Old Amma and her granddaughter kissed all night

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My mother had just gone to the village, so I was alone, so my father’s friend Anil Uncle is also in father’s office, he has a daughter and mother lives with him, his wife has run away with a boy, so only grandmother and granddaughter are in the house. Lives. So when Anil uncle and father started going for office tour together for a few days, it was decided that both grandmother and granddaughter should stay with me so that all three of us would not face any kind of problem. So both Pooja and Pooja’s grandmother came to Noida from Malviya Nagar. On the same day both father and father’s friend Anil uncle went on an office tour. I was feeling a little alive because even the grandmother was there, it seemed that she would always run her own and scold like her grandmother does. But there was happiness in my heart about the worship. How will it feel when a young girl comes into the house and she is also hot and sexy? I was also going crazy seeing her big curvy nipples and bulge of ass, I was thinking in my mind that I wish she would let me do a kiss, Pooja’s lips were pink in color and she was very sexy. Body fair and moving like a deer, my mind was tempting ever since it came. And around eleven o’clock in the night, both of us came close to each other. She offered me to be her friend She said I don’t have a boyfriend I don’t trust anyone and I managed to convince her that I will be the best boyfriend she wants. But friends, flowing in feelings meant only having colorful nights. Dadi had slept till then we both were watching sexy movie on netflix a sex scene came and hero heroine started chugging. Then Pooja looked at me and said what do you think, I said what you think. As soon as we sat on the sofa, we both came closer and started kissing each other. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my pink lips, as soon as I touch the big tight nipples, my lauda buried the tent in the paint and then the worship was not even less, she also grabbed a full fist, then my lauda spread even more and became close to nine inches. I told Pooja that she immediately agreed to go to the bedroom. While hitting the door, both of us broke down on each other. We both took off each other’s clothes. And then Pooja lay down on the bed. I immediately climbed on top of it and started drinking teats. Keep pressing. Pooja’s hissing was driving me even more crazy. I came on the neck sucking the lips of Pooja, then pressed the nipples again and pressed the nipple gently with my teeth. She started going crazy, I could feel her hot hot breath. I sat down under both the legs while moving my tongue in the navel, but first saw her pussy well and started licking. Her pussy was very wet and she was pouring hot hot water again and again which seemed salty. I was enjoying licking Pooja’s virgin pussy. I started caressing Pooja, she was pressing her lips between her teeth, which she was looking even more sexy. When she opened her hair, she started looking even hotter. I couldn’t control myself. I took out my cock and put both the legs on my shoulder and set it on his pussy. And pushed hard but my cock was thick and his pussy was tight enough so the cock was not going in the pussy. He also helped me by holding my cock, he put himself in the pussy and bent his ass gently and crooked and then I also pushed comfortably that the whole cock entered his juicy pussy. But she started refusing to push because her seal was broken and a little blood was also coming out. But where I believe, I slowly started giving cocks back and forth and started entering. Within ten minutes of sex, she became sensual and started making strange sounds. As soon as I pushed it he would hiyyyyy ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. That sensual sound would make my cock even thicker and I would start pushing harder. After about half an hour, when she started making louder noises, only then her grandmother came in the room, she was surprised. Seeing Pooja chuckled, she did not say anything, the one thing she said “How big and fat is your Lauda” and then started looking at my cock. After that look at Pooja and then looking at me said, fuck me too. Ohhhhhhh she started kissing me as soon as she said this. and took off his clothes. I also said to stop. I gave my cock in his mouth, he started licking my cock. Then I put a finger in his pussy below, so the pussy was not wet. I immediately put a spit in his pussy and in my cock and then pushed hard and began to chud while pressing big nipples. For about half an hour, till then Pooja was helping Dadi to kiss her. Then it was the turn of worship and then grandmother, like this, I kept on fucking both of them the whole night. Papa and Uncle still have ten days to come. And we are all having fun. I am going to write my second story on non-veg story soon.

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