Mishra ji picked up his staff Rekha in his office by picking up the sari.

Hello friends, Manoj Tiwari welcomes you all very much on nonveg story.com. I was thinking to many people that I should tell you my story. So here is my story for all of you. Kamal Mishra was posted as a lecturer in Kasturba Gandhi Inter College, Barabanki. Mishra ji was a man of old age. Even in today’s modern era, dhoti used to wear kurta. He was the most loved. People respected him very much. Mishra ji’s only wish was to become a principal somehow. After a few days he became the principal. Although Mishra ji did not have any special problem in school, but there was a sorrow, his school was in the countryside. There were few children there. But he had to do the job from 9 am to 4 pm. He used to just read the newspaper all day. Because due to old thinking, he neither used to Facebook, nor did WhatsApp. He would lie down yawning and spend the whole day yawning. After 2 weeks, Kamal Mishra’s life suddenly changed. A Jamadar was posted in his school. She was not a man or a man, but a young and very beautiful woman. The name was Rekha Paswan. She was just some 20 and 22 year old young lady. This Jamadar’s post was a Scheduled Caste post. That’s why the government had given a job to Rekha Paswan. Rekha was of Paswan i.e. Chamar caste. But what a wonderful thing. The day Rekha came to his school, Kamal Mishra’s yawning, which he used to take and spend his time, suddenly ended. He felt as if today his sleep has been awakened forever. His yawning and his sleep suddenly disappeared. He got Rekha to join. Friends, you guys know that nothing happens in government jobs, just the employees sit and drink tea and spend time. Although Mishra ji had completed 50 years, the boys were children, grandsons, grandchildren, but seeing the line, the strings of his heart tangled. He fell in love with Rekha in his heart. As time passed by, Mishra ji fell in love with Rekha. Being a Jamadar, sometimes when an officer went to investigate, Rekha would clean the whole school with her long bamboo broom. Sometimes he even had to clean the toilet. But even though Rekha was not a Brahmin, she was a Chamar, yet Mishra ji fell in love with her. Until he sees Rekha in the morning, he does not get rest. Rekha was really a wonderful commodity. Fairly fair, full body. Huge rounds were churned by him. Seeing the line, the cock of Mishra ji, who was wearing a dhoti kurta, used to stand in his dhoti. Rekha used to come to school wearing a sari. When she was not working, she used to sit in the teacher’s room and read the newspaper. Rekha’s salary was 20 thousand. When Rekha would go to the principal sahib i.e. Kamal Mishra ji with a paper, he would blindly sign it. Get his salary on time. Take great care of Rekha. He used to send a peon 4 times a day to get tea for him. The only reason for all this work was that he fell in love with Rekha. But she was also afraid of public shame and fear of society. How can a 50 year old man fall in love with 20 22 year old young lady. Mishra ji used to think this thing again and again. Ever since Rekha had come to school, Mishra ji started wearing shirt pants. Dhoti was rarely worn now. He wanted to show himself like a hero in front of Rekha. One day when Rekha was sweeping the principal’s room with her long bamboo broom, suddenly Kamal Mishra’s love and patience suddenly broke. He grabbed Rekha Bhangan’s hand and put it on the chest. He started trying to kiss her. What is this?? What are you doing this?? Are you a Brahmin? why are you touching me?? Rekha got a little scared and said. Line! You may be a Jamadar, you are a Chamar, but I have fallen in love with you. I love you so much! Mishra said. Today, he was wearing only a fitted shirt pant with Mast Chail Chhabeela. He held Rekha tightly and took several kisses on her lips. Rekha was a bit surprised. He could not believe how such a big principal, who was also a Brahmin, was kissing a Jamadar like him. Sir! What are you doing?? I’m a hoarder!! She spoke smugly. Line!! I don’t mind. I just know that I love you so much!! Kamal Mishra ji said and started kissing him again on his fair white cheeks. He held the line tightly to his chest. If someone comes, there will be a ruckus! Rekha Jamadar Bid. Line sweetheart! Nothing will happen, nobody will come. I have put the peon outside. Don’t you stop me today. Let me love you or else I will die. I will give you 10 thousand every month. I will give you all clothes, jewelry, but you do not reject my love! Mishra ji spoke in a very sweet voice. After all, he got to know Rekha Jamadar with his quirky words. Rekha agreed. Kamal Mishra wanted to fuck Rekha at this time. For the last several months, he was waiting for this day that on which day he would kill the pussy of beautiful goods like Rekha. And today that day has come. Kamal ji felt so angry that he used to sit on his big table on which he used to do office work, he dropped all his belongings by sliding his hands down. He dropped the office register, pen, copy, and other things at once by sliding his hands down. His big 5 by 4 table is now completely empty. He put Rekha on the table of the same office. In a second lifted her sari. Rekha knew that today she will be kissed. Despite being a Jamadar and a Bhangi by caste, today a Brahmin will fuck him, beat his pussy. Rekha came to know that today her virginity will end. She will kiss today. She knew. When Mishra ji removed the pallu of Rekha’s sari, then two big pigeons started peeping from her blouse. Seeing how big and round the round bulges, Mishra ji became giddy. Seeing their big chicks, they were living for the last several months. Seeing his mother, his sleep was completely gone now. Seeing his mother, he had stopped yawning now. Lust and chudas came down in Kamal Mishra’s eyes. He put his hand on Rekha Jamadar’s Mamma and touched the juicy Mamma and started caressing her. The line started to ache. Then he slowly started pressing the lips of the line. Kamal Mishra started heating up. And finally they had to open the buttons of Rekha’s blows. She used to wear big blouse. But Mishra ji was not the only raw player. After a few minutes of effort, he opened the button of Rekha’s blows very tightly. Removed the blow, then the bra came face to face. They fired him too. As soon as the new 22-year-old new moms of Rekha had appeared on Mishraji, it was as if lightning had fallen, friends. He remembered that when he got married and when his wife Nai Nai came to his house, even his mother was not as beautiful as Rekha Jamadar’s mother. As fair as Rekha was from outside, her mother was 5 times more fair than her. For a few moments, Mishra ji went into a coma. Saab?? When Rekha spoke, her hypnosis broke. For a few moments he kept looking at his mother. He had not seen such a beautiful marble like white color mother. He started thinking of himself as a lucky person. On Rekha’s mother, there were black rings like big coins. Kamal Mishra ji had fun. He put his lips on the cheeks of the line and started drinking. Rekha was also a young girl of 22 years. She was young and was ready to kiss. He too needed a cock. Mishra ji started drinking Rekha’s milk with fun. Rekha got a big deal. Today for the first time a man was drinking her milk. Her breasts, which were very round and juicy, had been waiting for a long time that some man would drink her breasts. But today this dream of Rekha was fulfilled. Kamal Mishra was lying on the desk of his office. When he kept drinking her milk for a long time, the happy pussy of the line became completely wet now. His happy barren land-like pussy was soaked by his water and staggered. Rekha took 50-year-old Mishra ji tightly and stuck to his heart like his soldier. Chudas climbed very loudly to Mishra ji, he started kissing Rekha fiercely on his cheeks, throat, ears, nose, eyes. Despite his age, he was behaving like an 18 year old young boy today. He had become Chhaila Babu. After drinking both the chests of Rekha, Kamal Mishra took off his pants. Removed his short. His cock was very thick and long even today. He lifted Rekha’s yellow sari in which many red flowers were made, along with her petticoat. Immediately removed his white trunk. Mishra ji had a vision of Rekha’s pussy. How long had he been dying to see this pussy? What papad did they not roll for this pussy? Rekha’s pussy was a virgin. Big red was pink pink. Kamal Mishra ji put his finger on the pussy and from the bottom up, lightly stroking, would go down and then go up. Then he started drinking Rekha’s pussy. After some time, he started kissing Rekha. He had kept Rekha lying on his office table. He himself stood on one side. His pants were lying on the floor on the lower side. He had taken both the legs of Rekha in his hand. They were eating it with pleasure by knocking. Rekha was also enjoying kissing. Even today, despite being a man of 50 years, Kamal ji had great power in his cock. He took Rekha non-stop for 50 minutes. Both him and Rekha got sweaty in this sex ceremony. The whole table started shaking due to the shocks of Mishra ji. But he didn’t stop. He had eaten Rekha so much that her burr burst. After some time they fell. He immediately put his two fat thick fingers in the bosom of Rekha. He also felt a lot of pain because before this Rekha had not made any man finger in her pussy. Kamal ji quickly began to lick Rekha’s burrow with his two thick fingers. Nothing happened for a long time. But soon Rekha’s body started aching. Mishra ji knew that something was going to happen. Now he started fingering loudly. After some time, a lot of water started pouring out from Rekha’s pussy. Mishra ji did not stop. Keep moving your finger quickly. Then his hot hot cashew paste like kheer started coming out of Rekha’s pussy. This was nothing but the goods of Rekha’s pussy. He put his face to Mishra ji in his bosom. And drank all the goods. After some time, he fucked Rekha again. You are reading this story on nonveg story.com. Do write your comments.

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