my neighbor and her daughter turned out to be whores

Hello friend, my name is Sanjay, I am a gym trainer, I am very sexy and hot, my penis size is about 8 inches, today I am going to tell you a funny story, which will blow your penis fun, And you will not be able to live without masturbating. Now let me also tell you the name of my used heroine, the story of whose sex is in this story, her name is Deepti, I used to call Deepti Aunty. Her ass is very nice, round and wide. Her nipple is also very big and shapely, you will not be able to hold it with both hands, she also has a daughter named Kavita and she is also very sexy. It was a cold day, I was studying on the terrace, at that time I was preparing for 12th Her terrace and mine were together, her husband was a teacher, sometimes I used to have any problem in studying or in the subject, I used to go to ask about it, her daughter, who used to study in my class, sometimes even to discuss. Used to go, when I went to their house, I saw that Kavita was not there and Aunty was eating food, she said that Uncle’s friend has died, so Uncle (Kavita’s father) said to Aunty that you are now in the house. Go away…there was no one in my house so I wanted to stay there, aunt again said you go to your home, I did not feel like going like this but I reluctantly came out of their house and went to my house. Was about to enter when I saw 3 men entered Aunty’s house, all three were very tall and wide… 2 of them were very dark and stubborn, and one was fair and tall, Aunty closed the door as soon as they were inside. I entered their house slowly from my terrace and began to see what happens.. I saw that aunty was still having food, all three were standing there, one of them who was very black, caught hold of aunty’s boobs, and Opened his pants, his 11′ inch penis came out which was very erect and looked like a rod… Chukki aunty wanted to finish the food now, so she forbade him, but he used to put roti in mummy. At that time, I forcefully put my cock in his mouth, as if the breath of the aunt had stopped, tears came out of her eyes, after that all three took her forcefully and took her to the bedroom, after that all three made the aunt naked, and herself became naked. Gone, 3’s cock was very big, give it to whom After crying, the aunt got scared and started saying leave me, I will return your money, one of them licked the aunt and said, now you and your daughter will be made prostitutes, and if you want money, then take it, if the aunt ate If you want to fuck my daughter, I will take 2 lakhs, they said ok, after that, one put his cock in aunt’s mach, and aunt started sucking her like a whore, the other put his mouth in her smooth hole, and the third Her nipples was sucking, all this went on for about 10 minutes, after that one held the aunt’s feet tightly and said, let her do as she is doing, I will give you as much money as you ask for, aunty said ok, after that one gave aunty a doggy style Aunty immediately became a bitch, now he put his cock on aunty’s ass hole, and started rubbing it, aunty said what are you doing, I have never killed my ass, don’t leave her, so the other man Hit her with a lick, and said shut up whore, and put his cock in aunty’s mouth, the first man spit in the ass and drank a little bit, aunty started screaming loudly, since she was very fat, blood started coming in this much. Auntie started crying and her She caught hold of her legs and started saying, next time hit my ass, this time fuck my hole. They felt pity, they said, you whore, I will come again tomorrow and first I will make your ass’s bosda, then I will kill your hole, and your daughter’s I will also hit the ass first, after that he made the auntie lie down on the bed, and put his cock on her ass, pushed a little bit, the auntie was in pain, she had not been fucked by such a big cock till date, one Held the aunt’s hand, and one put his cock in her mouth and said to the other, fuck sister-in-law, the whore plays motherfucking, put the whole load inside, today make her a hole in the hole, so the third one in the aunt’s hole Shot strongly, but his lady slipped, she said what a tight bore, you whore, how tight will your daughter be, in your daughter’s bore and ass, fuck someone with a small cock, if she is new then she will faint. From my cock, he took a full shot in this much, and his cock half went inside, now he started inside out, tears came from the eyes of the aunt, when she became normal and, ayaya ayaya, she started doing she she also started enjoying, then he took a strong blow, and Put the whole cock inside, tears came out of aunt’s eyes, now he started taking it out with full speed, he fell in about 15 minutes, the whole body of aunt was drenched with sweat, and she had fallen 2 times. , After this another came and started fucking, now aunty started enjoying, now the pain should also reduce. It was, now aunty was getting fucked by bouncing a lot, in this way all three of them fuck aunty, 3-3 times, aunty was completely gone, after some time they all left and told to come tomorrow…. After some time her daughter came home, then her aunt told her that she will give her 1 lakh rupees, she just has to do a simple work, then she said that she wants to marry her ass and bore, but once she is ready. … Now his mother said that they are very big and if you are not fucked till date, then you will feel a lot of pain, today slowly fuck someone in the ass and hole, if someone is your boyfriend, then tomorrow you will get the fat land of all three of yours. You can take her to the hole and ass, then the aunt said that there is someone new in Sanjay’s house, everyone has gone out, will come till tomorrow, trap her in some way and today there is also a chance because there is no one in Sanjay’s house, your work is done. Will go, go daughter, go get fucked quickly. Hearing this, I burst down and started waiting because I had already known everything, then Kavita instead of the latch of the door, I turned out to be Kavita, I asked yes what. It’s a matter of poetry, she said, Sanjay, don’t you understand me maths? Papa is also not coming, if you have done then tell me too, I was understanding everything, I called inside and locked the door, she was talking here and there for a while, then she I opened my top button, I started seeing her boob, I said Kavita, you are looking very beautiful today, it is said that I started kissing her lips because I was already sensual, then what I took off all Kavita’s clothes and went inside the room naked, I inserted my cock into her hole, she peeled off, she said slowly , Then Kavita said what’s the matter Sanjay, you came to know, I said yes Randi you are mother daughter Randi, I came to know, then Kavita said no Sanjay I will fuck my client for the first time tomorrow, today you fuck me so much that my boor And the ass should open properly so that there is no more pain tomorrow, then I also hit Kavita a lot. His mother said that Kavita is done, then Kavita said yes mother, now it is fine, the hole and ass has opened, his mother said, Shavash, now you can become a prostitute and get fucked,

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