Pick up and fuck the skinny Sarhaj

Hello friends, I am Veer Srivastava welcome you to Non-Veg Story. In the cold winter, talk of hot pussy and sex doesn’t work, it can’t happen. I am putting exactly such a sentence in front of your people. I had been married for 5 years. I had fed my sister-in-law Sonam a lot. He was also married. I was continuously licking my wife Anju for 5 years, but there was a desire in my heart to get a new bird like my sister-in-law. My father-in-law Mr. Rajendra called one day that he had to go to see his brother-in-law’s wedding. Being a son-in-law, I also had to go. My brother-in-law Amit is a bit straightforward. Lest some girl make him a fool. That’s why my father-in-law wanted me to also go to see the wood. The girl’s name was Ahana. He had perfume factories in Kannauj. All were rich. The people of Ahana’s family had seen my brother-in-law from house to house. Now we had to go and see the girl and answer yes or no. My brother-in-law Shani was very straightforward. He was so shy that he never used to look at any girl by raising her eyes. Some were more straightforward than necessary. That’s why my father-in-law had sent me to see if he could talk to the girl or not. Our family reached the girl’s house. The girl was very thin, lean and very chmiya type. Swear on my mother!! what a stuff!! Chudi will definitely happen!! Such a cool mall!! There will definitely be Chudi! I thought to myself. My penis started boasting after seeing my future border, that means it got stretched. I don’t know what was the condition of the brother-in-law. He was too shy. Come sit daughter!! From which college did you study?? How much have you read?? Father-in-law asked. GBSC from Lal Bahadur Shastri College, Kanauj! Ahana said. Bop re!! It was such a sweet voice. One is Chamiya and from above what a sweet voice. Hi so bad how sweet it would be. I thought. My cock started flowing. Tell me about yourself Ahana! I asked. He rolled his eyes at me. O God, how murderous were the eyes of Chamiya. She was very thin. Friends, I was dying on the border of my future. I wanted to drop it and fuck it. Yes! I know how to cook all kinds of food. Apart from this, I am fond of reading books, knitting different types of sweaters, decorating the house and knitting. Yes I love the song too!! Ahana said. Ahana!! I will make any excuse to fuck you. I thought to myself. Well done Ahana!! I said smiling. Yes from father-in-law. He liked the girl. Now my brother-in-law Shani was talking to him. Everything went well. He also said yes. Veer! What do you say son!! Relationship should be confirmed!! Father-in-law said, Shani wants to ask one thing to Ahana in private! I said daughter go to the terrace! His family members spoke. Shani started feeling shy. Ahana ji! Come here! I said and brought the goods in a way. My mind was doing only this that press her nipples, I will fuck my sister-in-law. I will definitely kill her pussy! I said to myself. Tell me!! Ahana said, see, my brother-in-law wants to know whether you are a virgin or not?? Because he is a bachelor, that’s why he will marry only a virgin girl! I said. Ahana, who was playing with a smile, became very sad. His smiling face completely dropped. Winds started blowing on his face. Veer ji!! I’m not a virgin!! She said Tears welled up in his eyes. She started crying. Thank god no one was there. Otherwise don’t know what would have happened. I had a boyfriend for 3 years!! Ahana said that in 3 years his mother’s eye would have been licked 3000 times. I thought. Please! Veer ji, somehow you handled the situation! My family members could not know this! Ahana started pleading. I put my hand on his shoulder. See!! I will handle the situation but what will I get! I asked laughing. Whatever you say! Ahana said, see, then you have to take special care of me! I said slowly bowing my head another. She understood what special care means. I will take him means I will fuck him. This is my signal, Ahana has died. Ok Veer ji! She said. I explained very well to the brother-in-law that Bandi is cool. I told her that she had a boyfriend, may be Chudi bhi ho. But brother-in-law! Nowadays every slave girl is attached to someone or the other. You will not find such a cool mall in your caste. Say yes Brother-in-law said yes. Both the parties fed sweets to each other. The relationship is confirmed. When I started coming, Ahana’s eyes were not going away from me. She was happy. She was looking at me with loving eyes. Now she was giving importance to me more than her brother-in-law. Pussy arranged! I said to myself when I started descending the stairs. I had secretly taken my sister-in-law a lot. Now Sarhaj had no. The wedding day has arrived. I was present in suit boot when Jaimal started reading. Only I was looking at my to-be border. When I went to congratulate brother-in-law on the stage, I held Ahana’s hand. Keeping everyone out of sight. She got shy. Hi! When will you get to kill this chamiya’s pussy! I was about to die. Then when Jaimal fell, I lifted the brother-in-law very high in my lap. Sarhaj was not able to garland now. My eyes started hitting me. I put the brother-in-law down. I garlanded Ahana. Now she had become my certified Sarhaj. You are married. After 2 days I called the brother-in-law. Why brother-in-law!! did you enjoy it?? How was your honeymoon?? I asked great! He said shyly. What kind of goods was it?? I asked in gestures, brother-in-law was cool!! Brother-in-law said. My brother-in-law had already fucked my wife. Brother her pussy was cool too. Friends, now I was just crazy. When will Sarhaj’s pussy be found, I was lost in this sweet dream. After a few days I went to my in-laws house. So asked mother-in-law to get Sarhaj done some shopping. I also asked my wife to come along. She said that she is unwell. I made Sarhaj sit on the bike. A new mall cum multiplex was also opened in the market. I bought 2 tickets for the box so that I could convince Sarhaj. Picture started. I pinched a lot of Sarhaj. Come come!!. She kept doing it throughout the picture. All the boys had brought their goods there. Who had gone to watch the movie, all had gone to flirt. Aahana!! See you promised! Today I want your pussy!! I said it clearly. I am ready to give pussy! But where will you take my pussy brother-in-law!! Ahana said give it to the hotel. I will not be able to fuck you at home! I told Sarhaj. We both took a room for 2 hours. I closed the door as soon as I went inside. I held my thin lanky Sarhaj in my arms. It is so difficult to get cheated. Tell me, it has been 4 months since the marriage of brother-in-law. The brother-in-law must have made Sarhaj’s burrow old. Now tell me how late I am getting her pussy. I said to myself. I showered kisses on Sarhaj ji’s cheeks and lips. Caught from behind. Hands straight on the mother. I hugged her and started pressing my mother. Sharhaj went shy. Why Sharhaj ji!! how.pelta hai my brother in law?? I asked smilingly who fucks a lot!! Don’t go to see. He looks like a fool on seeing but he keeps on tearing my ass for 2 hours and does not drink water!! Sarhaj said it’s okay, I will also rub you like this!! I said to Ahana. I made her lie on the bed. She was the owner of a thin body. I was so eager to drink her milk that she could not open the button of her blouse. I moved the blouse up. I got nice milky breasts. I became crazy and started drinking her milk. My brother-in-law drank a lot of her milk. Friends, I had reached very late. Well I drank what I got. Then I made the other Mama go upstairs too. Drank a lot of his milk too. Told you earlier that my dress was absolutely flawless. Spicy Naan Nuks Just fuck it, no need to say anything more. I was in such a hurry, I put the saree up. Didn’t even take off. Then took off the petticoat too. Got black panty. Moved aside by hand. Eventually Burr appeared. You are reading this story on nonvegstory.com Hey randi ki choot!! It came out of my mouth. Sarhaj’s anger had become an illusion and a Bhosda. My brother-in-law made him drink every night. Bur’s lips were as thick as Sharhaj’s lips. Friends, if I could only, I would have sent you people a photo of his bad along with the story. Where most of the women’s body is inside the ditch, this altar’s burrow was on the upper side. It was swollen like a cake. I put my face straight. Burr started licking. The tongue started to taste bad. Even after several months of cuddling her, she was very happy. I started drinking bur deeply. Sister-in-law also got excited. Friends, when you see some material and do not get it to fuck, this is what happens. He was so thirsty that what to tell. For 40 minutes I only drank bad. There was a lot of flashiness. Kissed a lot. Her waist was so cool, it was absolutely fair like butter. I kissed a lot Then I put the cock and started fucking Sarhaj. I had a lot of sex with that bitch. Fucked the prostitute a lot. But I didn’t get out. Then changed my mind. She was thin anyway. Just picked it up. Sarhaj himself set the cock in his burrow. What was it then friends, it has never happened that a cat should not drink milk. Men should not kill when they get free pussy, has this ever happened? I started rubbing Ahana. This was possible because of its lightness. Otherwise, I could never fuck my wife by lifting her in my lap. Sister-in-law held me tightly on my back with both hands. Hup hup I started pelling my sister-in-law. She started crying Amma Amma. I was drinking milk as well and was also doing Hup Hup Pail. Felt like a mother feeding her child in her lap. Friends, you are reading this story on non-veg story.com, Bur Phad Di Maine Apni Pyaari Chinal Sharhaj Ki. Countless times I fucked her that day. Then only after 1 year we could see his Bur.

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