kept kissing on the pretext of getting the computer fixed

Hindi Sex Story, Meri Chudai Kahani, Neighborhood Sex Story, Sex Story, Meri Chudai Story, Meri Sex Kahani, Desi Kahani, Friends this is my first story. I live in Delhi, today I am going to tell you the story of my chudai. Because I am also a fan of nonveg and read new sex stories daily. This is the only website where hot sex stories happen. I am 19 years old. I used to feel very much like to kiss but where is it? Because nowadays people do blackmail too. I could not sleep many times throughout the night, the pussy used to caress, then sometimes the nipples would press on themselves, but nothing happens, on the contrary, it became sexy and sensual and then if someone was fucking in the dream throughout the night, then sleep by pressing the pillow. Used to go When I went to college, my friends used to tell stories. My boyfriend today kissed in the park and kissed in the metro, sometimes he used to say that I am going to the hotel today to end the itching of the pussy. When I used to hear all this story that how her boyfriend kisses her, kisses her ass, presses her nipples, then she used to become even more sensual and then I used to feel like kissing too. I found a solution. A brother lived in my neighbourhood. His wife had gone to the village because she had become pregnant. I went to her because she is a computer engineer. I showed him my laptop because my laptop was not working. He made it right. Then I started going to his place. Sometimes to fix the laptop, sometimes to get the software installed, sometimes ask something. I had some other intention but was not able to succeed. I wondered what would happen if she refused. Once upon a time Both my mother, father and brother had gone to Haridwar at uncle’s place. I was alone at home. I reached his place at around 9 pm with a laptop. And also kept in mind that no one should see in the way. I reached his house and God also supported me at that time the electricity went out. So it was dark on the way, I reached his house in the dark. He was listening to songs on mobile at that time and the candle was burning. When I reached his place, he stood up and said that there is no light. Look when it comes So I said no problem, I wait and I sat on his bed. Conversations started happening here and there. And then the discussion about reading started going on. I got emotional while talking that I wanted to prepare for NEET but Papa told me no and then started crying. He sat down beside me. I started acting too much that I was very sad and started sobbing. He started silencing me. And slowly he started caressing my back. I don’t know what was going on in his mind but yes it was true that he was comforting me at that time. Then I looked at him, he also saw me and then I grabbed his hand and stuck my fingers in his. His lips extended towards my lips and I also extended my lips, after that I closed my eyes and he stamped my pink lips with his lips. Then what was it, friends, my breathing started fast, my heartbeat had increased. I shivered as his hand lay on my boobs. He slowly started pressing the boobs. I was wired. So soon my pussy got wet, did not understand. Friends, my lips had become red, the nipples had become big and tight. My whole body was shivering. I grabbed him by my chest. And he climbed on me. I untied my hair and he was groping my body with his hands while sucking my lips. I was going crazy, this is what I wanted. I had dreams of this. There was no fear today, there was no one in my house. Today I could have kissed comfortably and my dreams were coming true. Friends, in a short time, both of us crossed the limit of sexuality and both of us took off our clothes while groping each other’s body. My youth was now ready to kiss. My fair body was shining like marble on the bed. My intoxicated eyes were filled with lust. I was also pressing my nipples to myself and rubbing my nipples with my fingers. He separated both my legs and sitting in the middle started looking at my pussy. The pussy was wet when he touched it with his finger. He applied water to the finger with a wet pussy and then put the finger in his mouth. And only one word came out of his mouth “Amazing.” I smiled and blushed. Friends, then he took a hissing and then started licking my pussy with his tongue. I was shivering. My body was tickling. I was shaking. He was going on licking my pussy. The sound of ah ah ah started coming out of my mouth and they were also licking the water coming out of my pussy very comfortably. Then he climbed up and started drinking my boobs. I was also in pain and felt better. Then he put his tongue in my mouth and I started sucking on his tongue. Friends, my whole body was hot. I was in dreams My breathing and heartbeat slowly started getting more and more intense. My chest was moving up and down when I inhale and exhale. After that he took out his lauda and put it in my mouth and I started licking his lauda with my tongue. Then I would take it in the whole mouth and take it out. He now started to ahh now oops oops, I was feeling very good. After that again he went down and I spread the legs in the middle, he set the lauda on my pussy and then jerked hard and the whole lauda got absorbed in my pussy. Then he started licking loudly while caressing my nipples. I was also excited, they were tearing my pussy and I was getting it. Friends, I was now lifting my waist and pushing it from below and they were banging loudly from above. My hair was scattered, my mascara had spread. The intoxicated eyes were now red and I was in a full mood. He had made many marks on his back with his nails, he had also left the mark of his teeth on my nipple i.e. had given love bites from both sides. After about an hour of sex, we both fell asleep holding each other and were caressing each other’s body. Friends, from that day onwards, whenever we both get a chance, we always do sex. Now I am not hungry for cocks but yes I want different types of cocks now. Now I am arranging for that too, hope that soon I will get this too. How do you like my story? You must please visit nonveg, I will publish another story for you soon. Till then bye bye.

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