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Hello friends, I am Ruchika telling you my story. I am a resident of pink city Jaipur. My lips, my breasts, and my pussy are all pink like the pink walls of this city. I am very petite girl, I have full body, I am so fair that my blood veins are visible through my skin. From this you can guess, how fair I am. I am 27 years old. I am so attractive that all the old men in their dhotis and nappies and all the young men in their pants before fucking me. So I am telling you my story. My father was a private bank officer. My dad enrolled me in Sherwood College, Nainital. I was growing up happily. I was still studying in 10th standard. In the month of July, when my dad was coming to college to meet me, he met with a car accident. Now my mom and only me are left at home. Only we 2 people are left at home now. Due to having a private job, my mother could not even get a job. A mountain of trouble broke down on us mother and daughter. We have become dependent on each and every penny. Now I started studying in government school. Where did I study in such a good private school. And now where has she come in the government. Somehow I passed 12th. My mother started saying that daughter, get a job somewhere so that the expenses of the house can be met. So now I started looking for a job. At first I looked for jobs on Naukri.com and other sites, but there were large B, M Tech, MBA candidates. Then I started looking for a job in newspaper advertisements. You are reading this story on nonvegstory.com I am tired. Because more than half would have been fake. Then one day my friend Nidhi met me. I took care of him. It came to be known in the talks that she is a call girl, but she does this work secretly. Her bop flees leaving her and her mother with some great cargo. Then he was forced to do this work. I took Nidhi’s number. I tried for a few more months but did not get any job. Then I called Nidhi. Friend Nidhi! Get me this job too! I said to him. I got the job This call girl company of his was big hi fi. I went with him. I was properly decorated. Then I was taken in a car. This was a farm house of a big business man. His name was not told to me. Our call girl company used to keep the identity of each customer a secret. Some boys were also sent with me. Many times the customer shows great insolence with the call girl, in such a situation the bouncer saves her. I went inside the farm house. The bouncer also came inside with me. That customer was a very heavy man. He was wearing a very nice expensive night suit. He had an expensive cigar in one hand. Hello Ruchika baby!! He welcomed me wholeheartedly by spreading his hands with a smile and kissed me lightly on my right cheek.Fuck Har Smoothly!! My bouncer said don’t worry!! The businessman said that the bouncer stopped outside the lobby and started waiting for me. I went inside with the businessman. What a beautiful farmhouse he had. Everything was beautiful. Sofas, chairs, tables, fans each and every thing was very expensive and beautiful. I had never seen such an amazing farmhouse. I came inside the bedroom. What a nice big bedroom. It was very soft. I sat on the bed with the businessman. He took another puff of the cigar and released the smoke into the air. Feel comfortable baby! He said. Show your ass!! He said . I turned back. He lifted my red skirt up. He could see my cool tight hips. He became happy. He put his hand in your mouth, moistened it a bit, then started caressing my hips. Perfect Bomb!! He spoke and caressing my hands with pleasure, started caressing my bum. I felt very ashamed. I was not a born prostitute. But after my father’s death and not getting any good job, I became a prostitute. He started coaxing me to touch my ass thinking it as his property. I felt like picking up my clothes from there and running away, but friends, if I had done so, I would have been fired from the escort company. That’s why I silently closed my eyes and kept on bearing everything with wet lips. Nice ass!! Nice ass!! That businessman kept saying again and again. Then he sat on the power of events. Started kissing and licking my cool pink ass. His French cut beard was pricking my soft cheeks. But still I was tolerating everything. He was drinking my nice round butts by moving his tongue. Baby show me your moves!! He spoke. I stood up. I started shaking in a drunken fucking way. My cool bum started moving. Baby you are fire!! That businessman spoke. Started slapping lightly on my butts. Friends, I had to do everything for money. Then he started drinking my ass from behind sitting on his knees. He had opened both my bombs with his own hands. My smooth tight white ass was clearly visible. That rich French cut businessman started drinking my ass. Me and my ass both became watery with shame and modesty. My tight ass shrank and started looking for a way to escape. But didn’t leave that businessman and kept licking my ass. He stuck his tongue and started licking my tight ass. I started getting tickled. Then he started drinking my ass in full. I became watery with shame and shame. Then he got the smell of my boob, so from behind me he put his mouth in my soft butts, my mast.Dhanushakar reached up to the boob and started drinking boob. I got upset Today it was the first time that someone was drinking my booze so well. I don’t know what pleasure he was getting, but I must say that the businessman was enjoying a lot. Like my pussy is full of sugar. He started drinking my creamy pussy with his tongue. I didn’t say anything, because in the escort company we were taught to make the client happy. Sometimes he would drink my ass and sometimes he would drink my Gujhiya.Baby!! You are very beautiful!! He said. I felt good that at least someone praised me today. He again thrust his head into my soft red ass and started licking my ass. Friends, my pussy was turning red with shame after getting the kiss of his lips. Whereas my ass and lips had turned pink. Then he ran away and brought some honey. He put honey in my hole with his finger and started drinking again. I felt that I might fall. He kept drinking my boors for several minutes continuously. My pussy has become watery now. Felt like my pussy is crying. But friends, she was not crying but laughing. My pink pussy was now as delicious as Dal Makhani. My butter had spread here and there. That businessman was very happy to see my butter and started drinking my boo and his lips with pleasure. I am overjoyed guys. Baby!! Let’s take off our clothes!! He said. I took off my top. Removed her bra too. He put me on the bed. He removed his comfortable night suit. Now he was completely naked. Some must have been 40 in age and I am 27. There were black and white curly hair all over his chest. He fell on me and started drinking my sweet breasts. When he started drinking both my breasts alternately with his teeth, the black pegs of my nipples stood up. Your nipples pegs are very beautiful! He complimented. I loved it. He again started drinking my breasts. Both my breasts were tight because my mother had been wearing me a bra since I was 12, when my nipples started coming out. My jhante also started coming out then. When I turned 13, all the boys looked at me carefully. My mother knew that I have become young now. My mast breasts were filled with milk. That’s why my mother was now making me wear a bra. So friends, just by wearing bra on time, my breasts became very round like bowls. That businessman was drinking my perfect shaped nipple with great pleasure. Then he happily lay down on the bed under several pillows and started asking me to suck cock. I also took off my skirt. Now I am completely naked. Escort company taught me all the skills of prostitution. I started sucking cocks in exactly the same way. The businessman started playing with my black thick silky hair. He kept taking a seat comfortably. I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking it till the depth of his throat. He closed his eyes. He was having all the fun. I started stroking his cock quickly with my soft hands. The merchant’s cock is now erect very tight. Now it has become very tight. The nerves of his cock got tensed. I got more excited seeing his smooth stem cock. It had become completely like a leaf. Now I started sucking his cock with double enthusiasm. Started playing with him. The businessman started caressing my ass and butt. I came to know that he is heating me up so that he can fuck me hard. I also kept sucking his cock with full effort. On the other hand, he kept fingering my pussy and ass quickly. Both of us became so hot that the heat was radiating. The businessman felt that his mall might not get out before fucking me. He quickly threw me on the bed. Opened my legs, applied the cock and started fucking merrily. Gachagach… Pakpak…Stasat. Due to his fast fucking, my breasts started shrinking quickly. My heartbeat increased, my BP also increased. The businessman tore my roof apart. Then he caught the speed of 100 such that I could not even breathe. As long as I could take a breath, he used to fuck me countless times. The businessman used to insert and withdraw his cock 20-25 times in the time it takes for me to take a breath. Who now started rubbing my lips quickly with his finger and started fucking on the other side. A sea of ​​excitement and passion rose in my pussy. I felt that my anger might explode. Then took out the cock from the businessman and started drinking my boo. He drank my anger for a long time. Then he put his cock on my pussy lips. He would put his cock on the mouth of my hole, then take it up and take it out. Rubbing my cock on the lips of my ass. In this way he played with my pussy for a long time, friends. Then put the cock inside and started pounding me. The businessman fucked my friends so badly that day that my anger burst. After an hour and a half of pelai, my pussy surrendered to the police like Naxalites. Now he was scratching me like an animal, but I could not feel anything. Now even if two people climb on me, I do not feel anything. Friends, my pussy was so torn. The businessman had fallen 4 times so far. 2 times he had left his material in my pussy, while 2 times he had removed his material in my mouth. Wanted to enjoy falling in my pussy and wanted to tell me by blowing in my mouth that I am a prostitute and prostitutes have no respect. I licked all his sticky stuff and drank it. He lit a cigar again and asked me to perform oral sex. I started pleasing her once again. He started blowing smoke rings on me by blowing his expensive cigar on me. I again took his cock in my mouth. And started sucking. It took half an hour to get his cock erect again. He made me doggy. He caressed my butts and started fucking my ass like a bitch. Both the bullets of the businessman were now loose. Because he had already fallen 4 times. That’s why his cargo tank was empty. He made my ass halwa for 40 minutes, but still he did not get out. Because there was no more mole left in his pills, then he tore my hole for 1 hour, then with great difficulty 2-3 drops came out. It was my mother who had fucked that first customer, friends that day. After 6 hours I came out in the lobby after getting fucked in every way and after getting my mother fucked and my ass torn. The businessman was happy. He tipped me 2 thousand along with my fees. Just since then friends, I became a high profile call girl or say a prostitute and started getting fucked from new lands every night. Randi banne ki kahani, sex with randi, chudai ki kahani, sex with randi, sexy randi ki kahani hot randi ki chudai ki kahani, sexy girl sex story in hindi

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