Mother Son Sex Story : Punishment Or Fun To Sleep Together

My name is Jyoti I am thirty eight years old. I am a teacher in a school. I am hot beautiful But the one thing that God has taken away is the husband. He passed away last year, since then I have been alone. I have a son with me but he is a bit mentally unwell but physically tall. I read NonVeg regularly for the last six months. I open this website every day at ten o’clock in the night and whenever I get time in the afternoon also read more hot sexy stories. Even many friends are also big fans of this website. Today I thought that it is my duty too, when I enjoy reading other people’s stories, then you also enjoy reading my story. Friends, today I am going to tell you a true story of mine. This story is only from yesterday, today I am going to put it in front of you. Today I want to ask you only, if you made someone sleep with you and give them sex at night and then you also do not join, then you will call it a punishment that you will call it fun. I am going crazy thinking all these things since yesterday, so I want to ask you only. Now I come straight to the story. As you know my husband has passed away and has a son. I live at home with my son. My age is also not that much, but if I get married early and have a son, then my youth does not fade a bit. Friends, this is how we both sleep separately. He left his studies after 12th. Own three houses are on rent, the house runs smoothly on rent, there is no shortage of anything. I myself am the teacher for the rest. It is a matter of tomorrow that due to excessive winter, I am going to sleep early. Last night the son insisted that I would also sleep with you. I was saying that son, you should sleep on your bed because you have grown up. So he started saying that I am telling you only. Son, no matter how big you get, you will always be small for me. Friends, now you tell me which parents do not say these words to their son and daughter. I said the same way and he accepted that I am still very young. He started insisting in the night. But do I also love my son? I have no other help. And there is no one except me. Took it to sleep at night. But slowly he put his leg on me. And then slowly his hand started sliding on my nipples too. I started refusing, son, keep your hand aside but he did not agree. Sometimes he would touch my cheek, sometimes my nipples, sometimes he would caress my stomach and sometimes he would put his foot on my thigh. I turned around and fell asleep. Thought he would sleep. But he did not do this, he started putting his loaf in my ass and by doing slowly his lauda became very thick and long because he was being put in the ass. I straightened up again and said what are you doing? He didn’t say anything and his breathing started fast. He was spitting repeatedly. After that he crossed the limit. I kept on refusing to open the hook of my blouse, then he started kissing my lips. By then he had opened the hook of the blouse and lowered the bra, grabbed both my nipples and then started drinking the nipple. Friends, as soon as I did this, the feeling of motherhood first awakened in me. And I started feeding my milk. Milk was not coming out but water definitely started coming out of my pussy. Slowly he climbed on top of me and I took off my clothes. Now he started playing with my body. Slowly he went down and then started licking my pussy. I started taking cicadas. He started putting his tongue in my pussy, I started going crazy. Friends, now I had become erotic, my passion had flared up. I was ready to kiss. Now I am having fun. I myself separated my legs and held his loin on my pussy and entered the quote. He pushed and the whole lady went inside my chute. I got my year’s wish fulfilled because it has been many years since sex. Today again there was water in the field and the crop was thriving. Friends, now he started banging me loudly and I started having a lot of fun. Now I started kissing in different ways and that too started making me happy. Friends handed over their body to him the whole night and had a lot of fun. Didn’t get up all day today because there was pain in the back and the pussy was swollen. His lauda is also hurting a lot. But whatever happened, happened for good. Whether you call it punishment or fun. Punishment is painful, but fun is to make the night colorful.

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