In the rain, the son choda after seeing my wet body

Barsat Sex Story, Mother Son Sex Story, Barsat Me Sex, Barsat me Sex, Rain Sex The roundness of the ass was visible and when the torn part in the middle got stuck due to getting wet, he could not control himself and then what happened I am going to tell in this story. My name is Rani I am 38 years old. I am fair, I am beautiful, I am hot, my only son is 21 years old, husband is a senior officer, most of the time he stays outside Dehradun, I live in Dehradun with my son. I have a big farm house, what is there no shortage of things, I am living my life, my son is studying, he is also very hot, he goes to the gym, so friends, there has never been a shortage of anything, but yes there is a lack of one thing. It is that my husband comes out more then the sex appetite I have is not completely over. I am also sexy, I am very hot, so I want a fuck. I wear hot and sexy clothes even in the house, whenever I come out of my house, people definitely stare at me because the structure of my body is such that anyone crazy about me falls asleep very quickly. Big round-round, which fascinates everyone from the front and my round ass from behind is everyone’s favorite thing for me. So friends, be in the eyes of everyone, everyone stares at me. I love staring at men. But in the place where I live, there are more people, there are decent people, so I keep myself under control. Because friends, only you know that if a woman wants to have sex, she can have sex with anyone, whether she is her driver, her gardener, her servant or anyone else, then it will work. Anyone can take possession of whomever they want, I also feel that someone fucks me. But you only know that everyone has to think if someone starts blackmailing me tomorrow, what will I do, I will pass, if I find such a man who only works to fuck me, then I can comfortably kiss him. Today my wish got fulfilled. There was no outsider but my real son was the one who fucked me fiercely today after the rain, how it happened, I am telling you how to enjoy, how he put a finger in my pussy, how he pressed my boobs and how I became sensual. I am telling you things on nonveg My husband is not here, son is locked in college, it was raining heavily today at around 10:00 am, I went to the terrace and felt that I should get wet a little because I am very fond of getting wet in the rain, so I went to the nightie I started getting wet. My son also came then he said mother, should I also get wet with you, see you quote, your health should not get worse, just take care of this. He said no problem, I will not take a bath for a long time, after that both of us mother and son started sending me on the roof itself, I the roof is very wide, it was raining, the mountain was visible, the weather was very good, so my mind was pounding. Due to the torrential rain, my body was wet, my nightie was stuck in me. The green parts of my body were visible from outside even though I was not naked but due to rain my clothes got stuck in my body so you think yourself what if a 21 year old boy sees you in such condition what will he do. My son himself was wearing a bermunda inside, he was not even wearing it and I was like that too, I was not wearing anything inside, neither I was wearing a bra nor I was wearing it, then every part 11 roundness of my boob It was clearly visible that clothes were stuck in my ass, so from outside I was looking sexy, when I used to walk, my son was looking at him when both my butts met. My lips were red, my hair was gone, I had hair till my waist, so I looked even more sexy. My son’s eyes were on my boobs because my nipples were visible from outside, the roundness of my boob, how big is it, it was clearly visible, friends, no one should go to the bank, even if it is my real son. The eyes of my son’s debate went on me, now and again and again coming closer to me, I started looking at my body, I was looking at my ass, then I started liking to see him. I said, what is the matter son, today your mind is feeling like this, then said yes. Then I asked whether you have a girlfriend or not, she said no, I couldn’t make it now, then I asked if you have ever had sex, she said no, didn’t do it now. The truth is, my friend was in a tizzy, seeing his body, his cock was standing in the paint like a tent. I also look at him with intoxicating eyes, jerk my hair, then he is not in control, he has said that mother can a mother son have sex, I have read many stories on nonveg where such stories are available to be read So can it be possible. I quote is possible, but it is very important to keep this relationship limited to yourself, outside whenever anyone comes to know, the world makes his life haram, so if you want that with me To have sex, keep this thing to myself, so I am ready to sleep with you. He replied immediately, I will not tell anyone, can I kiss you now. I said okay let’s go down guys like I closed the door to the terrace. He has started kissing me on the stairs itself, started stroking my ass, I also grabbed his cock. Who can make me happy, the flame in my body can calm the flame in me. I took it to the bedroom, after that we both went to the bedroom, I took off his paint, he also took off my nightie and both of us were naked, reached the bedroom, I first grabbed his cock in his hand and started sucking his teeth on his lips But I was mashing, was pressing my nipples, was mashing my nipples, my mind started getting worse, my hiss started coming out of my mouth, my pussy became wet, the water became watery, I said son, nothing like this will happen now You lick my pussy I lay down there, he separated my legs and started licking my pussy from his pocket, friends, what should I tell, what kind of lightning was running in my body, one was lightning in the sky, the other was lightning running inside my body. I was going crazy. I was rubbing my nipples with myself. Now everything was beyond my tolerance, he started drinking my boobs. Started licking, began to suck, began to suck on my lips, I also started sucking on his lips, he had put his tongue in my mouth, alternately sometimes again putting his tongue in my mouth, sometimes I would put tongue in his mouth. Both of us had become very sensual, now I said son, it will not work like this, now you put your cock in my pussy. He separated both my legs, put his cock on my pussy and if he had given it hard, it was already very wet, because of this his cock entered my pussy. Now I lifted the ass and started pushing it, lifting it from above and pushing it from below. He was making me happy I was making him happy Both were making each other happy. After that I lay down on my stomach, after that I told him to put your cock in my ass. My ass was a bit tight, because of this I was not going inside, so he spit on his cock and tried again, the whole cock got into my ass, now I started telling him, push, push, push hard, my shoes My twitching friend was enjoying it very much, one was already completely soaked body, the heat of the body from inside was making sex even better. That I came up, he lay down, I grabbed his cock and took it in my pussy and sat down and started pushing loudly, there was a sound in the whole room, he kissed for about 1 hour after 14 hours She was also very tired, she was also going, I had fallen two or three times by that time. After that I don’t drop my stuff in the pussy, you put it in my mouth, he brought his cock near my mouth, shook his cock two or three times and dropped the whole thing in my mouth, I licked the goods comfortably and his cock started sucking again. Friends, after that both of us slept comfortably on the bed, when I woke up in the evening, I am writing this story, my son has also gone to his friend’s birthday, he will come at around 12:00 at night, what happens after that I will tell you the next I will definitely share the story on this website i.e. non-veg, thanks for till then.

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