Thakur sahib fucked my sister a lot: Chudai ki True Story

Hello friends, I am Sukhbir telling you my story. I am from a very poor house. My father passed away in childhood, leaving behind 2 young sisters and me. When it became difficult to meet the expenses of our house, mother said that I should reduce something. But friends, the biggest problem was that I was only 8th pass. What job would I have got? When I didn’t get any less, my 18 year old sister and I started working in a farm house in Ghaziabad, in a month we both started getting 5 5 thousand, I was very happy that now let’s spend the house. We brothers and sisters also started getting the salary of the first month. The owner of the farm house was Thakur Garjendra Singh Chauhan. He was a very Russian man. You must be aware that how much Thakur people are fond of Sur Sura Sundari. The party started taking place at the farm house. Bringing different types of liquor from the market, making different types of veg non veg snacks for the party, playing music was the responsibility of all of us brothers and sisters. Friends, slowly we came to know about Thakur sahib, he was a number one flirt and flirt. He used to drink so much with all the friends in the party that he used to get intoxicated. Then they used to kiss and chat with everyone. There was also an arrangement for sex in the party. There were many rooms on the first floor, when a guest used to get unconscious while dancing to loud music with a young girl, he would go to the first floor and have sex. So friends, now we have understood the ethics of Bhai Behin Thakur Saheb. Mujko was always worried about her 18 year old young beautiful sister that something might happen to her because after drinking a lot of alcohol in the party, the boys used to forget their limits and grabbed the hand of the girl who came in front. Were . He used to stifle that girl’s teat, used to put his hand on the backyard and used to say again and again that if you give pussy in the room, friends, there was such an atmosphere. I got to know the whole atmosphere of Thakur Gajender Singh Chauhan’s farm house. Thakur Saheb’s girl had come after studying from Vilayat. She also used to drink a lot in front of him. The boys who came to the party used to molest her a lot and some even used to bring her into the room and used to make her a lot. The most amazing thing was that Thakur Saheb knew everything, yet he did not say anything. In his eyes, it was very modern to walk around in short clothes and take liquor drinks. In this way, in the eyes of Thakur, his daughter used to be chudwati from other Mordos. One day, what I wanted, it happened. Thakur liquor took off the entire bottle of whiskey. My sister was the same bay Thakur think there is some other girl. He grabbed my sister’s hand and pulled her succulent lips. O girl, you are so beautiful, today, Thakur said to me just a cup of your form and forcibly started licking my sister’s lips, save! Help! My sister Ranjana started screaming, I ran away. I pulled Thakur sahib apart, later when he came to his senses, he said sorry, Sukhwinder made a mistake. I thought it was a girl who came to the party! Friends, that day I was nervous. Today my sister’s honor could have been robbed. Thakur sahib could have made him naked and brutally choked. A lot could have gone wrong today. But friends where do we brothers and sisters go? We were not even educated. That’s why both of us were compulsively reduced to this Tharki Thakur’s farm house. We used to come here at 6 in the morning and leave only at 10 in the night. Both of us also used to take bath in the farm house. One day when my sister was taking a bath, I saw that Thakur Saheb was watching my young sister secretly taking a bath from the window. I was very angry but I didn’t say anything. But friends, the time I feared has become one day. Go Ranjana, feed the horses with grass! Thakur Gajendra said that my young beautiful sister went to feed grass in the horse stables. Mujko the bastard sent someone outside. My sister Ranjana was looking very beautiful that day in an orange salwar suit. She had just taken a bath, she was looking very beautiful. Friends, she was looking like a rose flower. Today he had also applied perfume, so his body part was smelling today. Thakur sent me out on pretext. He went after my young sister to the stables. Ranjana was feeding grass to the horses. Ranjana! Take a gulp! How much do you take care of me and this farm house, I am very happy with your hard work. Next month I will increase your salary Thakur said ji Thakur saheb I don’t drink Ranjana said oh yellow yellow or else people will think of you as a cowherd he said and gave a glass of wine to my young sister. My sister drank. She could not understand the intention of Madarchod Thakur. She did not know that today she is going to kiss. She was trapped in the water of the poor Thakur. After half an hour, Ranjana had a very strong climb. Looks like you’ve got a hangover!! Come here and lie down on the grass!! Bhosdiwala Thakur took my wobbly sister on the grass and made her lie down there. Ranjana was unconscious now. He had no consciousness. With greedy eyes, Thakur made 2 more jams. Now he lay down on a pile of thick grass next to Beri’s sister. First of all, I removed my sister’s scarf from them and kept it aside. Ranjana’s big solid maternal uncle began to see Thakur’s dirty eyes. Thakur’s hands were now on my sister’s respect ie her boobs. Thakur was touching and pressing them, mistaking them as his mall. Ranjana was unconscious. He had no idea that someone was playing with his cool body. Slowly, Madarchod Thakur, who was always looking for burrows, started pressing both the mummies of my sister very loudly. Ranjana didn’t know anything. Then the bastard put his mouth on my sister’s mouth and Galabi started drinking the beautiful lips. The dog sucked a lot on my sister’s soft lips, then the dog took off my sister’s suit. The dog also took off my sister’s bra. Two very solid rounds came in front of Thakur in the shape of a big urn. Ranjana Rani!! Today, your mangoes have come in front of me, but it is sad that such a hard mall was hidden in my house and when I could not find it till now. But today I will definitely drink the sweet juice of your mangoes!! said the dog Thakur with a crooked smile. My sister’s eyes turned red. He took my sister’s naked mommo in his hand. The bastard has found heaven. Then he filled my young sister’s milk in his mouth and started drinking. My sister was intoxicated. He had no idea what was happening to him. Thakur drank both my sister’s mums very full. When his heart was full, he opened the slogan of my sister. He took off his salwar. In 1 second the bastard also removed his trunk. My sister was just 18 years old. He had a slight sigh. Now my sister was completely naked. Harami Thakur Gajender Singh opened my sister’s burrow with both his thumbs. Wow this mall is still a virgin now!! The poor thing did not know that I would remove its nose! Thakur smiled and started drinking my sister’s burp. leave it ! Leave me! My sister started swearing, Thakur started drinking my sister’s soft and hot pussy with pleasure. He started drinking my young sister Ranjana’s burr filling it. Thakur did not think it right to delay now because now I could return home from the market at any time. He put a big cock in my sister Ranjana’s burrow and hit hard. Ranjana’s cob broke. Blood started flowing. But the dog did not accept Thakur. Laughing and started kissing my sister. Ranjana was under the influence of alcohol but she was already realizing that someone was doing something wrong to her. leave me!! Let go! Ranjana was repeatedly telling that bastard. But where was that dog going to listen? He was going to fuck my sister. Thakur’s lung was very thick, he could hardly enter Ranjana’s burrow. There was blood everywhere in that horse stable which had come out of Ranjana’s burrow. Thakur was mercilessly playing with the honor of a sister like my raw bud. Then he gave another push and Lund completely tore Ranjana’s burrow. My sister started crying. But the 90 kg Thakur held both the hands of my sister tightly. He had closed his mouth with his hand so that no one could hear the sound. Thakur was hurling hummak humak on his waist and back and forth and was kissing my real sister. Friends, after some time he came to fall and he dropped the mall in my sister’s burrow. Now he again started drinking at my sister’s mother. Then the bad started drinking and started fingering the pussy. After some time it was again the season of the dog. My sister was unconscious. She did not know how big a scandal had happened to her. Behenchod Thakur put his cock in Ranjana’s mouth and started chudne. Then the dog put his cock in the middle of my sister’s mango and holding both the teats, started licking Ranjana’s boobs. A lot of fucking brother-in-law then in the end he hit my sister’s ass. My sister was crying, swearing, but the dog did not feel pity. He hit Ranjana’s ass a lot. Friends, by the time I reached everything was looted. My sister had now become a woman after having sex with Thakur. The 7 horses present in the stables also saw my sister kissing but they too could not do anything. When I reached Ranjana used to take me to the bedroom. Thakursaheb what happened to my sister?? I did not ask Sukhwinder she had gone to feed the horses. There a horse kicked it, he said. Friends, I had some doubts in the night, I checked my sister’s bad. The cob was broken. Thakur called me to the room at 11 pm. Son Sukhwinder!! Maybe you know the truth! This is 2 lakh, this is the price of shutting your mouth. Look, I didn’t do all this on purpose. After drinking that, I could not sense anything and all this happened. Son don’t go to police or else I will not have any respect in the society!! Thakur said. That bastard started making tears in the face of lies. I thought now if I go to the police, Ranjana’s respect will not come back. That’s why friends, I made a pact with Thakur. Gradually, my sister got more and more attached to him. He said that he will give me 50 thousand every month if I make my sister his concubine. Seeing such a huge amount, I agreed. I made Ranjana his mistress. Now friends, that dog makes my sister naked every night. Fucks my sister a lot and I walk with pleasure now and do not do any work.

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