Today I am satisfied husband’s friend pacified my lust

Hello friends, today I am telling you my true story, it is tonight only, I had a lot of fun and just say that today I came to know what sex is, today my pussy rang when I was with my husband. We had a bed with friend Sameer, today I am presenting those moments in front of you in the form of words, ohhhh what a chudai Sameer did right now while I am writing this story, my pussy is still very wet. My nipples have grown again, but what should I do today, I will work only with memories. My name is Kiran, I got married only last year, I am 22 years old, tall and fair, husband I did not get the right, because he proves to be a percentage in sex, when I am in full swing then he My body is breathing with a swarm, my nipples are taut, my pussy is getting hot, my body is burning, I need a jerk and a strong hold of hands, but all of them are holding the ground. It goes, I keep burning in the fire of lust, and I don’t know anything. It is probably not my husband’s fault either, in this I will tell you why it happens that my husband is not able to satisfy me. My height and my husband’s height are equal, I am nineteen than me in body, my husband is nothing in front of my personality, the truth is that when I walk together, people give the title of crow and swan. You must have understood, when I walk, my nipples and my bum which seems to be protruding from outside compels people, and they can not live without looking at me, at night when I am in night gown and I am also sexy, I break down on my husband, he does not fuck me, but I fuck him, he jerks less, I jerk more, he does not abuse me during sex, but I abuse him , I say, le sister, what is Chod doing to me like this, what is Chod doing to me, fuck me, make me wet today, quench the thirst of my pussy today, today I am ready to kiss, and I kissed her lips starts sucking, he comes down and I come over him, and taking my husband’s cock in my pussy, just keep taking jerks on it, I spread my hair on him, and my husband’s condition is like this as it becomes that it is a motorcycle and i am riding and giving accelerator, i think my bike will run from 100 to 120 but after 80 speed it is not able to move forward and slowly it stops Is. I wanted more horsepower bike, I am ready to tolerate speed and speed, my body is giddy, I want my husband to fuck me, calm my lust but he was always failing, I told him To increase the sex power available in many markets, I also brought pressure, but my lust could not pacify it too, after that after I kiss my husband, I try to be satisfied by putting my finger but I can never be satisfied Found it One day his friend had a party, his friend is married but his wife had just gone home, we were only three or four couples in the party, enjoyed a lot, the rest of the people left after the party was over and their Yesterday was a holiday in the office and his friends started saying stop man, go tomorrow, how will you drive the car today too, I was also on two pegs, my husband had drank enough, he agreed and both of us The arrangement for sleeping was done in another room, Ravi (husband’s friend) gave me a night suit of his wife to change my clothes at night, I put it on, I started looking more sexy in it, my husband used to go to bed Just fell asleep and I went to the washroom, then there was Ravi in ​​the hall room and I drank a little and staggered, then Ravi held me, I swung in his arms, then both of them took their husbands at once. Look at him, he was sleeping, then look at each other and when Ravi and I started sucking each other’s love, I did not know, I went on flowing in that stream, Ravi kept pressing my nipples, I held his hair of his Th was tight, then Ravi lifted me in his lap, and took me to another room, I was smiling seeing him, he was also smiling. It was time, he took off one of my clothes from his own hands and started drinking my teats in turn, I lay down, he came out, half a bottle of wine was left, put some alcohol in my burrow and started licking, And kept the bottle the same, I suffocated one after the other by putting alcohol in my burrow and licking it, I got very drunk, Ravi also got drunk, you know I can drive I’m sure I got on top of him by putting him down, now I started running faster than the accelerator, today it was fun to ride for the first time, you are reading this story on nonveg After that he kept pressing my nipples, he was abusing me lewdly, he was tightening me from the bottom, his cock was very big, the cock was stuck in my whole pussy, and he was jerking on the jerk, then he told me Sister-in-law, you are very hot, today I will not leave, and put me down and put my foot on my shoulder, then what was it, I started sweating hard even in the cold, I was just aaah aaaah aaaah aaaah ufff ufff Uff, she was fucking me so much that I said for the first time, just do it Ravi, and she was saying that I am not done dear, and we both kept on fucking and chudwat all night, today I calm my lust for the first time I have found it, I liked it very much, now I have become addicted to it, whenever I see a man, it seems that he would fuck me but I am afraid of society, but if I get a chance, I will definitely not leave. 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