Juicy Gurleen

Hello to all lovers of free sex stories & literotica. How are you all? Hope all of you are fine and in pink of health. Well as all of you might have remembered that I am Raj, 27 single male basically from Jammu currently lives in Delhi (Noida) and also works in Noida. I am again going to tell you another wonderful experience of my life.

Well, after I got my job here in Delhi and after one year I was pretty much used to the fast and rough life of Delhi. In the meantime I made some good friends here as well and one of my colleague was my flat partner till recently ( I live alone now a days as he got married some time ago and moved to another location with his wife)

He used to flirt a lot in those days, well these days as well and was in the habit of making passes at many girls and ladies with some success as well. He used to have number of gf, s and was pretty busy to be on date with one or other quite often. Some times he also introduced me to his girlfriend. One of those girls was a real bomb. Her name was Gurleen. A full blooded Punjabi

Sikh girl, of around 24-25 years of age, 5’5” tall, sharp features, very fair with heavy buxom, thin waist and broad hips, a total stunner. I used to marvel how my friend made her his girlfriend and was jealous as well. He introduced her to me one evening and after that I used to see her quite often as she came to our flat to spend her evenings (nights as well) pretty regularly. Sometimes, when she came to our flat if my friend could not be there.

I used to be her host. Very often my friend called her to our flat but was on date with other girl. We used to talk at those moments while she waited for my friend. Slowly but steadily we also developed a sense of friendship. Then it came to my knowledge that she belonged to a good rich family and worked as an assistant to a reputed fashion designer and my friend met her there some time back and spelled her magic on her.

She was a polite and sweet girl and I thought she also began to like me. One day when she came to our flat, my friend was not there and she went to his room as I was taking a shower. When I came out of shower I found her in the common room and she was crying. I asked her why, she didn’t say anything but on my persuasion she throws the wallet of my friend at me and when.

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I searched the wallet it had three snaps of my friend with a girl with one snap was nothing short of soft porn with the girl sitting in his lap kissing him and he was pressing her boobs (so the idiot forgot his wallet in his room) and I was feeling something inside my heart as it could be my best chance to make love to her tonight. So I hugged her and told her not to cry and forgot it but she told me that the girl in picture was a colleague of hers

And my friend seduced her as well (I marveled at the capacity and efficiency and guts of my friend at that moment as I could not even dreamt of doing such things if she was my Gf). And she made another crying note and held me tightly to her. I was feeling her silky soft body and her boobs were pressing against my chest. A magical smell was coming out of her body and I thanked god for this opportunity pressed her against my body.

She was crying loudly and told me in broken sentences that my friend is a bastard and most heartless boy she had seen ever and she was suspecting his affair to other girls on number of occasions and launched on a lengthy hate speech. I was not listening to her was feeling her and suddenly realized that she was asking me something and when I didn’t reply she again asked me “where were you earlier? I could be your girlfriend as you are so nice and understanding “.

Those words were like nectar to me and I hold her more tightly and

Said” I am always with you”

Then she said “I don’t want to meet him anymore. I am not his GF any more”.

I lifted her face and tried to kiss her on lips as I was thinking that I should act fast. She might change her mind latter. She responded to my gesture and we lip locked ourselves for 1-2 min. Her lips were juicy and sweet smell was coming from her mouth as well. I moved one of my hands from her back and placed it on her one boob. She shivered but didn’t resist my move. Now I was pretty confident that that was going to be a great night.

I slowly messaged her boobs as they were so soft. I could feel her nipples as well. Then I lifted her shirt (more like pullover) and pulled it off her body. Now she was in bra and jeans. I again kissed her and then messaged her boobs. Then I took off her bra. Now her bare boobs were before me. They were not as firm but were big and soft and very fair with pink nipples poking out of them. I instantly placed my tongue on one of them and stared to lick them one by one.

She placed her hands on my back and was enjoying the game pretty well. After 4-5 mins I just stand up and took her in my arms and came to my room and placed her on my bed. She was looking like hell. So beautiful, with bare boobs and reddish eyes and hot body. All of that were crying to suck and fuck. So I took off my cloths in a flash. My cock was erect like a pole and was shivering and puffing with excitement.

Gurleen was happy to see the tool and hold it in her soft hands and stroked it nicely. I made a dash at her jeans and down fell her jeans and panty in a flash. And she was all nude in front of me. She had little hairs on her pussy just the way I dreamed of. I spread her legs and felt her pussy which was wet as expected. I put one finger in her pussy. It was hot and slippery inside and after few strokes with my finger she stopped me.

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I sensed that she was very near to her climax. So it’s time for Showtime. I placed my cock on her pussy lips by spreading her legs and entered her completely after 4-5 strokes. Then I mounted her and started to fuck her slowly and steadily. She was responding to my strokes by giving me more and more space and adjusting her pussy to take my strokes to the full. Her hands were moving on my back and her eyes were half closed and her lips were shivering with excitement.

And her boobs were touching my chest. That was just heaven. I increased my pace and started to chew her lips as well. Her whole body was responding and cooperating to my moves. I was realizing that she was raising her ass more quickly now and her whispers were turning into low moans and she was holding me to her more tightly and before long she cum with a loud cry. I could feel her hot cum on my cock. She holds me tightly.

After 2-3 mins I again started to fuck her and realized that her pussy was so wet and slippery. Soon I felt that my own climax was nearer and before long I too cum with a sigh. After 2-3 mins I came down .she hold me tightly and said “you are sooo good I said nothing and started to kiss her and moving my hands on her back and ass. We fucked one more time that evening as she didn’t spend whole night with me but after that she spent many nights with me till her marriage.

Even now we talked quite often on phone as she is now in Bangalore and I am planning to go there sooner or later for some days to re new our contact as for my ex room partner. He didn’t mind even an iota when he came to know that her gf was now my gf. Anyway bye for now hope to hear your comments very soon.