Mom herself kissed for a job and me too because of Corona

Friends, today I am going to tell you a true story. Perhaps I will never forget this for the rest of my life, because it is not a thing to forget, friends, when a problem comes in front of someone, then always remembers that thing, the same has happened to me, my father’s health suddenly deteriorated, he is not working. Missed the job. The condition of people’s house has worsened, know who belongs to whom in Delhi, nobody belongs to anyone, if you have work, money, then everyone is there, otherwise there is no one. The same situation happened to me as well, it did not happen to my mother, when the financial condition of the house deteriorated, then mother said, look, daughter, gentle, both of us will have to move forward because your life is very big ahead, you have to stand on your feet. Even standing on your own feet, you know the condition of your father, maybe I am and your younger sister is not able to work, you have to think about everything, her studies. That’s why I talk about your job. Knowingly, he has told that his name of a person is Ravi, he has his own company, maybe you can help me, then tomorrow I will go to meet him. And went to meet the next day. But my mother came and said that I will get a job, I will get 30,000 and you will get 40,000. Together, there will be 70 thousand jobs, you will go to the office and work, your shift will be different, my shift will be different. But one thing happened, he has said that you will get this job only when you make me happy. I mother and daughter both sat down and started talking, understanding the meaning of making happy, means to give yourself to Ravi ji. I have made it and mother said, look, daughter has to do a little ups and downs to move forward in life, if she does not do anything, then life will not work properly and in this way the situation is bad nowadays, father is also sick, corona is going on. It is better that both of us do a job together than to spread our hands to the other and the thing is that nothing goes to make him happy, suppose if you make a boyfriend today, then you will give everything to the boyfriend, yet he will turn out to be a rascal. Because this happened to me. The outside world is very different, so we feel that there is no harm in this, both of us will move forward, so think for yourself, if we both work together for two-three years, then I will have my own house 70000 is not less in 1 month Aana, your father used to earn only 15000, now both of us together 70 so don’t think anything and go ahead, we both work together. After that, I was joining from the second day itself, so I left till noon and stayed there, after that sir said, let’s go to the meeting, where to go to the meeting, friends went to a hotel in Connaught Place. The room was booked in advance but I was happy because the job was done, I also had food and drink together and roam in the BMW car. I thought mom is right, we both reached the hotel around 3:00 pm. After going to the hotel, sir said that you will eat something, I haven’t spoken yet, yet sir get Italian and we both eat together, after dinner, sir said, do you have any problem, mother has told you everything, so I shake my head and say no to me No problem. After that our life started friends. Ravi sir took off my clothes one by one I took off my clothes too I had closed my eyes with both my hands and was lying on the bed seeing my big big round big nipples on it Ravi sir mad He broke down, he started pressing my nipples with both hands, after that he started drinking and started rubbing my nipple with his finger, friends, this was my first kiss. Ravi sir started pressing my nipples, kissing my lips, opened my hair, started kissing on my neck, I started going crazy friendship. The feeling was great, I was not even stopping them and I was not even letting them do anything comfortably If I press the second, he grabs the other, similarly when he would kiss, I would bow down trying to hide myself and when he would leave, I would leave myself open. After that he slowly came down, separated both my legs, but started putting fingers in my pussy like he put his little finger in the pussy, what should I tell friends, my whole body felt a tingling sensation in my lips My pussy became wet immediately after it started drying up. My lips started trembling. I started getting attracted towards them and I also handed myself over. I spread my legs. Ravi sir started licking my pussy, I started shaking his cock. After half an hour put a condom in my cock, separated both my legs and put my cock in the middle of my pussy, I started tormented with pain because I was not a bangle before I was fucking for the first time. I grabbed the pillow tightly, he started penetrating the cock in my pussy and after giving two or three shocks, he put the whole lotus in my pussy. My pain ended only after three to four blows, but I started kissing, after that what should I tell friends, pushing me hard and pushing my cocks into my pussy, my nipples were to be massaged, kissing on my lips, kissing on my neck They were grinding their teeth, they were pushing hard, sometimes they hold the nipple, sometimes they hold the nipples, sometimes they mash and they were jerking vigorously. I was also not less friends, I was also supporting them by twisting the ass, when giving shocks, I used to give shocks from below, I was enjoying saying that you are a wonderful thing. I like fun as well as money. I myself was getting mad, I wanted him to fuck me more. For about 2 hours, they fucked me in the hotel room. I refused them because it was a fact that my back pain was there, I had pain in my butt, I had teeth marks on my nipples, so I was tired but that guy didn’t know Ravi sir very hot and is sexy. I think two to three women together can make girls happy as they made me happy in a day. Then what was it, friends, he said, do good work, be well, don’t worry about anything, just keep making me happy, I will keep making you happy too. From here the journey of my sex and job started. When wearing clothes, I ask him Ravi sir, if I ask one thing, he said ask. Did my mother also have sex with you then she started laughing and said yes. I also had sex with your mother and the fact is that the day she came to take the job, she has kissed her. And the truth is that yesterday your mother who said that you are going to the market came after 3 hours, she was with me, I had kissed her yesterday too. Your mother and you are exactly the same. very hot and sexy i also like such women and girl who can make me happy today you made me happy and your mom made me happy twice. It is my turn to keep both of you happy, so both of you live life comfortably and do aish. Your job is never going to leave. After that friends, both my mother and I have started living like a friend, share their things with each other and are having fun, there is no shortage of anything in life, there is only one thing that I do not have a boyfriend. What is mine is also my mother’s.

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