Tantric cheated my wife for 15 days and cheated 6 lakh rupees

Hello friends, I am from Bareilly. My name is Pratyush Valmiki. One day a friend of mine told me about non veg story.com. I started reading this site on my mobile. As soon as I read the first story, I immediately went to fuck my wife. Since that day, I have started reading sexy and succulent stories here every day. Today I am also going to tell you my story. This is from 6 months ago. I had gone to Punjab in connection with my work. Here in Bareilly my wife was alone. One day a tantrik came to my house and he told my wife Shobha that there was a possibility of sleeping in the land of my house. The tantrik said that he would have to worship for 15 days for this. After that my wife can take out those asafis and become rich overnight. My wife Shobha called me and told me that there is a big pot of gold ornaments buried in our house. I was very happy to hear this. If we could get this pitcher in our hands, it would have been fun. Because I was not happy with my job at all. I used to go from city to city selling his published course books for the publisher. So I was not happy with my job at all. My entire month used to go outside Bareilly. I didn’t even get time to fuck my wife. So when I heard this, I became very happy and I told wife Shobha to do whatever the tantrik is saying, and just take a pot full of gold asharfi. The tantrik started the havan and worship in my house from the very next day itself. My wife Shobha used to wear a big deep neck blouse which was backless from the back, on which Shobha also had a heart tattooed on her back. My lady Shobha was a very beautiful woman. Before marriage, she had many boyfriends who had also kissed her many times. But when I went to see him for my wedding, I just kept looking. I just gave my whole body and mind to his name and immediately married him. Then I started kissing him every night. When that tantrik started worshiping Havan in my house, my wife Shobha used to sit right in front of the tantrik. My Mast 38″ chubby Bibi used to sit right in front of the tantrik. His big milks kept peeking out from the flimsy clothes of the blouse. Shobha was getting the worship done. She was running away and doing all the work like bringing flowers, bringing incense sticks, bringing fruits. If the tantrik would see my cool wife, her cock would stand up. “Bhai!! Wow!!….. The tantrik tells himself. My wife’s back would have been completely bare, on that tattoo with arrow in the heart would tell the tantrik that man, this woman is very loud, her pussy will be full and very cool. Slowly the tantrik started looking at my lady Shobha with filthy eyes. He asked to keep 2 lakh cash and gold jewelery to be offered in the puja. So Shobha kept it in worship. “daughter!! To pacify Kali Mai, you have to sit without clothes in the worship and you will not be able to get up until the whole is over! There are not 1 or 2 2 pots full of gold in your house. By selling them you will get at least 50 lakhs easily!!” The tantrik said that my wife Shobha went crazy on hearing the talk of 50 lakhs. She immediately agreed. The next puja tantrik started at 12 o’clock in my own house. My wife Shobha took off all her clothes and sat completely naked on the sheet in worship. From this you can get an idea of ​​how cool it must be. On the other hand, the tantrik also sat naked in the worship. Its real purpose was not to give us the effect of gold, but to make my wife like a rose. That was his real purpose. But friends, you must know that women walk with their mind. Along with his pussy, cock is also embedded in his brain. That’s why my wife went on doing whatever the tantrik told her. The mistake was made by me too. I had also told Shobha that whatever you do, just get that pot full of gold. When my young Chudasi Bibi sat naked in the puja, the tantrik thief was repeatedly chasing my woman with her eyes and was dying to kill her pussy. Shobha could not understand his dirty intentions and I was in Punjab with my work. Both of them started lusting naked and started offering all kinds of sacrifices. Shobha’s 38 size mother was setting fire to the tantrik’s cock. After 1 hour, the tantrik took out a large handful of some powder from his bag and hit it with a jhamma in the fire of havan. Not knowing what kind of smoke came out of it, my chudasi wife Shobha immediately fell asleep and she fell asleep as soon as she worshiped. The priest was very happy seeing this. He came to my wife and took her away from the place of havan. Because it was burning a lot. The tantrik took my lady Shobha to her room and started kissing her. Shobha was stunned by the smell of that powder. The tantrik clung to my naked wife and started kissing her here and there like the goods of his house. Her lips began to drink like fresh roses. Then he put Shobha straight on the bed and he started playing with her lush boobs. Taking my wife’s milk in his hand, he started pressing and drinking his cool mangoes. Shobha didn’t know what was happening to her. The tantrik from whom she wanted to get the effect of gold by doing puja and havan, was robbing her of her youth. The tantrik kept on kissing and caressing my naked woman’s chubby sensual and smooth body for hours. He knows how many hours he drank the milk of my wife Shobha. Then he started drinking her pussy and he started putting his hand. He was drinking my wife’s pussy with great pleasure. Then he started pointing fingers at her very quickly. After some time, the tantrik opened both the legs of my wife Shobha, folded her legs and put her fat lauda in her juicy pussy. And started to have fun. My wife Shobha was unconscious, but still she was eating cock. He did not know that in the name of hypocrisy to get the effect, he was breaking Shobha’s pussy. He was gach gach fucking my wife. After sometime Shobha regained her senses. His hands and feet started moving. But I don’t know how was the effect of the smoke of that powder that Shobha’s eyes were still closed. Don’t fuck me!!” Shobha was speaking softly. But the tantrik had nothing to do with him. He was just engrossed in making my wife happy. In my own house, in my own room, on my own bed, my wife was kissing by a hypocritical tantrik. Slowly, Shobha also started getting a lot of fun. “Pratyush!! FUCK…… FUCK ME FAST FAST!!” Shobha spoke. The tantrik thought that she was telling him, because of that, he tore my wife’s bad. After some time he wrapped Shobha in his arms and started playing her like his wife. In my wife’s bosom, the fat cock of the tantrik started making a splash. Both started having a lot of fun. My wife was wearing anklets on her feet and bangles in her hands. When the tantrik used to put a cock in his cream-like pussy, the sound of Khanna Khanna used to come out of the anklets and bangles. After some time, Shobha also took him in her arms and started kissing her like her Saiyan. After some time both of them attained extreme happiness. Both were having cunt sex and enjoying hot sex. Both of them crossed the limit of physical pleasure and the tantrik got into the soul of my wife and started scolding her. On the other hand, Shobha was understanding that this is what her husband was feeding her, so she also got into the spirit of the tantrik and started kissing her with pleasure. That sister-in-law tantrik was doing tantric sex with my wife, in which the partner is getting into the soul of the partner and enjoys sex. Sister-in-law, that hypocritical tantrik was enjoying so much by fucking my wife Shobha. He had never imagined even in his dreams that he would ever get to eat and chew so much stuff. He was lying down with Shobha in his arms and was gossiping. Shobha’s bosom was very big and beautiful. The sweet voice was echoing in my room. Perhaps that hypocritical tantrik wanted to worship my wife’s pussy and perform a havan. He was patting Shobha in the room like I used to hit her. He was kissing my wife in a spiritual way. Both of them were pulling each other’s breath into their noses, the tantrik was getting extreme pleasure by filling naked Shobha in his arms and getting her bare touch. He was getting so much fun that he wanted to hold my wife like this for eternity and never wanted to get out of this unprecedented happiness. That night, that madrachod tantrik fucked my wife 7 times. Then in the morning Shobha regained consciousness. Slowly by chanting Tantra, he took my wife under his control. Same prayer on the second night also. The tantrik came in the night and started the yagya again. After some time he took out the powder from his bag and again threw it into the fire. But friends, today he put less powder so that Shobha is not completely unconscious and she rubs it in her senses and rubs it. After sometime something happened to my wife Shobha and she just started laughing and was completely under the control of tantrik. This time also the tantrik took Shobha to the room “Chal Chhinal!! Be a bitch and say kick my ass!!” The tantrik said friends, my woman did not know what had happened that she was doing what the tantric was saying. “Kick my ass hard!” Shobha told him after that it was the limit. The tantrik put his fat cock on Shobha’s ass hole and hit hard. The seal of Shobha’s ass was broken. She also felt pain in it, but at this time she was completely under the control of the tantrik. He started licking my wife’s ass. Friends, in all these years, I had not killed my wife’s ass even once, but that sister-in-law tantrik was beating it with pleasure. I used to respect my wife, so I never used to kick her ass, but today everything was turned upside down. My wife became a bitch with pleasure and started eating her cock and got her ass killed. In no time, Shobha’s ass burst and there was a big hole that a fat brinjal could slide inside. The tantrik pacified his lust in a great way. He supplied cock in both the holes of my woman. After some time, Shobha started enjoying a lot in getting her ass killed. She repeatedly started doing her backyard on my cock back and forth. “Tantric Baba!! Chode!! Chodiye…..Have fun fuck my ass!!” Shobha Boli Chatter’s voice was coming from Shobha’s ass kissing. The tantrik, while patting her, put a finger in her pussy and began to caress the grain of Shobha’s pussy. Then he started putting his hand in the finger. Shobha was getting double the fun this time. Where on one side there was a thick cock of the tantrik in his ass, on the other hand he had the fingers of the tantrik in his pussy. He was lovingly fingering the pussy and was fucking my woman’s ass. After some time he dropped the goods in the ass hole itself. The second night he hit my wife’s ass 5 times. The tantrik worshiped a total of 3 times to get the pot full of asafari of that gold and stole a total of 6 lakh rupees and jewelery from Shobha. After that he ran away. For a total of 15 days, he kicked my woman Shobha’s ass and burped her. After that the tantrik ran away and was not seen again. When I returned home from Punjab, Shobha told the whole story. I got my house dug by getting labor done, but no gold pot came out anywhere. By churning my wife’s gold-like pussy, that bastard stole all the asrfi from the pussy and became nine two eleven. After that both Shobha and I just kept regretting till the big day. How did you like this story, do give your comments on non veg story.com.

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