What is natural and unnatural sex?

What is natural sex, what is unnatural sex, natural physical relationship, natural sex relation, unnatural sex relation, dangers of unnatural sex, sex relation Is. And the better the sex life, the better and full of love the married life is. But you can enjoy sex life to the fullest only when your partner fully supports you while having sex, and trusts you completely. If the person you are having sex with does not want to have sex, then such sex has no meaning. Nor can you enjoy sex. That is why sex is said to be of two types, one is natural sex and the other is unnatural sex. What is sex? Sex is such a relationship in which women and men are lost in each other as if they are not two but one. Sex helps to bring a woman and a man closer not only physically but also emotionally. To enjoy sex to the fullest, women and men also try different types of sex positions. Also, when both women and men give full support to each other while having sex, it helps both men and women to reach extreme pleasure in sex. What is natural sex? It happens in which the man inserts his penis into the woman’s vagina. That is called natural sex. According to the ancient Kamasutra, there are different ways of inserting the penis into the vagina. Which is called Kamasutra. It wants men to be in front, behind, above or below. Women take penis in their vagina in different ways. These arts and methods come within natural sex only, but the contact should be only between the penis and the vagina, and only the penis of the male and the vagina of the female are used to have sex. What is unnatural sex? There are different arts as we have told you above. But some people make sex in the anus. That is, men put their penis in the anal part of the woman. Inserting the penis in the anus and having sex is called unnatural sex. This sex has also been going on for centuries. But anal sex is not considered right. That’s why it is called unnatural sex. Who does unnatural sex? In this way, unnatural sex was also practiced for centuries and now it has become even more so. Where a man has sex in the anal part of a woman. The reason for this is that nowadays in any adult movie, anal sex is shown. Nowadays people do anal sex to enjoy sex more. Nowadays you must have heard about gay, he is attracted to men instead of being attracted to women. The sex relations they make with each other, they make it in the anus only. Where a boy has sex in the anal part of another boy. Now you must have completely understood what is natural sex and unnatural sex. And what is the way to make a relationship. And who do unnatural sex.

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