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Mother Daughter Sex, College Student Sex, Ma Beti Sex, College Student Sex, Threesome Sex Story, Desi Sex Story, Sex Story in Hindi, When God gives someone, this proverb makes sense to me. My name is Nikesh. I live in Delhi. I study I live in a rented house. I live on the second floor above a small house, the landlady and her two daughters live on the first floor and ground floor. The landlord had an affair with someone, he has run away with him, he does not even come. My landlady has her own boutique, she runs her two daughters, one aged nineteen and one eighteen. Both are drenched in the juice of youth, the flames of love are always scattered. Both are sexy more than one. I used to chuckle thinking after seeing all three, but time changed its direction and one by one I started kissing. And now-a-days I am traveling to heaven on earth. So thought today why not let you also tell your story through nonveg Once upon a time The landlady was around 11 o’clock in the night, at that time she came and said that Nikesh ji, you are doing engineering, you should give some way to my two daughters so that they can move forward. I told them some courses that after doing this, there is a lot of scope ahead. But he needed coaching and he did not have that much money. So she said that you should prepare yourself. I don’t have money, if you want, you become more silent with me. I could not understand that I thought maybe she was narrating her sorrow and suddenly fell silent. After that, she kept quiet for some time and then said again with faltering love that if you want, you can take me, if you want, you can have sex every night. I was stunned but his murderous eyes and I was stunned to drop my anklet below the blouse, half the teats had come out from it, the gold chain was stuck between the two teats. Looked amazing. I said okay as you wish. I will also concentrate on my studies, otherwise I spend two hours at night reading non-veg and chuckle. And we both started laughing. She became happy. And now I say that it is half past eleven, I have not even eaten food. Big Boss telecast is coming, both the girls are watching the same. I will come after dinner. Friends, what should I tell what was happening to me, I had never had sex before this, my heartbeat was starting to increase. I was going crazy, didn’t feel like doing any work. It seemed that everything will be fine or there will be no problem whether I should have a relationship with the landlady or not. It will not affect my studies, will it? Many such things were coming to mind. I also ate food and just sat down with the book. It was around twelve o’clock in the night, my door was not locked from inside, both the sides were adjacent. Suddenly the door opened and she came in. Was wearing a pink color nighty, did not wear a bra inside because the teats were moving and the nipple was clearly visible from above when she used to move the teats. The hair was open, hanging till the waist, the mascara was applied, the face looked fair, perhaps she had come after washing her face. As soon as she came, she started sucking my lips and wanted to put both hands on my back and wanted to put it in her chest. I could feel both his nipples like a velvet pillow on my chest. I also started groping his body. And now both of them started doing deep kissing, if one left, the other would have started. Suddenly she turned around, her ass came near my cock, now she was rubbing her ass and butt and she was getting addicted. She started going crazy and suddenly again turned towards me and took out her nightie from above. She was not even wearing panties inside. Seeing his naked body, I went crazy and looked from bottom to top and then lifted him in my lap and laid him on the bed and started drinking boobs and then started licking the pussy. The sound of ah ah was coming in the room, my heartbeat had increased. But I was not mad. I took out my cock and gave it in his mouth, he started licking my laddish like ice cream. And sometimes he would chuckle hard and then take it in his mouth, his pussy had become wet, he was taking a limp again and again. The murderer was looking with eyes, the hair was scattered on the white body, the face had turned red, the lips had become pink, the cheeks had become red, both the nipples had become tight and tight. She spread her legs, I understood, now I want a cock in the pussy. I separated both the legs and put the cock in the middle and inserted it. She shivered, I started pushing hard inside out, my whole body was shaken by my push. Locking both the lips, they started pushing hard, I was from below from above. After about 40 minutes of fucking, both became calm, I also said thanks, they also said thanks. She went downstairs, I couldn’t say that night I slept like that. Could not go to college in the morning, it was late. It was 11 o’clock when the landlady was giving voice to her daughter from below. It will be around five o’clock in the evening. His younger daughter was also with him, she was also going. There was an eldest daughter in the house, maybe she was taking a bath. I ate bread eggs and got ready after taking a bath because I had to work on the project. Then the door was knocked and saw that the second daughter of the landlady, Laila was hard, she said come. I said yes yes why not what is the point of asking in this. She came and said that I want to have sex with you like you have kissed my mother, I was watching everything from the window. Couldn’t sleep the whole night, maybe you won’t find someone else like this, you make me happy. And she clung to me, I could not stay and I also slammed her and fucked her. She turned out to be a bastard, her style of kissing was different, she wanted to kiss like Leoni, I also choked three times in different styles. From the second day onwards his younger daughter started coming to me to study. One day I also fucked her, elder sister and mother both told me to fuck, but I persuaded the younger one to kiss myself. And now I fuck all three. My days are going wonderful. Three types of pussy, three types of body structure, three ages, three types of nipples, lips, cheeks, ass, who is such a lucky person who will get such a thing. But yes friends, you will definitely enjoy reading colorful sexy stories on nonveg

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