] I am in a storm now. He started hitting my pussy loudly. In this way there was some relief in getting fucked. It feels very strange to kiss with an empty fist. There must be something in hand. Experiences matter to me [चोद] Was doing. I knew very well that he wanted to enjoy my looks, complexion and beauty. He was fucking me on my stomach by caressing it round and round. After some time my pussy was released and opened completely. His way opened. A lot of fresh butter was coming out of my pussy, while fucking, which got smeared like grease on brother’s thick dick. Due to this, he was able to fuck me very well. I was making sounds of “I…..I….I… ahhhhhh… c c c….ha ha ha…” His cock was sliding in my pussy like a piston, going in and out and fucking my pussy. My brother was also expert in Kamashastra and Chodanashastra. I came to know about this today. Then my brother Anubhav started rubbing me lying down. Now he was sucking my lips as well and was also fucking me from below. I was wandering in some seventh heaven. Because brother had loosened all my nuts and bolts by fucking me. Then after half an hour he dropped the goods in my pussy. Now I am completely set with my brother and I get fucked whenever I want. How did you like the story, do give your comments on non veg story dot com.

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