Son fucks mother while massaging

Last night my son fucked me. Never ask a young son to have a massage. Don’t know when the intentions of the son will go wrong or when the intentions of the mother will go wrong, nothing is known, friends, today’s world has changed a lot. It is necessary to be careful otherwise anyone can fuck you. That’s why there is a saying that care is taken and accident happens. The same thing happened to me last night, my caution was also removed. I put my petticoat up. A little above the knee and seeing my white feet, son did not know what happened while applying oil on it and then how he fucked me, I am going to write you through this story on non-veg First let me tell you about myself, who I am, where I live, how big my son is. And why did it come to this that I handed over my body to my son and the son kept playing with my body throughout the night and burning it in the fire of lust. My name is Sandhya, I am 42 years old, my husband is divorced. That’s why I live with my son with money I am a teacher, I teach in school. And live your life happily. Life was happy when I got married. There was property worth crores. But my ex boyfriend ruined my life. Because he used to have sex with me since I was a virgin. And after marriage 1 day made pressure and he made relation with me and all this my husband saw. On the same day he decided to give divorce, after going to the court, I got divorce but friends, loneliness came in my life, I started living alone with my son. There is no shortage of anything in life because I got so much wealth after divorce that I bought a flat for myself and I had enough money to raise my children. I am teaching engineering to my son. And both of us are living happily, I also go to school, there you teach your students and then I teach and come home in the evening. Lived my life very well in the beginning, and still I live my life well, go to beauty parlour, go to park, do yoga, buy nice dress for myself. Tell the truth friends, today I am 42 years old but I look like I am a 25 years old girl. I look like someone who is not even married yet because I have maintained myself a lot. I wear 34 size bra, I am fair, I am beautiful, I have long hair, my tits are tight, I have a round ass, I would not call myself slim. But yes it is a broken body. I am a hot and sexy woman. People stare at me a lot. But my profession is that of a teacher, so you also know that a teacher has a respect in the society, that’s why I am not able to do that. I am left feeling sad. I feel like making someone a boyfriend, but I am afraid, don’t know when who will see and then the matter will come on respect, friends. Now I come directly to the story that when I was feeling so much, I kept thinking that I don’t have to do anything, I have to live my life well, but my son forced me to do all that which I did not want to do. . It is a matter of 1 day that my son is studying in the second semester. He had come home. I live in Sarojini Nagar Delhi. You know guys when the kid comes home from college. So how happy the mother is, in the same way I was also happy and started pampering a little more. And when the son If there is one and there is no child, even if there is no husband, then love increases even more, friends. Hugging, shaking hands, holding my son from behind, when I was talking breads, he stood holding me from behind, all this was a common thing. But I made a mistake, it’s a matter of 1 day, I ran a lot throughout the day, because of this I was having a lot of headache and back pain. The whole body was breaking down, so in the evening I said to my son, bring a tablet, my hands and feet are hurting a lot. If I eat, I will get relief. He also brought the tablet but to no avail, friends, it was around 10:00 in the night. When I was getting upset, my son said that mother, I bring oil for you and apply it on your hands and feet and massage it well. I said no no no it will be fine no problem but he did not agree and then came with oil. I will not call him wrong here because at that time there was no emotion in his mind. As he started applying oil to my fair legs and I raised my petticoat above my knees for fear of getting oil. Friends, something started happening to him. His body language had changed, he was taking deep breaths and was staring at me. My son is taking care of me by caring for me, that’s why he is looking like this. Slowly he started taking his hands till my thigh. I didn’t even refuse because massage is done like this. Then he massaged my hands and asked me to lie down on my stomach. When I lay down on my stomach, he started applying oil on my waist, friends, he was applying oil on the back which is between the petticoat and blouse. Slowly he started massaging me from bum to bum till my shoulder. Now something was starting to happen to me friends because he is also a man, I also felt that his cock was erect at that time. My eyes started turning red, I also started taking my fingers, my son also started feeling that my mother is getting sensuous. Then he asked me to straighten up and then he started caressing my thighs slowly slowly he applied oil on my stomach and then started opening the hooks of the blouse. Friends, I could not say anything, I kept taking it the same way and kept looking at him, opened the hood of my blouse and started trying to open my bra and the hook of the bra is at the back, I became a little yours, he hooked the bra too. opened up. My big, round, solid and tight nipples were in front of him, friends, immediately he started putting your remembrance in his hand on both my nipples. Slowly he started rubbing my nipples, I myself started pressing my lips with my teeth. Friends, I had become sensual, current was running in my whole body. I spread my hand he came close to me I started sucking his lips. He started sucking my lips while pressing my nipples. Now started kissing on my shoulders, on my cheeks, on my neck, on my boobs. Friends, my body was on fire. After a long time someone was touching my body like this. She lifted my petticoat and opened it to my husband. I was wearing red color pant. Taking her husband in her hand, touched her nose and started sleeping and the intoxication of my pussy left him here. He went crazy, friends got crazy, separated both my legs and sitting in the middle started licking my pussy. Hot water started coming out of my pussy, friends, I was completely wet and he was licking my pussy with his tongue. I said to my son that will you lick or will you let me lick too. I also want to lick your cock. He immediately put his thick cock in my mouth. It was a wonderful cock. Friends fair tall fat. I started licking his cock, he started taking sobs, started grinding his teeth and I was sucking his cock as if I would quench the thirst of years today itself. Abu took his cock out of my mouth and again reached near my pussy and again he started licking my pussy because I was releasing a lot of water. I said son, I am not tolerating now, now you pacify my lust because my inner lust has flared up. He immediately put his cock on my pussy and pushed hard and started fucking hard friends. I could not help it and I myself started telling him to fuck me loudly and he also pushed me hard and started fucking me. I made him lie down and I climbed on top of him. I started rubbing my tits on his chest and sat holding his cock and pressing it on my pussy. Now they started pushing loudly from above, the sound of fuch fuch was coming in the whole room. And I was doing hi hi he was pushing me from below I am pushing from above it seemed like today I will break my son’s cock. We became a bitch my stolen ass was turned towards my son son took out his thick cock and put it in the middle of my pussy and started entering again forcefully sometimes he slaps my butt hard and grabs my hair Pulls hair and pushes hard from behind. I was blessed to have such a fuck, I had never felt like this before. When a young guy forcefully thrusts his cock into a women above 40, how does that woman come to life. And the woman’s sex drive flares up even more. Same happened with me my sex got fired i was asking my son to fuck harder and harder again and again and son was also helping me. Friends, my son’s semen also remained inside my pussy in 1 hour of sex, and we both fell asleep holding each other. I am going to write my second story soon on non-veg I hope you will visit this website daily so that whenever I post stories you can enjoy my stories and I wish the same. You also get a pussy like me so that you too can have fun if you do not have a hot girlfriend wife.

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