When I used to serve Baba, I used to dress like an angel.

Baba Ji Sex Story: Friends, today I am going to tell you a true story, my name is Savitri, I am 28 years old now, today I am telling you a story which till date I have not told anyone else, this story is mine. This is the biggest secret of life, and I am revealing that secret in front of you today, this story is true and very close to my life, so thought why not keep this story of my sex in front of you and you too. Let me have fun as I used to give to Baba. I live in an ashram, I do not have a husband, I have not even had any child, my mother-in-law has thrown me out of the house, I was told that after saying stumbling blocks, I thought why not serve the Lord and God Only a guru can show the path, so I went to an ashram, first I used to listen to satsang and then the same langar used to be said and used to stay in the shelter. And she did the same service. You are reading this story on non veg story. One day at five o’clock in the morning I was walking in the garden of the ashram, when Baba came to him, he asked me, what is your name, I bowed my head and said “Savitri” Baba Ji and then asked from where I belonged to my village. Told the name, then he said, well then you are from that district, I said yes baba ji, so ask how old are you? So I told that 28 years old, then he asked about my husband, then I told, he is no longer in this world, then he asked about my family, I said that those people have thrown me out of the house, Baba said since when have you been here, I said, I have been here for eighteen days, Baba ji, I have no one in this world, I get a lot of peace in your ashram, I do this service, and will continue to do so. Baba called one of your men, and said today you put this duty in my bedroom, from there you remove Champa, and today for this, bring clothes, and said that you meet me in the evening, and told that man To bring it at eight o’clock in the evening. I went away saying this, because there are thousands of people here, but I got the privilege of being close to Baba, I was happy. By evening, good clothes arrived for me, I got well prepared, because the work of decorating the duty in Baba’s bedroom was done in the ashram, in the evening that white sari, hair grew up, on which Mogra’s Flowers, Mogra aa flower around the neck, and not a blouse but a white cloth covering the breast and tied a knot at the back, Light colored lipstick on everyone’s lips, I was looking like an angel’s angel, I was very happy and was excited. In the evening, Baba Ji’s men took me to my sleeper, Baba, he was sitting and meditating, on a large red colored crop, he went and sat on his knees, Baba Ji said, Sadhvi, from today you are my Will be around, you take care of me from today. I said ok baba ji, baba ji’s bedroom was very big, there was a velvet carpet, we had eight other angels with us, baba used to call everyone angels, baba chanted bhajan and sat down, after that bhajan All the angels started dancing to the tune of it, I also started dancing, I already knew Kathak, today that dance has come in handy for me, seeing that I came in a role, slowly, I came in my life. After that, what should I tell friends, before coming to the sleeper, we were given a glass of saffron milk to drink, maybe there was some intoxicant in it, because the mind was light and drowsy, I had become cool while dancing, now a The hymn ended, then the second started, before that hymn, all the fairies, the cloth that was tied on each other’s breast, they opened. My nipples were the size of 34 like this, round round, my stomach flat, figure was very nice, then started dancing on the second bhajan, the nipples were moving from the top of the saree, everyone’s nipple was clearly visible, to be honest So there was a wonderful atmosphere, it seemed that Indrashan’s angel was there. After that, Baba got up and raised his hands, now everyone untied each other’s sari. Now all the fairies were naked, then there was a hymn and the fairies started dancing, that too completely naked, Baba ji sometimes took someone in the arm, the door was closed from all four sides, we were all fairies and Baba ji was inside, Baba In between, we were dancing in a roundabout way, Baba ji was also trembling, Baba would sometimes fill someone in the arm, then he started pressing each one’s nipples, and used to beat the butt like a tabla Are. All the fairies were smiling softly, Baba ji was swinging, my nipples had become very tight, the pussy had become wet, with Baba’s touch, my follicles were blooming, I was also dancing and wrapped in Baba Ji. It was, Baba started playing with my body, and then the hymn was over, Baba put his hand on my shoulder, all the fairies stood up, Baba Ji said, now meet you guys at the sweetest time when the world will wake up. I was new, I started seeing Baba Ji. Baba ji placed his hand on my shoulder, after that all the fairies used to kiss baba ji’s hand, then used to kiss my hand, you are reading this story on nonveg story.com, and was telling me, congratulations. Today you will take a trip to heaven, you are happy in turn……. Congratulations. I was looking at everyone in the same piece, and everything went in front of me, and the big brass door, closed, and Baba ji got me up and made me lie down on his big velvet mattress. Then Baba Ji took out all the garlands from his neck and placed it next to the bed, and then caressing my nipples, started biting my nipples with teeth, I was chirping, I was feeling very good, slowly he came up And then he started sucking my lips, then he untied my hair, and smelled the mogra flower, mashed it, and looked at me from top to bottom, then started kissing, I was drunk, it was very nice , I was shaking, then baba ji reversed me, and kissing my back, started playing the donkey like a tabla, then put his finger in my ass, then he straightened it, and separated my legs K, started putting fingers in the pussy, my pussy was very tight, Baba ji said I was waiting for such a pussy, got it today, you are very hot, you are Maneka, from today you will be very close to me. I said this is my luck, Baba ji, and then he started licking my pussy, I was telling Baba ji, all the fairies said right, happy heaven. You took me to heaven, and then put your cock on my pussy, and took out a Viagra from under the pillow and ate it, and then what should I tell friends, they started fucking, loudly their cock in my pussy I was doing ah ah ah ah, I was giving a lot of support, the ass lifted and pushed it from below and Baba ji was coming from above, the sound of fuchs was coming in the room, that was my nipples. They were kissing my lips, and by pushing hard, they were fucking me. For about an hour, I had fought three to four times, but Baba ji fought in the last. And they fell down, I was very tired, then Baba played the bell, an angel came and took me, bathed me with milk, applied perfume, changed my clothes again, and again left me in Baba’s room. Now I had to take care of Baba throughout the night, in this way now I used to kiss every night, and Baba Ji used to fuck me.

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