Married Woman Having Affair In Office

She was very fair, even though a South Indian. She was bit tall 5.5 and she had big eyes and wearing specs. She used to wear a big mangalsutra and put thick sindoor. Always wearing traditional dresses, she was a typical Indian married woman. She never even revealed her cleavage, one had to imagine her milky breasts with pink nipples, and later as I discovered, her pinkish brown nipples. Her ass had an appealing curve and thighs were thick. In short, she was a perfect fuck for me.

Her name was Saranya, have 1 daughter and staying with her in-laws. Normal? Yes. However, there was something different also. Her husband did not stay there. He was working out of town for many years now. He used to come only on weekends. Even then, since they were living in joint family, intimate moments came rare. Saranya and her husband shared a loving relation like a normal couple but it could be said that Saranya was starved, starved for closeness or to say directly starved for sex.

I could feel it, feel it in the office where me and she worked together, feel it when we came close together for discussing work related issues, where involuntarily our topics would divert from technical to personal. She used to discuss with me all her happiness and all her problems. Slowly we came closer together, emotionally but not physically, yet. From her side, the desire could only be felt, through her eyes, staring with a look of want towards me, through her body, which would invariably drift towards mine during our long conversations. By crossing the legs, by shaking the thighs, by rubbing of the palms her body was showing its willingness to be conquered by my body, showing its cravenness for the unfulfilled desires. However, her mind was not yet ready, still bounded by the social boundaries and the love of her loved ones

From my side? The body and mind were both into it fully. The desire to make wild love to her, to spread her legs on my bed and insert my dick into her love hole, to penetrate her arse-hole was eating my entire thought process and time. I was going mad. When she used to talk to me, I only used to hear her, not listen. I used to stare at her lips and imagine kissing them. When she used to bend in front of the PC to explain something, I used to move back a bit and stare at her amazing hips. On one such moment I just casually touched them with my hands and kept on brushing them lightly, she did not say anything; this gave me the confidence that my approach will at least not be met with rebuke or anything worse. Either she was dumb or her mind barrier was being torn slightly. I hoped for the later. In fact, I then went ahead a bit. I took a few steps back and then came forward and placed my now ready to explode manhood on her soft hips. She was wearing a salwar, not hard jeans. It felt heavenly. I pressed my dick a bit more. She did not move from her bend position. We both enjoyed a few seconds of what would be the taste of things to come. Then we heard noises of people coming. I moved back, she straightened, we looked at each other and said bye. She and I (realized it when saw her coming out of the ladies loo later) both went straight to the washrooms where we satisfied our desires by rubbing our vital organs. I was only wishing why it was not for true. As for her, her body was slowly taking over the mindThe next few weeks were less exciting than this, both busy in our lives we had no chance to repeat the stunt we had done except a few glimpses of her white bra which I merely used to enhance my visualization during my increasing rate of masturbating on her name. But we were getting along life normally.

Then, as fate would have it, everything changed. We both got onsite opportunity to the same city in France as we worked for the same client. She went before me, 2/3 weeks before. No other colleague being there, and staying in a foreign country alone, bored the hell out of her. She used to plead everyday to me, to join her as soon as possible. My visa was delayed but it arrived ultimately. Moreover, there I was alone in a strange city with the woman whom I always used to dream of laying. Luck could not have been better could it?

Actually, it turned better. Being bored in the town, Saranya wanted to explore France. Therefore, we planned to go to Paris the next weekend of my arrival. I used some tactics and using money as the criteria, convinced her that it would be better for both of us to take a single room, instead of two albeit with 2-seperate twin bed. She agreed. I booked the room via phone. The stage was being prepared.

So we set out on Saturday morning, first visiting the Eiffel tower, where we enjoyed a lot looking at one of the wonders of the world. At this stage, I could only imagine what wonders lay ahead for me during the night. We became late in seeing the tower and other places and by the time, we reached our hotel it was already 12. On top of that, another problem was waiting for us. When we went to the hotel, the reception guy refused to acknowledge that we had any booking. It was a shock at that time of the night in a strange place. Nevertheless, after much arguing with him and some help from a few French people in the hotel we managed to convince the hotel person to give us a room. After completing the formalities, he gave us the room keys and we moved quickly being very tired. But lo behold, another surprise, it was not a room with two twin beds I had booked but with one double bed instead. I showed my surprise to Saranya but inside of me, I was very happy at this God gifted opportunity. Saranya did not complain about the bed too, which raised my hopes further. This was going to be my night, I thought. I was ready to devour her tonight.We arranged our luggage and started settling for the night. I went to the bathroom first and changed clothes. I looked at my penis and just wondered how many minutes or hours before it enters heaven. It seemed larger to me than ever. I decided to remove my underwear and just wear shorts. I also kept my underwear hanging in the bathroom to give the indication to Saranya. I also hoped to make her hornier by seeing it. I came out of the washroom with my dick making a slight pole with my shorts, which was not too obvious but could be made out. Moreover, Saranya did make out. I saw her eyes widen a bit when she saw down there. but she just looked at me, smiled normally and went inside the washroom herself. I lay on the bed and in the silence heard the noise of her pee coming out of her hot cunt and spilling in the toilet. I went mad. At that moment, I just wanted to lick and eat her pussy and drink her pee. But I had to be patient. After some time, Saranya came out. First time I saw her in a t-shirt, full sports pant instead of her kurta-payjama, and she was look gorgeous. I complimented her; she smiled and sat on the other side of the bed. I made an excuse and went inside the washroom again. My suspicion was right. After seeing her, I had realized that she was not wearing a bra and there it was, her usual white bra hanging from the nail. I grabbed it and put it on my erect dick, licked it and smelt it. Sweet smell of her breast was on it. I wanted the real thing now. Her panty was not visible so she must be wearing it I thought. Good, removing panty was itself an art, which I would show her tonight.

I came out of the washroom. Saranya was still awake. She smiled at me. This time my manhood was at its full, almost seeming to burst out of my shorts and it was glaringly obvious. I did not care. I saw her staring at it. I lied down beside her. We were both facing each other sideways. We started chit chatting. But my mind was not working. I was just staring at her point blank. Finally, she asked me “are you alright?” I said, “Saranya, I want to make love to you”. She was shocked a bit but not at the question, only the fact that it came so soon. She gasped, “Kathir, my body wants it too but its wrong” I did not reply but instead I came closer to her and placed my lips on her’s. She parted her lips and I poked my tongue inside her mouth. My tongue was now exploring her mouth and hers was trying to match mine. She had closed her eyes. I placed one my hand behind her head and with the other, stated touching her breasts through the t-shirt. I placed my thumb on her nipple, which now erect and trying to tear her thin t-shirt. I started rubbing her nipple with my thumb. She moaned a bit “mmmmmmh”. She had her hands on my shoulders. We were continuously kissing each other. After some time I removed my hand from her breast and put it inside her t-shirt from below. My hand moved upward, until I came in contact with her round warm breast. I started kneading the breast along with pressing the nipple down with my thumb. She let out moans “mmmmmmh” “mmmmmmmmmmmh”. After some more of this I parted my lips, we both looked at each other and there was consent for going further.I pushed her on her back, and stood up on my knees. I first removed my own t-shirt; she was surprised to see my good physique. her body was longing for a man like this. Then I removed her T-shirt over her head. she readily put her hands up to make it easy. I saw her mangalsutra had slid down below her neck. It made me even hornier. I saw her breast and just attacked them. One after the other, I sucked, licked and bite them. I was eating the breasts of my married colleague. It was a dream come true. I was sucking them like a mad person and Saranya was moaning “aaaaaaaaaah” “aaaaaaah kathirrrr” “aaaaaah”. Her hands were now touching my back and scrathing them, eyes closed. Her legs were constantly banging and rubbing the bed. “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” she cried.

Now I was going to go for the ultimate. I raised my mouth and crawled little backwards. Saranya opened her eyes. I put both my hands on her waist and on her pants. Ready to rip it down for the treasure, Saranya placed her hand on mine ” no kathiiir, its wrong, I’m married” I told her “Saranya, don’t think about anything , lets forget about everything, I know your problems, I want to make you happy, for some time in your life at least, that’s the max I can do, don’t stop me now”It was too late. Even if she wanted, she couldn’t have stopped me now. But it turned out to be a token protest anyway. Saranya removed her hand from mine. I got the indication. I slowly removed her pant, which revealed her milky white thighs and black underwear. She helped me in getting the pant out of her feet and I just threw it away into the room. She was looking at me, a bit scared. I slowly parted her legs and saw the wetness in her undies. That made me crazy and I jumped towards her crotch and started vigorously licking the wettest part her panty. it was smelling heavenly giving indication of what lies beneath. Now I just lifted my mouth and pulled her panties down through her legs, biting both her thighs in between. She just shrugged of her undies from her feet. I now bent her legs a bit and parted them a little and there it was. My destination, for what I had been waiting for so long, the hole for which I had done so much. I moved up a bit and just rammed my tongue inside Saranya’s pussy.

She started crying with pleasure “aaaaaaaaah kathirrrr” “ooooooooooooh” “wooooooooow” “I have never known this beforeeeeee” “aaaaaaah” she had never known this. Her husband had never done this. We were in new territory and enjoying every bit of it. She was trying to reach my head, which was submerged between her thighs to pull my hair. But being short she couldnt do that,t so instead her hands went upwards and started scratching the pillow and bed-head. “aaaaaaaah” “mmmmmmmmmmh” “kathirr” she continued moaning. My lips were kissing her vaginal lips and my tongue was deep inside her pussy exploring uncharted territories. In intervals, it was hitting the g-spot and her body would quiver with pleasure. I knew that this being the first time, my manhood wont last inside her, so I had to make her reach a high point with my tongue so that when I insert we can come together. My plan worked. After some time, it was too much for her. She started crying “deeiii” “fuck me now” ” aaaaaah” “fuck me” “fuck me nowwwww”‘and simultaneously she started moving her pussy toward my tongue trying to force it even deeper inside. Signs that she was closing on orgasm. Her hips started lifting from the bed and her moans turned into grunts “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” “aaaaaaaaaaaah” “this feel good” “fuck me” “fuck me now”. I decided that was the moment as it was becoming difficult for me too. I quickly stood up on my knees and started undoing my shorts. Saranya stared in disbelief at my cock. She had not seen anything like that. Thick and long it was looking like a monster. I quickly pulled my own pillow and placed it under Saranya’s lower back. Her body was still shaking with the pleasure my cunt licking had provided her. Her legs were far apart, as I had left them; her pussy was ready to be fucked. It was the righ time. I needed no lubricant. I just bend over her body and placed my cock on the tip of her pussy. We looked at each other, our faces close together. Then I slowly penetrated her. My dick slid smoothly through her wet pussy.”aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” we both shouted.. I put my hands on top of her spread out hands over her head. Her feet came over the back of my thighs, locking me inside her. My dick had reached the deepest part of her. I now pulled it back upto the tip and banged it inside again. I rammed her pussy 10-15 times like this. She cried in pain and pleasure “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” with each stroke. The sounds of my pubic area striking her hips “thap” “thap” filled the room. With each stroke, I also increased my speed. She cried, “aaah kathirrr I am in heavennnn” “tear my pussy apart kathir” And just as I had thought, during the course of these strokes, we reached the pinnacle of our pleasures. I cried to her ” saranyaaaaa I am about to commmmme” she replied “come inside meeeeeeee” “don’t pull out your dick” “I want your sperms inside me” “remain inside me” ” make me pregnant kathir” “aaaaaaaaaaaaaah” and with a final stroke and grunts all around the rooom “aaaaaaaaaah” “saranyaaaaa” “kathiiiir” we both came. Her body shook violently and immediately sacked whereas I continued a few ‘post-come’ strokes inside her. My penis shooted out loads and loads of cum inside her. I had never before cummed like this before. It was heaven. My sperms filled her love hole and started spilling out, wetting the bed sheet. I thumped down on her and we enjoyed lying naked there after sex with each other. We slept like that for the rest of the night. She told me that she had never known sex could be so enjoyable, in fact, with her husband she did not enjoy even 10% of this. She was grateful to me for giving her the enjoyment of her life.After this, we had many encounters throughout our stay in France. Many times I fucked are ass also. Now we are back in India. Even now, we sometimes meet in hotel rooms and enjoy each other’s bodies without attaching any other strings to our relationship.

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