Office Girl – Jigna

Hi Friends, I am a regular reader of this site and today let me entertain you guys with one incident that happened with me. I am a working professional and stay in Bangalore. My Name is Aks. This is my story with a girl in my office. Her name is Jigna. We both joined the same company as fresher’s and were in the same training batch.

Bangalore was a new city for both of us and soon we became good friends. After few months in job I bought a bike and then we used to roam around in my bike. We both were quite free and open with each other and occasionally used to share naughty jokes and talks.

She was quite comfortable with me and there were many times when we held hands while crossing roads or she had placed her hand on my shoulder while sitting on my bike. All this was casual friendly gestures and there was no hanky panky involved in our friendship. But everything changed that one day.

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It was Friday morning and I had absolutely no mood to work. I was trying to time pass and pinged Jigna. “Oye kya kar rahi hai” She replied “Kaam karne ki koshish kar rahi hoon. Par not in mood. Am already in weekend mode.” I thought Bingo. I asked her. “Hey lets make some plan. How about some movie after lunch. I can leave early.” She said. “Am ready…Lets go”

We asked some common friends but all of them had some work and it was not possible for them to leave early from office. So we two decided to catch some movie in the Forum Mall, which is the most popular mall in Bangalore. We reached there by 3PM, but to our surprise not a single ticket for any watchable movie was available.

“Ohh Shit…Not a single ticket..What you want to do now” I asked Jigna. “No Idea Aks. You tell…We can just chill around as well” She said. “Hey.. why don’t we go for a drive towards Old Madras Road. I have heard there is some Dhabhas on the way. We can have something there and then come back.” “Yup…lets go..” She said.

Thus our journey started. Who knew that not getting the movie tickets would make this day so memorable. I was cruising my bike on the empty Old Madras Road. Cool air was breezing against me and Jigna. She had come closer to me as it was getting difficult to talk due to the air noise. I could see the sun going down the horizon.

The entire sky was crimson with lovely romantic effect. She was holding my waist and her boobs were touching my back occasionally. Even though we were not official lovers but some chemistry was going on in those moments. After covering quite some distance, we stopped by one Dhabha for tea and snacks.

The sun had gone down taking away the colour with it, but now clouds had gathered making the sky dark purple. The weather was slowly getting cold and it was getting dark and cloudy. We still had some time for dusk but today clouds were deciding the time for us. We felt it’s better to leave as it could start raining any time. While our drive back Jigna was sitting really close to me.

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I guess she was feeling cold as she had wore a thin Sleeveless chiffon salwar suit. We were almost nearing Bangalore and it started raining heavily. We were on the road with no shed nearby where we could take shelter. After some distance I saw a tree. I stopped my bike under it. We both tried to save ourselves from the rain in that small tree but we were already quite drenched.

Jigna was shivering in the cold. Her salwar suit was totally wet and sticking to her entire body hugging her voluminous figure. For the first time I noticed her with a different feeling. She had a slim waist and good size firm boobs. Her hands were thin, slender and looked very soft. She was shivering and I could see the goose bumps on her arm. She had an round face with dark eyes.

It looked more mystic because of the kohl that she had applied. Her lips were thick and properly accentuated with lipstick. Small water droplets dropped from her lovely nose to her lipstick laden lips. She clasped my hand firmly while it thundered heavily. “yaar bahut thand lag rahi hai” She said making chattering sound with her teeth.

I came close to her. My arms were crushing her arms. The small tree could not do much to save us from the torrential rain and we both were drenched till our bare bones. Not even a thread of my underwear was dry and I could say the same for her as well. It would have taken another 20 minutes drive to my house which was nearer. Her PG was much further.

“Jigna, I think we should leave. Yahan ruk ke koi fayeda nahin hai. It doesnt seem to slow down.” “Haan Aks. Chalo…Chalte hai. Mujhe bahut thand lag rahi hai.” We started again in the rain. She was holding my waist and had buried her face on my shoulder. It is difficult to drive in situation when such a lovely girl is so close to you and your visibility is almost nil due to rain.

Somehow we reached my home. I stay in a 2 BHK flat with one more person. We both have our separate rooms. I opened the door as my roommate had still not come. “Jigna, take this towel and go and change else you will catch cold.” I handed her a towel and showed him the restroom. “Change?? Kya pahnu mein…you want me to be in towel for rest of the evening”

She was shivering and smiling at the same time. “Atleast kuch pahenne ke liye toh do.” “hmm..I can get you some clothes but the problem is neither it will be your style nor size..” I joked. “Are yaar kuch bhi lao….sab chalega..I cant be wearing atleast this for sure for a single more second” She laughed. I gave her a T-shirt and pyjama. She went inside the bathroom.

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I also changed to shorts and T shirt. I went inside the kitchen to make some tea. We needed that badly. She came out with the towel wrapped around her hair. She was wearing the pajama and T shirt that I gave her. The T shirt was quite loose for her and was giving little-little peek of her melon boobs.

She could not wear her inner garments inside for obvious reasons and without bra her big boobs were jiggling in the T shirt. The ass was also properly visible with the pajama sticking in her ass creek. Needless to say I was having all kinds of thoughts and it was getting difficult to control my emotions. In fact this was first time when I was looking at Jigna from a totally different perspective.

She is no more a friend with whom I used to hang around. Suddenly I was feeling a kind emotion which I had never felt towards her. I wanted to caress her in my arms. To pamper her. To play with her hot body. But I could not jump into all this as I was supposed to be a cultured man and should control my emotions.

But Carnal desires are hard to keep and I started looking for ways to come close to her. I could not resist myself and went to the rest room that she used. Her clothes were hanged in the hanger. She had hidden her bra and panty below the salwar kamiz. I took them out and sniffed. The panty smelled awesome. I imagined how it would be to smell her vagina directly.

Her bra was smelling the perfume she had used. I came out and we sat down on the couch with Tea cups and switched on the TV. It was still raining heavily outside. Suddenly I remembered, it is almost time for my roommate to come and I did not want to spoil those precious moments with her. So I called up my roomy.

See my luck, he was also stranded in one of his friends house and told me he would not be coming back that night. I was elated but didn’t show it. “My roomy is also stuck in rain. He is not going to come tonight.” I said to Jigna. She was watching the TV. “I don’t know when this rain will stop. How will I go home Aks” She asked me with concern.

“Hmmm….Lets see.. Once the rain stops I will drop you.” I consoled her. “Actually yaar. I am starting to have a headache because of the cold. Want to go home and sleep for some time. You have a disprine.” She said. “No Yaar. I generally do not keep disperse as I was getting habituated to it. If you want to sleep you can go in the room and sleep.”

“No its ok. Not that bad also.” She said. “Tumhara sar daba doon kya?? I think you will feel better.” I asked her. She just smiled and didnt said anything, which I took as yes. I went and stood behind her. She was still sitting on the couch. As her T shirt was quite big, I could see her cleavage well enough. I felt like putting my hand inside and grabbing one but resisted.

I started massaging her forehead. I was massaging her slowly, applying pressure just above her eyebrows. Then slowly using my thumb I massaged behind her ears. She seemed to enjoy it. Her eyes were closed and she was making sound like haaaaaan…aaahhhh. achha lag raha hai… after that I brought down my hand to her neck and shoulder and started giving her a shoulder massage.

Now this time effect was different. She didn’t move. I knew she was liking it as she didn’t ask me to stop but at the same time, she was not saying anything either. I slowly massaged her neck and shoulder. I could see goose bumps in those areas. She was still not moving. She just kept on changing the channels one by one.

I slowly moved my hand to the front and massaged below her neck slowly. I still could not make myself to take my hands inside her T Shirt. I slowly sat down on my knees. Now my face was reaching her shoulder height. I could smell the perfume that she had applied. It was same that was smelling in her bra. Some fruity smell and that was driving me crazy.

Thoughts of her bra and panty started coming to me and I could not control my hard on. All my good boy fundas went out the window. I could not think of anything else and I moved my nose against her neck trying to smell the perfume. I felt the goose bumps against my nose and lips. I kissed her slowly on the neck. She folded her neck further back.

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I kissed her again and this time I inserted my right hand inside her T shirt and touched her left boob. He skin was soft like satin. I slowly explored her boob with my hand. Her nipples were hard like nuts. She wrapped her hand around my head while I kissed her neck again. This time I gave her a wet kiss. Slowly I moved up and licked her ear lobes. This time she went crazy.

She clasped my head and pulled my hairs. I kept licking her ear lobe while exploring her both the boobs. After sometime she could not take it anymore and she held me by hair and removed my head. She turned back and looked into my eyes. We looked into each other for some time. No one spoke anything. I held her cheeks and slowly planted a kiss on her lips.

She closed her eyes and kissed me back. The kiss slowly grew more passionate and then we were exploring each other’s mouth with our tongues. We were in a situation from which there was no looking back. I also joined her in the couch and made her sit on my lap. We kept on kissing. I inserted my hand again inside her T shirt and squeezed her boobs and kissed her on her neck.

I pulled up the T shirt to reveal her juicy boobs. It was white and smooth with hard dark nipples. I licked her nipple. She could not take this and pushed my mouth away from it. I held her hands and again groped one boob in my mouth and started sucking it. She was going crazy. She started caressing my hair. One by one I was sucking her boobs and slowly I removed her T shirt.

She was very shy to be like that in front of me. “Aks…please light off karo…mujhe sharm aa rahi hai” She said hiding her boobs with her hands. I held her hands and guided her toward the bed in my room. She lied down covering her with the blanket. I was thinking whether I should fuck her or not as I was not having the Condom.

Suddenly I realized that I should look into my roommates room. He has a steady girlfriend and she used to come and stay with him as well. I went searching in his cupboards. Didn’t get anything. I was thinking whether I should go out and buy a condom but that was not possible as it was raining heavily. Then I looked under the mattress. Yes. There it was.

Three packs Kamasutra Extra Pleasure condom. I went back to my room. She had already switched off the lights but still I could see her in the light coming from the streetlight in front of my window. I removed my T Shirt and went inside the blanket. As soon as I went inside she hugged me and planted a kiss on my lips.

We started smooching again and this time she was more free than before. She was exploring my back and chest and I was squeezing her boobs. I then get on top of her and started kissing her from her neck. I sucked her boobs and pinched her nipple. “Oouuch..Aks tum ye kya kar rahe ho” “Tumhare boobs ko taste kar raha hoon.” “Achha…toh kaisa laga taste” She asked.

“Bilkul rasgulle jaisa” “Ragulle ko ab nichorna band karo…sara ras nikal jayega…waise bhi we dont have protection. Fir mein badi wali rasgulli ban jaungi tab..” I was still sucking her boobs. “I have everything….I am always ready…” I said.. She pulled my head in front of her and asked. “Achha….toh kitne rasgulle pahle kha chuke ho??”

I looked into her eyes “Jigna, tum pahli ho. And this condom is thanks to my roomy and his GF” Listening to this she pulled my head and kissed me hard. I held her hands and put it behind her head. Her armpits were clean shaved. I licked them. She could not take this and was trying to cover it but my grip was hard and she could not do anything.

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I slowly moved down and kissed her navel and explored the navel area with my lips. I moved further down and kissed below the navel. I inserted my hand inside the pajama and squeezed her hip. I then held the elastic of pajama and removed it completely. I could see her trimmed pussy in the slight light that was coming through the window. I kissed her thighs and legs.

She was moaning like anything. I then planted a kiss on her pussy. She shivered. “Aks wahan nahin…bahut lagega” She cried. I did not listen to her. I licked her pussy lips and she went crazy. She was trying to fold her legs but the way I had positioned my head did not let her cover her love hole.

My face was totally on top of her pussy and she could not do anything apart from pulling my head and hair. I licked her pussy lips again and this time I plucked one vaginal lobe between by teeth. She was now not able to control herself and was shouting. “”Aks Pleeaaaase…..don’t do….mar jaungi…..wahan nahin pleaaaaase….Tum upar jo karna hai kar lo….wahan nahin…please”

But how can you stop in such a moment. I held both her legs, kept it apart and kept on licking her pussy lips. After some time she started liking it and moved her legs to open her pussy more. I kept on licking and exploring her pussy. I inserted my lips inside her vagina. The salty taste was driving me crazy. I was licking the pussy and also inserted one of finger inside her.

I finger fucked her and then inserted 2 fingers and then finally 3 fingers and increased my motion of finger fucking her. She was going crazy and making sounds. “Ohh Aks….aaaaaahhhh……nahiiiiiiiinn” After some time she came and my finger was filled with her juices. I got up and wore the condom. She spread her legs to make way for me.

I planted my cock on her pussy and pushed. As it was so lubricated by my sucking and finger fucking, my cock went inside easily. I started stroking her slowly. She was also moving her hips to match my motion. I kissed her softly on her lips. She opened her eyes and brought her lips near my ear and whispered. “Aks You know what…” I stopped for a while and asked “What?”

She said “Please don’t stop. Continue” I started stroking again and this time with more force. I was stroking hard and hard and she was moving her butt with my motion. She wrapped my body with her legs and I was almost in peak and was about to come any moment. I was stroking hard and hard with full force. I shouted “Jignaiiii…..I will come soon….very soon…”

She clasped my head and shouted. “Come dear come… Please come…I want to come with you…because u know what….” “What?” “Because…I loooveeee you sooo muuuuuch” And with those words echoing in my ears, we both came together. We had our moment of love in that love making session. We were very tired after getting drenched and with so much of activity.

We kissed each other and slept for a while embracing. When we got up she slipped into the T shirt that I was wearing. It covered only till her thighs. We ordered Pizza as it was quite late. I asked her will it be a problem if she stay in my house for that night. “Obviously not baby” She laughed and planted a kiss on my cheek.

She called up her PG and made some excuse. In the meantime Pizza came and we had our dinner. As we already slept little, we felt quite fresh. I looked outside the window. The rain had stopped and could see the moon peeking within the dark clouds. I looked inside, one moon was sitting in front of me and I had the full night with me…