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Nayantara is a South Indian actress. Sexy, sizzling and seductive girl. She had affair with hero during Nanbenda movie. During shouting hero attracted by her beauty so he loved her. Nayantara knowing this by his activity had interest in him. One day he proposed love to her but she didn’t answer for that. Next day A song was shot in Singapore, nayanthara was asked to wear a saree and Uday was asked to wear coat. For all the surprise she wore a transparent saree showing her assets and wore a waist chain. Generally she doesn’t wear hot dress in recent past. She smiled at him implying that she’s in love with him. As the song guess some sexy steps were placed like grabbing and pressing her waist from behind and smooching her navel.
Generally she doesn’t show any actor to kiss her navel but she was okay with the sequence. As the step progress, he first grabbed her waist with both of his hands and presses gently.she moaned “aahh” because His hands were chill because of climate. Knowing she enjoys, he rubbed her navel with his finger.

The next step was kissing her navel. As per the steps he try to kiss her lips but she will not allow then he try to kiss her boobs but she will not allow he will look at her eyes and like begging he ask her to atleast kiss her waist. Then she will allow him to kiss her sexy waist. As the steps went perfectly untill she deliberately showed her navel Infront of his mouth and pushed him to kiss her sexy navel. The song came out more romantic than it was expected. After finishing the shooting both went to their hotel rooms. He called from his room and talked about how the day gone. During call he coughed . She asked “why r u coughing?” He said “due to the climate I get cold”. Nayantara said ” okay. I’m coming to if room”. She entered the room and he looked cold shivering his hands.
“Don’t worry, I can help u” saying nayantara asked about his tablets and syrups. He laid on bed she took the nearby chair. Even after  covering two blankets he looked shivering. So she asked him ” I can help u ” he asked “how” she replied “like how you hugged me during the song”. He was ecstatic and pretend to be innocent by asking “will that help me?” She replied ” let us try that” . She entered into her blanket and hugged him from behind and warmed his cheeks by blowing hot air on her hands then placed her hands on his cheeks. He felt warmer and she moved his hands to his neck and slowly to his chest.
She whispered “do u feel the hotness?” He understands the meaning and replied “not fully”. She understands he is expecting more. “Where else do you want the heat?” She asked. He turned towards her face and “my nose is blocked and can’t inhale by I need syrup but it taste sour. Nayantara took the syrup bottle and asked him to open his mouth. He said it is sour I can’t swallow that. She asked him to close his eyes and said it will not sour. He closed his eyes. Nayan took a cup of syrup and poured in her mouth and grabbed his jaw then opened his mouth by pressing his fingers on his cheeks. She quickly closed his mouth by her lips and he opened his eyes and see her eyes closed and pushed the syrup in his mouth. He swallowed it completely.she withdraw her lips and asked him “how was the taste?”. He replied ” it felt like sweet.can I get more of like this?”. She smiled and “no. Once a day only. I mean syrup”. She teased him. She hugged him tightly and he grabbed her leg and put his leg between her thighs. She allowed him to do and she put her hands around his neck and pulled him to her.
He was awe struck by her sexy eyes looking at him and opened his mouth in response. She smiled naughty and kissed his lips gently. Her warm breath roused him and he looked at her neck. She removed her sleeveless top and his top as well. She rubbed her chest against him.
He pinched her waist, she moans as she was rightly tuned.

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