My lover fuck me while living in husband’s house Najayaj Rishte me Chudai

Najayaj Rishte me Chudai ki Kahani : Hello friend I am Kiran from Nagpur I am 35 years old I am hungry for sex right now because I fuck my husband only once in a year because I don’t like my husband , till today there is no child because of this, I hate my husband because I could not get married to the one whom I wanted. The matter is 15 years old, I was in love with my brother’s friend (Raj), I loved him very much, but he got married somewhere else, my mistake was that I did not express my love, now nothing It was about to happen, I had already thought that I would spend my youth on Raj, but this could not happen, I did not even let my husband touch me for five years, but I controlled myself and one day I met my husband. I got fucked, but he could not satisfy me, because of this I started hating him again, but my happiness knew no bounds, one day Raj’s phone rang. The phone rang, I picked up the phone, there was Raj, tears welled up in my eyes, these tears were tears of happiness, Raj said Kiran I am in your city, I said hey Raj you are in Nagpur and yes Kiran I said something I have come from office work, I told my husband that Raj has come, I told my husband earlier also that Raj is my brother’s best friend, then he took the phone from me and called Raj at home, Raj evening When he came home, I was very happy, both my husband and Raj drank alcohol together, my husband had drunk a lot of alcohol, because of which he was not conscious, he fell down, I and Raj together put him to bed. Lay on After that Raj asked me how are you Kiran, I said I am fine, I have not forgotten you till date, Raj said “I have not forgotten what you mean” Raj said, I said yes Raj I loved you a lot, but your The marriage happened somewhere else, I had stopped eating and drinking that I will marry only with you, otherwise I will not, so my father and brother had taken my relation and went to your place, but when they reached near your house, someone told that You are getting engaged, those people came back from there, since then till today I am dependent on your memories, I do not love my husband and there is no good sex relation. Raj was staring at me, I said Raj, will you make me your wife for one day? Raj remained silent for some time, then she saw my husband, he was sleeping drunk and then saw me and hugged me, I also took him in my arms, my lust flared up, I remember Raj for almost 20 years It was done, then both of us went to the other room and closed the door. I knew that my husband would wake up at 10 o’clock the next day, no matter what happens in the house, Raj unbuttoned my blouse, my boobs were also with Raj. Desperate to go in his hand, I wanted to surrender myself, then he unhooked the hook of my bra, both my big tits were fluttering in the air, Raj started sucking, I got emotional, I felt My lost love is back, today I wanted to be fully satisfied, I started running my fingers in his hair, he was sucking my tits silently, then lay down on the bed, he then untied my petticoat. And put his hand in my panty, my pussy was completely wet, as soon as he touched it, Raj said, Kiran, your pussy is very hot, I said what to do, till today it is hot only for you, today you cool it down You are reading this story, you are reading this story on Raj untied my panty and separated my legs and started licking my pussy, but I wanted Raj’s cock quickly because my pussy was itching, I wanted cock, he put his big cock on my pussy. Inch was kept and pressed hard, the whole cock entered inside the pussy humming, I was walking in heaven, nothing was coming out of my mouth except Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh Eyes were intoxicated and red red, Raj was fucking me hard, I held him and wrapped myself in it, I felt that he kept fucking me like this all my life, whole night Fucked and assed about 5 times, we both slept naked all night, when I woke up at eight o’clock in the morning, Raj was sleeping next to me, I kissed him and woke him up, said Raj, you fuck me one more time, who knew if this chance would ever come Whether he came to life or not, then he fucked me, after half an hour I came out of the room and Raj also came out.

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