Picking up brother-in-law’s sister in her arms, Choda and also kicked her ass

Hello friends, I am Rajneesh Srivastava, a very warm welcome to all of you in Non Veg Story.com. I have been a regular reader of non veg stories since last many years and no such night goes by then I do not read its juicy chudai stories. Today I am telling you my story. I hope everyone will like this story. This is a real incident of my life. My sister got married in Mirzapur. I used to go to Didi’s house often. There were many places to visit in Mirzapur. That’s why I myself used to go to Didi’s house for a walk. My brother-in-law was an engineer in the dam here, so we could visit the dam anytime. Last time in Holi I went to Didi’s house. I met brother-in-law’s sister and my sister-in-law’s Nand Suhani. Friends, she was very hot and sexy. What was his figure? Was a good 5’6″ figure and full body. I thought in my mind that by whatever means I have to impress Suhani and how to fuck it. Slowly I started my mission. Sometimes I would help him in the kitchen and sometimes I would cut his vegetables. He loved new songs from Hindi films. I used to tell him songs of new movies every day. “Rajneesh!! After all, why do you massage me with so much oil??? Suhani would ask me in gestures, “I like you very much. Suhani I love you!!” I would have spoken But she understood my purpose very well. She knew how hard I wanted to fuck and pamper her. But she was also a 23-year-old young lady. Slowly she fell in love with me. Then I took him and went to visit the dam of Mirzapur. We both had a lot of fun there. We both sat hand in hand for a long time on the bank of the dam. I sucked his lips wholeheartedly. Ahh!! He had fresh pink lips like sweet paan. Now I wanted to fuck her and she wanted to kiss me. We both came home after walking around and having fun. In the evening, a friend of brother-in-law’s wife was to be delivered. So brother-in-law and my sister went there. Now Suhani and I were all alone at home. I went to Suhani’s room as soon as Didi and brother-in-law left. I asked she was just looking into my eyes. Then he nodded his head yes. I took her in my arms and started kissing. Suhani was wearing a light cotton T-shirt and shorts. First of all we both kissed. Then slowly we started moving forward. My hand went over Suhani’s tight T-shirt. I started pressing lightly and began to know its size. “Your is very big. What is the size of Mummy???” I asked “36” Suhani said, then I started pressing her boobs from the top of her T-shirt very fast. We started kissing again. For a long time, when I pressed her boobs from above, then Suhani became chudasi. Then he himself unbuttoned his T-shirt and bra. Now she was naked in front of me. Here I also took off my T-shirt and jeans. Now I was naked too. I put my hands on Suhani’s boobs. Like I touched the electric current wire. Uff!! How big, beautiful, round and round breasts were very beautiful. My heart was blown. My hands started running on his bare little chest. Suhani started making sounds of “..ahhhhhhh sseeee….aaaaaaa….aha…haha haha”. Slowly my hands started pressing on his succulent chest. Even if it was pleasant, it was like intoxication. Then I bowed down and started drinking his breasts. We were both standing and romancing. After some time, Suhani herself took off her shorts and took off her panty. I put my hand on his pussy and began to caress very quickly. We were both standing and completely bare. As I was caressing her pussy, “…… ai… ai….ai…… Then I lifted her in my lap. I put a cock in his pussy. Suhani held me tight. He grabbed my shoulders firmly. He clasped both his legs in my waist. Then I started kissing her fast. So both of us were trying a new pose today. I was hitting his pussy with sharp bangs. He was kicking his pussy in the air. I held him tightly. If I had not been a 6 ft gabru young boy, I would not have been able to lift him up like this. I was playing Suhani by tossing it in the air. She was kissing. I was tearing her virgin pussy. I was getting a lot of satisfaction. Suhani’s face was near my face. I used to kiss her whenever I wanted. Friends, it was a lot of fun that day. How did I kiss my brother-in-law’s sister? After a while, I started hitting even harder. It was taking a lot of strength to fuck him by lifting him in the air, but he was also enjoying a lot. From Suhani’s succulent pussy, the sound of pat pat chutt started coming. If she didn’t hold me tightly, she would have fallen down. His beautiful mother was pressing down on my chest. I was feeling happy. Uffff how muscular he was. He closed his eyes in excitement and enjoyed the gossip. After a while I couldn’t stop myself. While carrying it in his lap, he removed my goods in his pussy. Brother-in-law’s sister was now kissed. Now I let him down from my lap. “Rajneesh!! You’re so hot!!” After that we lie down on the bed. We fell asleep while kissing. At 9 o’clock in the night my sister got a call that she would stay in the hospital. Delivery is not done yet. I jumped with joy. “What happened Rajneesh??? Why are you so happy????” Suhani asked “Jan!! Tonight we can do ashes!! Because brother-in-law and didi will stay in the hospital tonight!!” I said and started caressing Suhani’s forehead. “You kiss me again now!! What’s the wait?” Suhani spoke like a desi chhinal and scrubber. We both started kissing again. Now both of us were about to lie down and fuck. My eyes fell on Suhani’s bare body. 1 pair of beautiful feet and their chubby 10 fingers, my head was spinning. I dropped everything and kissed her beautiful feet. His legs were smooth, shiny and fair. I kissed both his legs several times in turn. Lost senses. She was going away in shame. His knees were also milky white in colour. I gazed at her for a while and then kissed both the knees. The fragrance of Suhani’s pussy started coming in the nostrils of my nose. When the legs, ankles and feet are so beautiful, how will the queen of all these parts be her pussy?? I started thinking in my mind. When I saw Suhani’s darling thighs, it seemed that God was about to meet. His thighs were very round and fleshy. Her beauty was phenomenal. God had made him sitting in great leisure. I was caressing his bare body again and again. How I wanted to fuck her today. This was going to be our second round of chudai. My hands used to run again and again on Suhani’s naked chubby nipples. Her breasts were chubby and the size of a stretched coconut. How big and juicy it was. I was really enjoying holding him in my hand. My cock was fully erect. She was the mistress of a very fair and beautiful body. I took him in my arms. His breath started colliding with mine. We both started kissing. Once again my hands went to his waist and chubby buttocks. I was stroking his butt non-stop. He was having a lot of fun too. We both got hot. It was clear that now both of us were going to have a hot fuck. “Please Rajneesh!!! Come, don’t fuck me and how much will you torment me???” Suhani said pleadingly, I lay on her and I filled her teats in my mouth like a betel, then started sucking very quickly. I was having a lot of fun. Her nipples were very soft and soft. I was getting direct heaven. I drank brother-in-law’s sister’s teat for 15 minutes. Then put the cock in the pussy. I started kissing Suhani. He took me in his arms and started eating cocks very quickly. His face had turned pale. I was drinking his breath. My waist was going up and down very quickly. I was kissing him in a hurry. Her huge 36″ chests were weighing down on my chest. I felt very soft. Slowly the speed of my push started increasing. I quickly started hitting him. The sound of chattering started coming from his chest. I thought I was bursting Diwali crackers with him. I had become more and more intoxicated now. I started hitting more sharp blows in Suhani’s tummy. Then both of our bodies got stiff. I dumped my goods in his pussy. The second round of sex was over. I took out a bottle of orange juice from the fridge and poured milk into 2 glasses. We both drank juice. After that we both took bath and had fun together. Suhani went to cook. Till then I have seen a movie. It was now 2 o’clock in the night. We both were lying on the same bed as Suhani was scared to sleep alone at night. “Suhani!! Don’t give ass!!” I said “No Rajneesh! There will be pain!” Suhani said “Yes there will be pain but later you will get a lot of fun!!” I made him believe. After a lot of flattery, Suhani agreed to kiss her ass. I had a great desire to kill Suhani’s ass. After that I untied Suhani’s legs and put 2 thick pillows under her ass. Now the hole in his ass had come up. I bowed down and spit in his ass and bent down and started drinking his ass with my tongue. Friends, Suhani was very fair, so her ass was also very beautiful, smooth, white and beautiful. I licked Suhani’s ass with my tongue for a long time and enjoyed it. Then I put my 8″ fat cock on his ass and hit hard. Suhani “….uh uh uhm.. am…am…..hmmm ahhhhhh..ai…ai…ai…..” started shouting. Suhani’s ass seal was broken by my strong and powerful ladde. Blood was coming out of it. She was screaming. I slowly started to fuck his virgin ass. His ass was very tight. I slowly started taking my lode inside out. I was feeling very tight. I started feeding him. I was very happy to see him moaning in pain. I was battling in his ass. My fat cock had shown its wonder. Then after 15 minutes the pain in Suhani’s ass was over. I quickly started licking his ass. Suhani quickly started releasing hot hot air from her mouth. His eyes were turned upside down. His condition was bad. “….uh uh uh am.. am…..hmmmmm ahhhhhh..ai…ai…ai…..” She was making out the sound. I was getting happy. Then I started giving sharp blows in his ass. Uffff how tight and virgin ass was, it was beautiful. I banged his ass for 40 minutes and also dropped the goods in him. There was sweat on my body and forehead. There Suhani was also gasping. I took my cock out of his ass. She started licking her ass as she was still in pain. I put the cock in front of Suhani’s mouth and started to beat very quickly. After some time, again 5 of 6 pichkari goods came out of my cock which fell directly on Suhani’s mouth. She was feeling very chubby. He took my goods in his mouth and drank all the goods. This one was the best kiss we both have ever had. I put my cock in his mouth. She started sucking my 9″ lauda with pleasure. Slowly he started feeling better. She was also quickly beating my lad with her hand. I felt a different kind of sexual arousal. Now my gourds had become 3 inches thick. Suhani was sucking it like some ice cream. I was having fun My Lada looked like a peg. The tent was visible. Suhani started taking it deep inside her mouth and started sucking diligently. I started getting great joy. Now my penis was looking very beautiful and pink. The cock was fully erect. Suhani’s fingers were moving quickly on her and were thrashing my cock. I was enjoying I grabbed his head with both hands and as soon as he was lying down, he started licking his mouth. He could not even breathe. I really liked all this. I was enjoying oral sex for a long time. After that we both lay down together and slept. When didi came in the morning, she told that brother-in-law’s friend’s wife had a boy. Both the mother and the baby are healthy and there is nothing in danger. We were all very happy to hear this. How did you like the story, please give your comments on non veg story.com.

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