Pakistani wife Mona’s life story

This is based on a true story only names changed. Her I was at the age of 19 not a care in the world living in a small village in Pakistan. I was from a big family with 6 sisters and one brother. As like most Pakistani families we were poor plus it didn’t help as my father was a bit of a ladies man. He would also be taking care of two mistresses in the village. I was the 3rd child of the family but looked different from my siblings, I was more fair skinned and well developed with 34dd bust. The village uncles would always stop me and chat to me like a father figure, but looked at my chest deep and down I loved the attention. My mother would always tell me to put a dupatta to cover my boobs I hated being told by my mother, but had to be a good Pakistani girl and listen. 
Her I was in my own world enjoying life with no care in the world making my way home from college. I heard my name “ Mona mona mona “ I looked over and it was uncle Raj. Uncle Raj said Mona come her, so I went over. Yes uncle Raj what can I do for you. He said oh I wish and smiled I was very confused. Yes yes Mona I got a new juice machine and I wanted you to be my first customer. I smiled and said uncle, but I don’t have any money on me. Listen Mona when your older and have money you can pay back with interest. We both laughed and uncle Raj handed over a full glass of juice with straw. I took one sip and looked at uncle Raj he was looking at the glass less more at my cleavage. I decided to tease him and was drinking very slowly for him to have good look. Once done I thanked him and start to head off. As walking out of the shop he shouted don’t forget with interest. We both laughed and off I went. 

As always after getting visually raped my pussy was wet and nipples erected. I got in doors and turned the fan on and fell on my bed with legs wide open I loved the cold breezes on my wet pussy. I could hear a lot of noises down stairs so I got up to checked what was going on. Everyone was running around like headless chickens cleaning the place. I was confused so went up to my mother and asked what was going on. When my mother was under pressure she could be a very angry women. Mona you Randi, she would always call us randi’s when angry. ( Randi means whore) where have you been. Your dads late brothers family is coming from London to see Yasmins for marriage. I got very excited as first wedding in the family and I would get to show my dance moves off. Randi Randi my mother shouting go and put the blue dress on. I wanted to tell her that it’s tight but couldn’t get a word in. So off I went and put the dress on being tight it pushed my boobs up and developed a lovely cleavage. I had to keep scares from my mother as she would flip, so every time she was about I had to cover up with dupatta. The Family turned up with aunty and her 4 sons. The older son Shazad was doing all the talking as playing the father role. They stayed over for a few days. We all got to know each other and had plenty of jokes.
Aunty was lovely really sweet and caring. After a few days my parents called me in the room and said we need to tell you something. Your aunty loves you very much and would like you over Yasmin and we have said yes. ( In Pakistani the girl doesn’t really have a choice who she gets married to) but mum he is to old for me. No it’s fine Mons as you will getting married to Raju the youngest of the sons. I really didn’t have much choice my life was arranged. I was married in a few days and off I went to London with my new in-laws. It took time getting use to the whole thing but my mother inlaw loved me. She was happy to have another female in the house as with four men she was on her own. Raju was good to me and our sex life was good we made out every night. Plus the best part was I could wear what ever I wanted being in Uk it was normal. Then all of a sudden my whole life went upside down. Raju my husband was arrested for drugs and locked up for 3 years. My mother inlaw came to me and said I don’t want anyone to know that Raju is imprison understand. Her tone was very tough towards me for the first time. I cried for days and picked myself up. I would feel horny as needed sex but no Raju no sex. My black neighbour was aware that Raju was looked up for drugs he started to chat to me and enjoying my cleavage. As always my pussy was getting wet and I heard my mother call me indoors. I went inside and in a loud tone she said what did Eddy want. I said he was asking about Raju and she shouted shutup you Randi. What did you want and moved towards me and grabbed my wet pussy. You bitch she said go to your fucking room and don’t come out. I went and cried for hours and feel asleep when I got up it was 8pm.
Next minute I got a knock on my door. My mother inlaw walks in and sits on my bed and says I am very sorry. I should have understood you better after all your a woman and have needs. I apologised and mum I will not talk to any Male outside this house. Again her tone changed and said dame right your not you Randi. You will only open your legs for my sons. I was shocked yes you heard me. Shazad, Ali and Kasim will have you two nights each. Sunday will be your rest day. And if you tell anyone of this family secret, we will send you back home and say we saw you in bed with Eddy. Your sister will never get any husbands. I had no choice but to agree. Things you need to consider when it’s each sons turn for the two days your full attention is dedicated to him not the others. And they will select what you wear. They can fuck you anytime of the day and any place in the house. And final thing for know I want to see some grandsons. Ok Randi you better get some sleep and rest tomorrow as it’s Sunday tomorrow and Monday you will be Shazads wife. 
I couldn’t sleep all night my brain was telling me this is so wrong but my pussy and nipples was like bring it on.

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