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College sex story : Hello friends, Bindu Dubey welcomes all of you to non veg story. In 2015, a friend of mine told me about a non veg story. Since then I read the Mast Mast Kahani here everyday and get my boyfriend to kiss everyday. Today I am going to tell you my real story. I Kasganj[ यू पी] I belong to the district and study in Government Degree College. This doctor is affiliated to Bhim Rao Ambedkar University Agra. I had taken admission in B.Sc (Maths) and I used to go to college everyday. Friends, there was no other degree college in our Kasganj. That was it. That’s why I had to write my name in it. Initially I didn’t know anything about it. But slowly I started to know all its secrets. The professors here used to molest girls and used to call them to their house to increase the number and used to take sex. Instead, he used to put full attendance and give good marks in the exam. So when I started studying in B.Sc first year I was scared. After a few days, Deepak sir came to teach in our class. He was a resident of Etawah. He was of very tall and wide stature. He taught very well. There were dark pits under his eyes. He used to teach us Algebra and Trigonometry. Slowly I saw that Deepak sir started staring at me and thrashing my milk in class all day. I used to go to school wearing a gray shirt and white salwar and dupatta. My mum was very big at 38″, so I could not hide my milk from Deepak sir even if I wanted to. All the girls from above were asked to sit in front. I used to wear a very dark neck shirt, so Deepak sir could see my mum clearly. When I saw many times, his cock used to stand seeing me in class and he just wanted to fuck me. There was a rule of 75% attendance in the college, 200 rupees was fined daily for not coming, so I used to come daily to study. After a few days my father had a heart attack and we had to take him to Lucknow. In all this, I could not go to college for the full 2 ​​months. When I went, everyone told that my name has been struck off. Hod our class teacher Deepak sir [विभाग अध्यक्ष] That’s why I read to talk to him. I told him everything in detail. “Sir… please sir, don’t kick me out of college sir. I am from very poor house, how will I be able to enroll in B.Sc again” I said “…then ok….60 days you were missing and so give 12000 rupees, your name will be written again” Deepak sir said “ Hey….sir, my father is already admitted in hospital. He has had a bypass surgery….All the money was spent in our treatment, now I will get 12000 from where” I said so I requested Deepak sir a lot. “Point….. what if there is no money. You have many more. You are beautiful….you are sexy… night from me…..just kiss me one night, I will put all your attendance, I will not take any money and give you good marks” Deepak sir said I was very scared to hear this . “Think… Think…. Think comfortably Bindu…. When dil kare mere paas aa song” Deepak sir said, after that I went home. After a few days, I decided that how I would kiss Deepak sir to continue my studies. Next day I went to Deepak sir’s room. He was doing some work sitting at his desk. As soon as I entered his room he was very happy to see me. Deepak sir immediately understood that I am ready to kiss. For many days he used to tease me and for many days he wanted to kill my juicy pussy. Today his wish was about to come true. “Hello sir, I am ready to kiss, just complete my attendance and give good marks in the exam” I said “Come on Bindu, come sit near” Deepak sir said friends, I was not liking all this but, I had to do this. This was my compulsion. I sat on the chair next to Deepak sir. Where is that 6 feet long and wide mother’s big man, where I am a 5 feet tall girl. There was very little crowd in the college that day. Very few people were coming to meet Kisir. Sir put his hand on my salwar over the pussy in his room itself and started caressing the pussy. Whereas everything was open there. It was 11 o’clock, the big door of Deepak sir’s room was also open. Anyone could come in at any time. But that bastard master was frozen. And was probably planning to fuck me in college itself. Deepak sir was pointing fingers at my pussy with the left hand, and with the right hand was doing some written reading work. For half an hour, he kept caressing my pussy sitting in his department. Then some students came to meet him for some work. Deepak sir immediately removed his hand from my pussy. When those people left, Deepak sir put his hand inside my dupatta in my college dress shirt and started caressing my milk. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I started doing it. Because I had become very hot and my heart started to kiss me too. Deepak sir kept molesting me and 4 o’clock came. The college closed and all the children went home. Now the whole college was in his hands. He told the peon that if no one goes to his room, then he is doing some important work of the college. Then he closed the door of his department and came and clung to me. Sir was caressing my pussy and drinking milk for so long, so I too became hot and was in the mood to kiss. “O Bindu, my darling……..I have never seen a beauty like you. You will have a lot of fun in fucking.” Sir said after that he made me stand up from the chair and cling to me. By filling me in his arms, he started having fun. I too had become a little bit chubby, so I also filled him in my arms. He was a full 1 foot taller than me, I was very short and I could not even reach his shoulder. Deepak sir started smelling my fragrance with pleasure. Similarly, by blackmailing him, he had chocked many girls, today the number of kissing was mine. After sometime Deepak sir’s hand went on my milk and he started pressing my mother while standing. I started doing u u ooo….oo… Sir and started pressing my 38 inch milk vigorously, then I don’t even know why it started feeling very good. After sometime Sir made me lie down on his long table. “Bindu, let’s get naked soon” Sir said, then I started taking off my clothes, and my head. When I had to kiss my head’s 8″ long loaf in a while, I also removed my bra and panty. Sir also became completely naked. Big windows were installed in this department of Deepak sir, even after closing its door there was no shortage of light. He could easily fuck me. The fans were running and giving very good air. I lay down on his very long table and kept my head standing. Then he leaned on me and started drinking my milk. My 38″ very big smooth white breasts were caught by the head in the mouth and started drinking with pleasure. He was not married. He had already turned 40 years old. That’s why I now understand that Deepak sir must have blackmailed the girls like this and used to quench his thirst for sex in the same way. Similarly, he would have enjoyed sex because he had a wife. He put his right hand on my left milk and my right mother started sucking with tongue. He was chewing on my black black nipples and drinking my chutchi as if I am his property and his girlfriend. Then he also filled my left milk in his mouth and started having fun. Meanwhile, my pussy started melting like some wax and started flowing. The white goods of my pussy started flowing out of it. When Deepak sir got the fragrance of my goods, he left my succulent milk and came on my juicy pussy and started licking my burrows like a thirsty dog. I started sobbing. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss My sensual voice was making the head crazy and he was constantly licking my burr with his long tongue, drinking and enjoying it. Then the head put his long middle thick finger in my bosom and the finger started licking my juicy burdock. I groaned. Today, a man had put his finger in my bosom. Friends, imagine the finger of a 6 foot tall man, how long it should be. His middle finger was 6 inches long. He was licking my succulent bur with his pearl finger and was licking it with his tongue on the edge of the bur. I was repeatedly raising my ass. “U U U U U U……Aaaaaaaaaaaaa…chodiye sir…..Chode my juicy pussy with your pearl finger and sir!!” I said, after that, after caressing my finger on my light broom, put a finger in my pussy thousands of times and licked it with tongue and made me burp. “Chodia sir, now I am not going to stay……” I said after that sir took out his 6” long finger from my bur and started drinking my white goods by putting it directly in the mouth. He put me on the table directly in front of his cock, kept me standing and put his 7” long cock in my pink bosom and adjusted the cock properly. Then Deepak sir started fucking me with pleasure. He was standing and holding my waist and putting his juicy cock in my juicy pussy, he was fucking me. I was taking it on his table itself and was chugging with pleasure. If the head’s cock would be two and a half inches thick, I could feel his manhood clearly in my pussy. They were licking me bitterly. He was holding my waist tightly. Chudte chudte sir caught the speed of 100 and very quickly started putting cocks in my pussy. My mother started shaking loudly as if some storm or earthquake had come. In the meantime, Sir put his hand on the grain of my pussy and started rubbing and rubbing very quickly. “Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhssssssssssss… .EEEEEEE…Aur tej chodiye sir….You are doing a great job!!!” I stated. After that Deepak sir got completely stunned and started slamming me and fucking. Due to his non-stop banging, I used to lift my stomach and waist again and again and probably wanted to avoid his fat lode, but the head used to lift me from the waist and slam me on the table again and slammed my burr. But he did not take his lauda out of my bosom for a single second. Similarly, Sir Choda me for 1 hour non stop and left his goods in my pussy. “Aaaaaahhhhhhh….” After kissing I let out a long breath. “Sir, you do a great banging!!” I said “Yes….but I am not getting married due to lack of job, neither I am getting any wife nor her pussy. I get only 7 thousand in this private degree college, so I am not getting married” Deepak sir said “No matter sir… Anyway, I’ve had a lot of fun kissing you!!” I said, Sir became very happy after hearing this and lay down on me and started drinking my lips. After some time he made me a mare on his long table and came from behind and started kissing and kissing my big white butt and hindquarters. I too did not protest in any way and kept licking my strong frills from my head with pleasure. After that Sir found my juicy pussy valley and started licking my pussy valley with his tongue and started drinking. I raised my ass and backyard. Deepak sir was standing on the ground and was drinking the cleft of my pussy with pleasure. After both my smooth thighs were closed, my bur had emerged from the back side, which made it look more attractive to the head. Sir kept drinking my burr for a long time, then putting his long and powerful cock started fucking me in doggy style from behind. I had a lot of fun They fucked me for 40 minutes and removed the goods only on my smooth white butts. You are reading this story on Non Veg

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