On Christmas day father-in-law chuda a lot, my true sex story

My name is Nisha I live in Lucknow. Earlier I used to live in Jaipur but now I have come to Lucknow because my father-in-law has been transferred. My husband Dev who lives on the border is in the army. I have been married for only one year. My father was also in the army and my mother was a school teacher in the army school. I have been brought up very well and I am very open minded. I had a sexy relationship with the professor even when I was in college. Friends, to be honest, I take more interest in men of much higher age than me. I like old lady very much but that old man should have a lot of life and be sexy. Right now I am only twenty years old. The wedding took place only last year. But because the husband is not together, the mind keeps on fluttering. I am a big fan of nonveg story.com read sexy stories daily. Friends, you will know when you get used to sex and if you do not get to fuck, then what will happen. The same situation happened to me. I thought that it is better to juggle at home than to hit outside. Me and father-in-law live only in my house, father-in-law is also not very old, got married early and had a child. Mother-in-law is no more and my husband is the only child, so I stay with father-in-law. Now let me come to the story without spoiling your work. How I came close to father-in-law and he came close to me and I fell in love with the cold and enjoyed the whole story now. It is a matter of one day, that is, it is the matter of 25 December. For Christmas we went for a walk and had a party at night. A South Indian lives, he is a Christian. That was the party. Came back at 12:30 in the night, there was whiskey in the party, which was both my favorite thing, then ate chicken, danced three pegs and came back. In the process of becoming a heroine, she did not wear a sweater and wore a sari, she was also very sexy. The bulge of the teats was visible from the saree which was a backless blouse. The back was open. I was looking even more sexy with the half blouse. Friends, when I came back home, father-in-law was also with me. He only caught me and brought me because I was intoxicated. He gave the shoulder only then I was able to walk. I was grumbling, you are my good friend, who made you father-in-law, what is your age, why did you become father-in-law. That’s all I was talking about. Sometimes she was clinging to father-in-law, after all, she is also a human being, and if a young twenty-two year old woman swings on her shoulder, then the teats will also be attached and the man’s lauda will definitely stand in front. The same thing happened to him, his Lauda had become very thick and long. Because I had a hand. Friends, I was drunk like this and I was not getting sex and I was getting my hands too, tell me what I would do, I gave an offer to my father-in-law. I said today you make me happy, I don’t know anything, I can’t live without sex and fuckin husband is on the border, he doesn’t even know what will happen in a month in a year, I want sex every day. And I grabbed the father-in-law’s lauda, ​​he first kept quiet for a while, then he extended his lips towards my lips and then the love story of both of us started. He started kissing me, I also started kissing. Now he picked me up in his lap and took me straight to the bedroom, he threw me on the bed and then took off all my clothes and threw himself too. Friends, they started kissing my toe and slowly my thighs, my vagina, then my navel, then my pussy, my neck, my throat, my head, my hair down again. Friends were giving me a sense of disappearance within two to three times. Now they came directly on my nipples and started drinking along with pressing and started pressing the nipple with teeth, I started going crazy. Friends, my body started trembling, my hair follicles had blossomed, my pussy had become wet. Friends, what should I tell there was a fire in my body. I had gone crazy. He now put his lauda in my mouth, I started sucking his lauda. By then my pussy had become even more wet. I was doing ah ah ah ah. Then he sat between my two legs, first he put a lot of fingers in my pussy. Then he started licking his pussy, friends, as soon as he put his tongue on my pussy, I would shudder and lift my waist. He kept doing this for about ten minutes. Then I told them, don’t delay now, fuck me, I was wet. He put his lauda on my chute and pushed it hard. Friends, now my life has come to life, my thirsty pussy has been found. I started shaking my waist slowly and he started entering from above. Now only the sound of ah ah ah ah and the sound of the bed was coming in the room. Winter was enough, but the cold was not even known due to sex, both of us were making each other happy. Friends, now they turned me upside down and spit in my fair broad ass and set it in the ass and entered it, I felt a lot of pain but in a short time it became normal and then the ass also started getting killed. Friends, we both made each other happy overnight. He fucks me a lot and to tell the truth, his manhood is amazing even more than my husband. Now there is no sorrow, Saiya has been found in the house. Thank you for bringing you another story soon on nonveg story.com till then.

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