Naukrani Ki Chudai

I changed my room just a few days ago… After a long time, a very beautiful and sexy maid was employed in place of the hustle maids in the house, she would be 22-23 years old, she had a dark complexion, medium height And curvy chicks.. was married, her husband was so lucky, brother-in-law must be fucking a lot, thinking that I used to fall down. From here and there, her nipples emerging from the blouse could be seen. When she bowed while sweeping, the cleavage between the teats could not be hidden from the neck of the blouse. Where to wear, why waste money on bra! When she used to dance, her bum would move and as if saying that hold us and press, when she was holding her thin cotton sari, she kept her hand on her pussy in front. I wish I could touch her pussy! How much fun was there in the crispy, hot, bloated and wet wet pussy! I wish I could kiss it, press its mother, and suck the nipples and enjoy the paradise while sucking its pussy! The cock did not believe, was desperate to penetrate the pussy! But how? No, she just took care of her work and went on dancing. I also never let him realize that my eyes are desperate to fuck him, but now it was there to fuck him! It will explode. I started talking to her a little bit, her name was Pooja! One day in the morning, asked her to make tea, when she took a hot cup of tea from her soft hands, the cock sprang up. While drinking tea he said – Pooja, you make tea very well! She replied – very good Babuji! Then one day I got my shirt pressed before going to college. “Pooja, you do press well too.” After talking a little, it came to know that her husband was an alcoholic and used to drink every day and would fall asleep instead of fucking. Was… what a sad story! Here the one who got this pussy, he did not even fuck and the one who did not get it, he was working only after seeing it. Slowly my talks with him started getting deeper.. One day I saw the opportunity and asked – .. your man must be crazy? Hey he should understand, what is the need of alcohol in spite of such a beautiful wife? He started looking for an opportunity to fuck her and finally one day such an opportunity appeared. It is said that the person above is late but not dark! It was a Sunday, the whole family of the landlord went to a wedding, in my heart The laddoos started bursting and the ladoo started standing up. She came, closed the door and got to work. After so many days of conversation, we were opened and he had confidence in me that’s why he closed the door. I made tea as usual and praised the tea while drinking it. I decided in my mind that today I will have to take the initiative or else the car will be missed. But how to take the initiative? Then I started questioning him about his sex, asked- you don’t have any child? Is your husband okay or is there something missing? Even after asking so much, he did not say anything and smiled and kept answering my questions, saying – can children be drunk. It should not be late.. Then I deliberately took off all my clothes and lay down, then called him. She came to my room and blushed seeing my standing cock. .. she slowly moved towards me and started caressing my cock .. I said – before anyone comes, you enjoy it all … then I slowly bare her.. Her chicks were like headlights And the pussy like a rose.. She sat down on my pussy by my standing cock.. My whole cock entered inside her.. She jumped and started kissing.. I asked her to lick her pussy for fun.. She I became happy.. then I made her a young horse and said – you are a great randi! I don’t know why your husband doesn’t fuck you. . For a long time like this I fucked her.. then as I was about to fall, she took my cock in her mouth and drank all the goods.. I was tired but that sister-in-law was still ready to kiss.. I said- Till today’s class, I will study the rest tomorrow.. Then I cleaned my cock and took it out of my pocket and gave 500 rupees and said – keep it, work will come.. She became happy.. That was the day and today day, every other third day I fuck her and in return I sometimes give her some money

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