My brother-in-law hypnotized me and fucked me hard

Hello friends, Kamna Chowdhary welcomes all of you to Non Veg Story dot com. For the last 4 years, I am enjoying reading sexy stories of non-veg stories. Today I am telling you my story. Friends, I was a very beautiful and young woman. I was 6 feet tall, my face was long and my body was very fair from top to bottom. My figure was 36 32 36. Whenever I used to go out, if any man or young boy used to see me, he used to look back at me again and again. I was a very beautiful thing to fuck and all the men and young boys of my colony used to tease me day and night and go inside their houses and masturbate. Everyone used to think the same thing again and again that I wish Kamna Chowdhary would get to fuck once. Friends, meanwhile I got married. My husband was a very nice person, but he was a little shy when it came to sex. He used to go to sleep early in the night after fucking me. The way other men suck cocks from their wives and drink their pussies, my husband was not like that at all. He used to get out within 2 minutes and could not give me complete sexual satisfaction. Once I told this to my brother-in-law. “What sister-in-law!! Did you enjoy the honeymoon or not??? My brother must have given you a lot of fun??? My brother-in-law Akhil asked me “Hey where are you Akhil!! Your brother neither drank my pussy nor made me suck his cock. It is said that decent people do not do these dirty things. When I opened both my legs and lay down in front of him, your brother fell within 2 minutes” I told my brother-in-law Akhil, Akhil went mad after seeing my raw and intoxicating youth. He held my hand and started kissing wildly “Bhabhi!! Give service to your brother-in-law once! I will fuck you so much that you will see heaven!” Akhil said, I got angry. “Akhil!! Talk carefully! You are not just your brother-in-law, my husband Parmeshwar, who can strip me naked in the room, open both my legs and put cocks in my pussy and fuck me! Only my husband has the right to fuck me!” I slapped Akhil hard. “Sister-in-law please!!! Please give me a chance to serve you, I will fuck you for 1 hour and blow your pussy to pieces!!” My brother-in-law Akhil said “Akhil!! If you make such a dirty demand from me again, I will complain to your brother, remember!” I slapped him hard. After that I chased my brother-in-law out of my room. But guys, I knew very well that Akhil was looking at me with dirty eyes and wanted to fuck me. One day when I lost consciousness when I went to the toilet, the door there was half closed and half open. My brother-in-law Akhil was fisting loudly and “Bhabhi!! Oh sister in law!! Give me pussy once, sister-in-law please!!” He was shouting and fisting like this. Now it didn’t take long to understand that Akhil wants to fuck me. He wants to fuck me tightly by inserting his cock in my soft pussy. Wants to drink and eat me fast like a prostitute. I had understood all these things very well. That’s why I had now become very careful with my brother-in-law Akhil. I used to stay away from him and was smarter than him. I knew that he wanted to fuck me. One day Akhil came to me with a locket. “Sister-in-law!! Look at this!!” Akhil said, as soon as I saw that locket, I did not know what had happened. I saw many spheres going round and round in front of my eyes. Slowly my brother-in-law Akhil hypnotized me completely. “Why sister-in-law!! Speak now ! will you love me???’ My brother-in-law Akhil said, Friends, something had happened to me. I was under his control. “Yes!! Brother-in-law! I like you so much! I will love you everyday now!!” I said it myself, while a few days ago I had a lot of data for Akhil. “Bhabhi aao aapne devar ko chumma do!!” Akhil spoke then don’t know what had happened to me, I went to Akhil and started kissing him with my delicate beautiful lips on his cheek and started giving lots of kisses. My husband had gone to office. At this time my brother-in-law was alone at home and I was there. Akhil released all his catch. Removed his vest and underwear too. His penis was no less than 10″. “Sister-in-law, take off all your clothes and come completely naked to me,” said brother-in-law. I didn’t ask him anything. I was completely under his control. I removed my saree first. Then I removed my petticoat, then bra and panty also opened and went to fuck my brother-in-law. I was completely mesmerized by him. Akhil sat on the sofa. His cock was completely toned and erect. Akhil, my brother-in-law was beating loudly with his big cock in his hand. “Come sister-in-law!! Come and suck my cock in your mouth!!” Akhil said I didn’t say anything to him. I did not forbid him and started sucking his cock in his mouth. My lips were very pink, luscious and sexy. I was whipping brother-in-law’s big cock with my hand and was sucking his cock with great pleasure. My brother-in-law was touching and caressing my sharp erect breasts with his hand. Then I took his cock completely inside my mouth and started sucking it with pleasure. After some time, I felt such a desire to suck his cock that friends, what should I tell you. My husband was very shy, never used to get his cock sucked. But today when I drank brother-in-law’s cock for the first time, don’t know why I got a lot of fun. I got a lot of pleasure. I started sucking my brother-in-law Akhil’s cock in my mouth like a desi prostitute. Started taking the cock inside her throat. I don’t know why I was enjoying all this. I was playing with Akhil’s cock and giving loving slaps on my face. His cock was so long that it was covering my entire face. I knew that if I suck brother-in-law’s cock properly, he will definitely fuck me and feed cocks in my pussy with pleasure. So guys, I was sucking his cock with pleasure. Akhil’s penis was at least 5 inches long and was notched. I was caressing her with my tongue. After some time I sucked brother-in-law’s cock well. “Sister-in-law! Now let’s spread both bare legs on the floor of the room. I’m going to fuck you!!” My brother-in-law Akhil said, I went on accepting his every word. He didn’t want to fuck me on the couch because the couch was too small. That’s why friends, my brother-in-law had decided that I would be thrown on the cold floor in the ground. He will also get plenty of space in the ground. And he will be able to fuck me by rolling all over the floor. I obeyed his order and lay down on the ground. Every room in my house was covered with white marble stones, which after being wiped became more clean and started shining. I lay down on the floor of the room with both legs open. My brother-in-law Akhil came near me and started drinking my milk. The way a mother feeds milk to her children, in the same way I was feeding my brother-in-law Akhil with his huge breasts of 36″. Had been. And said today I myself was completely naked and feeding him my milk. My breasts were huge and huge. I had big black sexy round rings around my nipples that looked like a layer of chocolate. My brother-in-law was kissing my chest nipples and her dark black rings with all pleasure. After some time it was as if someone had ridden on it. He started drinking my cock by grinding his teeth and he drank all the juice of my juicy breasts. After that Akhil started touching my pussy and started caressing it slowly. After some time he started fingering my pussy, then I started lifting my waist and my ass. Then my brother-in-law started thrusting his hand into my hole. I started trying to hold his hand, but he did not agree and started licking my juicy ass quickly with his finger. After some time my pussy started leaving her goods and butter. After that my brother-in-law Akhil kissed both my legs once or twice. “Oh sister-in-law!! You are such sexy goods!! Brother can’t fuck you properly, but sister-in-law, don’t worry at all! Today I will hit you hard and will blow your pussy a lot!!” Brother-in-law spoke, friends, I also started answering “….. Hi! My dear brother in law!! Your brother gets out in my pussy in 2 minutes!! I’m thirsty! But don’t do that! At least pelna me for 1 hour!! Brother-in-law!! Today you quench the thirst of my yearning pussy by fucking me!!” After I told my brother-in-law like a shameless woman, Akhil put his cock in my pussy and started fucking me. After some time his cock was going deep into my pussy and pounding it well. I was kissing my dear brother-in-law but could not meet his eyes. I closed my eyes in shame and humiliation. Akhil was fucking me. The thick clefts of my pussy were edged by the pressure of brother-in-law’s thick cock and I was getting fucked with pleasure. Brother-in-law had filled me in his arms and he was caressing my smooth fleshy sexy back with his hands and was fucking me slowly. Then the brother-in-law put his mouth on my mouth as soon as he started licking me and started licking me while drinking my lips. His hands were riding on my bare breasts. Today he had me under his control. He had completely mesmerized me and was fucking merrily. Brother-in-law Akhil was pressing my naked sexy coconut-like bulging boobs like a mango with his hand and was drinking my boobs. Friends, I used to fuck my husband everyday for 2 minutes, but today my brother-in-law was fucking me and half an hour had passed. He was not out yet. My brother-in-law was drinking my milk with his mouth full and was fucking me from below. His stomach was fighting with my stomach and the sweet sound of chat chat was coming which was telling that I am getting fucked by a real man. Akhil was having sex with me to the fullest. His cock had gone deep inside my pussy and was going inside and out very comfortably. I was not facing any problem while fucking me. After that brother-in-law got more excited and started thrusting me deeply. The sweet sound of thak thak was coming from my pussy being squeezed. Brother-in-law was pushing me hard. My waist and ass was automatically rising and rising in the air like above. Then brother-in-law got out in my pussy after a few minutes. He dropped his goods in my bosom itself. I hugged and fell in love with him. I myself started sucking his lips as if he is not my brother-in-law but my husband. “Brother-in-law !! Today you hit my juicy pussy a lot!!” I said “Hey sister-in-law! Don’t you worry!! Now I will feed you cock like this every day!! My brother-in-law Akhil said friends, after some time he made me a bitch and came from behind and started drinking my pussy. My bosom was looking sexier than before. Every bud of my pussy had opened well. My brother-in-law was sucking the pink lips of my pussy with pleasure. Then after some time he came behind me like a dog and started fucking me like a dog from behind by giving cocks in my pussy. Friends, I am having a lot of fun. Brother-in-law started giving cocks in my pussy by thak thak. His cock was really a very powerful cock. My brother-in-law was a real man. He fucked me for 35 more minutes and then dumped the goods in my pussy. After that friends, my brother-in-law completely subdued and hypnotized me. Now every afternoon after my husband goes to office he hits my pussy. He himself enjoys a lot and also gives me a lot of fun. You are reading this story on non veg

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