My Holi was good, gay story was on the day of Holi

This story is from last year 2014 on the day of Holi, my friend was newly married, he was going to go to his in-laws’ house to play Holi but suddenly he could not go due to ill health of his mother. Due to my friend’s wife not being able to go to her house in Holi, she had called her brother to her. I had gone to my friend’s house on the night of Holika Dahan to inquire about her mother’s condition. When May went to his mother’s room at his friend’s house, he saw that a very smart little boy was sitting there. May had not seen that boy before in his friend’s house. Soon I came to know that this is my friend’s school. I started doing J-Ray to that boy from Dubai Nayno in my desire – he will be about 19 years old, will have dark complexion, some full body, height will be around 5 feet 8 inches, overall it was cool stuff. By the way, all the boys seem cool to me, ha ha ha. But it was really cool stuff. Well, I started befriending him. And really, I did a diploma in befriending beautiful boys on the same day that my cock was raised for the first time and it had a great smell. Neer, what a lovely name it was, in no time I had made a very good image of myself in his heart and mind. Well, I had come home with him in the evening after promising to go to the park of my city. My Lund Maharaj too, ever since he saw him, he understood that in a day or two, he is going to get a new dish to eat, what is the luck of this cock, the mother sister of the brain becomes one in trapping the goods, the pain in the mouth He starts doing round and round talk and the bastard pockets, whatever becomes lighter, so different and fun coward dies, this shaala fat cock. Well in the evening I took my bike and went to my friend’s house and took Neer and left for the park. We had a lot of fun the whole evening, I fed him whatever he wanted to eat, the whole evening we walked in the park. Neer was very open to me now. Now I kept my laugh on his shoulder and was walking with him like a dude friend in the whole park and sometimes used to harass him completely by myself. Neer was not stopping me from doing this. I have told him many times in a matter of words, man, the school is half a home. He used to laugh in response. Then we went to our friend’s house. I told him yesterday, on the day of Holi, you come to my house, there is no one in my house, all have gone home in Holi. Friends, how do I get it done all night, I only know it by changing it. Neer came to my house around 9 in the morning. When I applied color to him, in return he also started applying color to me, so I suddenly mashed his milk hard while applying color. I said in my own respect, sisters. Just said, I have done something, then let me bring two glasses, then see how I become a homebody in the school. Then we kept on playing Holi in the whole locality for teen hours. In many houses, we got Tora Tora plum, whiskey and Bhang for drinking and Bhang for food. If he drank neer, nothing but I had fed him a lot of alcohol before he broke down. When I went till after getting drenched in color, I told Neer, now let’s go home and eat, I have meat and casserole in the house. Within no time we came home and ate meat and casserole. Due to intoxication, both of us were in very bad condition but in my mind, something else was going on. I said Neer man, we are completely drenched in color, let’s take a bath in the bathroom. So Neer said yes, yes, you are saying tick, but I will wear it after taking a bath. Neer drunkenly answered all his clothes in front of me, which was completely drenched with color and soil, now only Jagiya was left in his body. I saw his body, Shell’s body was really very beautiful, I too quickly took off all my clothes except to wake up. Seeing me coming down, Neer said, Jijiji, do you have an intention to take a bath together? I said Abe Shell, seeing you, I was thinking something else too. Then Neer laughed and said, “JiJGEEEEEEEE, I can only make you a full householder.” Who has stopped you and saying this, he went to the bathroom and opened the water fountain completely and stood under the water. This answer of Neer had spread sensation in my whole body. School, it seems that the whole thing has arrived, it is good and it will be fun, thinking that I may also immediately enter the bathroom and fill it in my sisters. Seeing me doing this, he also took my body with both his hands. I saw that his cock was also completely taunted. And my cock, what to say about it, the whole school was as tough as the Iron Road. In a hurry, I took off his and my underpants. He looked at my standing fat cock and said, does jiggeeee shanda oil is used, what cock etna has become thick and long. I brazenly said that Chikanya boys like you have become fat and tall by getting angry in the mud. Neer hurriedly sat on the ground and put my whole cock in his mouth in one go and started sucking hard. Then till evening, we stayed in the bathroom and kept on getting into a tussle with each other. Shell’s body was very hot. My whole cock was injured because of his chud chod. This school was definitely Gandu. My brother-in-law was very much buried, otherwise my Holi was very good, otherwise I do not know if my cock would have been vomited in the paint or else I would have had to beat my fist.

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