Younger brother gave me the happiness of paradise

I Manjari today welcome everyone to Non Veg Today I am going to tell you my secret story. I am 20 years old at the moment. I have just taken admission in B.A. I’m young. My boobs are also 32″. But I hope that in a few years they will reach the size of 36. Friends, my friends told me about sex one day. In fact, I was too scared and nervous to talk about sex and sex. Whereas all my friends used to make a lot of fun with their Majnus and used to enjoy the paradise. Slowly I started feeling like having sex from inside. I didn’t run away from my friends anymore. Earlier, when my friend used to talk about sex, I used to get up from there and leave. I was ashamed to hear these things. But slowly I opened up. Now I used to listen and enjoy the tales of my friends’ chudai. “Dude Madhavi!! Get me set up by some guy too. I also want to have fun with sex” I told my friend. “Okay man!! I will find a boy for you” Madhavi said. But friends didn’t do anything with that combo. Taking a walk with her lover. She chuckled with pleasure and Kamini didn’t do anything for me. Slowly I came to know that my hand is Jagannath. That means I have to do my work. One day I caught my brother red-handed beating him. The idea came in my mind that why not kiss my real brother. In the evening, when my father had gone to the market, I called my younger brother Mahavir. He is 19 years old and just 1 year younger than me. “Mahavir !! As soon as mom and dad come, I will tell them that you go to the bathroom and fist !! I threatened him. “No sister!! Please don’t do that! I will do whatever you say. I didn’t have a pussy to kill, so I get my work done with my fists. Sister please!! Don’t tell mom and dad about this!!..if you say so, I will give you my pocket money!” Mahavir spoke. I got happy. “Okay my brother!! I won’t tell mom and dad about you!! Nor do I want your pocket money” I said “….. so what do you want ????” Mahavir said “…. brother, give me sex and fun. Look, you have a cock, not a pussy. I have a pussy, no cock. That’s why you give me a cock, I will give you a pussy!” I said to Mahavir “….But didi, will you tell this to anyone, will you not???’ Brother said “…. no re!!” After that I said friends, both of us stuck to each other. Brother started drinking my lips. In no time my younger brother Mahavir stripped me naked and I got him. He was happy seeing my milk. “Wow ! Elder sister ! Your milk is very cool” said the brother. ‘Yellow! Yellow !! Drink it easy!” I said. Mahavir used to drink my cool milk filled in his mouth. His eyesight was weak, so he used to wear glasses. Brother was drinking my milk, but his glasses had not come off. Because friends, due to the removal of glasses, a severe pain starts in his head. I was taking it on the sofa. She was giving milk to her real brother. Soon I was going to kiss my brother. Friends, I do not understand why sisters cover their brothers. I say that every sister should kiss her brother and enjoy life. My younger brother was drinking my milk by moving his mouth like a child. He was praising me again and again. After sometime he took my second milk in his mouth and started drinking it with pleasure. I opened my salwar slogan. Removed salwar and panty. I got naked in front of my younger brother. Mahavir started kissing my soft velvet belly. Then started kissing my sexy long navel. I liked it very much. My whole body started tingling. Mahavir came on my pussy like a hero. My pussy was very sexy. It was a very beautiful red pussy. Mahavir started looking at my pussy by touching it. The touch of his fingers on the pussy made me crazy. My pussy started tingling. I had cleaned the fringes in the morning itself. This made my bur look very beautiful and sexy. The younger brother started drinking my pussy. Friends, the biggest advantage of drinking pussy is that the girl gets ready to kiss soon. If a boy is not in the mood to kiss his goods, then his mind is formed quickly. That’s why I was giving pussy to Mahavir. So that I can be ready to kiss soon. Mahavir was continuously drinking my burr without stopping. I was having a lot of fun. It seemed very sweet. Very good filling was coming. The awakening of sex and sex had started in my body. My younger brother was drinking my burr by taking out his tongue from Mahavir. Just as my mother used to apply ghee to the paratha with a spoon while cooking the paratha, in the same way, Mahavir was spraying his saliva in my bur with his tongue. My pussy had become very hot. I started lifting my waist and ass. Now I could not bear it for a long time without eating lauda. I wanted to eat Bhai Ka Lauda quickly. But Mahveer was drinking my pussy like a man of more age. Then he started caressing the lips of my pussy with his finger. I groaned. Then Mahavir started touching and caressing my clitoris with his finger. There was an earthquake in my pussy. Mahavir started rubbing my pussy vigorously. Like in the morning, women rub and grind the spices on the cob. In the same way, Mahavir started rubbing my pussy with his finger and started grinding. “Brother !! Now fuck me quickly!!….quickly put your cock in my pussy and start thrashing or else I will die!!” I said like a drunkard who wants to drink alcohol but is not getting it anywhere. Mahavir took off his brief. I saw my real brother’s lauda for the first time. My brother was young now. I was proud of this. Seeing Mahavir’s lauda, ​​I could tell that my brother is now young. Mahavir’s Lauda must have been quite a lot of 7 8 inches. It was pretty fat too. He opened my legs. Put a thick pillow under my waist and ass. It benefited that my pussy got up. Mahavir got his Lauda to land on my pussy like the plane lands on the runway. My pussy was completely virgin. Because I didn’t even have any lover who would give me the pleasure of Chodta and Paradise. That’s why my brother had now become my lover. Mahavir took hold of his lauda in his hand and kept it on the door of my pussy and started pushing inside. But his cock used to run upwards. Couldn’t get into my pussy. Mahavir adjusted my waist. It came directly on my pussy and holding the cock close to the root with the hand, he hit a forceful 1 push. Friends, my mother got sucked. Because my seal was broken. I started having severe pain. Mahavir grabbed me tightly by the hands and feet and started choking. I am no longer a virgin. My younger brother turned out to be promising. I was having fun. His lauda was soaked with the blood of my pussy. Some of my pussy whistles had opened. I looked down amidst the pain. My brother was kissing me with fun. I was happy that now I will also be able to narrate the tales of my sex to my friends. I picked up my phone and took some pictures of Mahavir kissing me. After some time Mahavir left his boiling material in my boiling pussy. The next day in college, I met my friends. “I’m sorry Manjari!!! Man, I forgot about you. I will definitely get your setting done!!” Madhavi said. “Let it stay!! Sister’s Ladi!! I’ve found a cock for myself!” I said. I opened my purse while eating. Took out the phone and showed everyone hot pictures of sex. All the friends’ mother got chuckled. Everyone was blown away. “O.. Sisterhood!! Who is this boy???’ Madhavi and other friends started asking. Everyone was surprised. Everyone’s eyes were torn apart. “….the younger brother is mine!! I ate his cock last evening!!” I said “Oh sister!! Manjari! You have become a sister’s daughter-in-law” Madhavi said “….yes!! And what does All of you keep clinging to your lovers. You guys don’t have time for me” I said “… that’s right sister. You had a lot of fun yesterday by becoming sister’s maiden. That’s right Manjari!!! That’s right!!” Everyone started praising me. I told everyone how my brother Mahaveer fucked me. Friends, after a few days, I wanted to kiss my brother again. On Sunday morning, everyone in my house sleeps till 11 o’clock.. This was a good opportunity to kiss my brother. I got up at 5 in the morning and went to Bhai Mahavir’s room. He was sleeping with the gandu necker off. I entered his quilt and began to caress his bullets and lauda. Friends, the cocks of boys stand in the same way in the morning. When I began to caress Mahavir’s lauda, ​​he stood up within a few seconds. Mahavir was still sleeping. But I lay down next to him and he started licking the body. He was completely naked in the quilt. Maybe he lays like this everyday without clothes. I started kissing his body. Started kissing her chest. She started brushing her teeth. But still he kept sleeping. I started rubbing his peeler, his lauda and his bullets with my hand. Slowly his lauda started coming in formidable shape. Seeing the huge size of my brother, I started wondering if this is the same Lauda, ​​so I had eaten that day in the evening. I took my brother’s cock in my hand and started banging it loudly. After sometime friends, my younger brother Mahavir woke up. “Brother !! You are sleeping here. And here I have a urge to kiss. Please wake up man!! Please kiss me how brother!!” I said “My dear sister!! Ok. I will definitely fulfill your wish!! I will definitely kiss you!!” Brother spoke. Friends, then he took off all my clothes. I got naked. Brother climbed on me. Hey Mast Mast started pressing smooth milk with his hand. My breasts were full and very sexy and smooth. Mahavir kept grasping my nipples with his hand as a rope. I was getting a lot of fun from the touch of a man in my chest. There was a sensation in the whole body. Fi Mahavir filled my milk in his mouth and started drinking with pleasure. Aaah!!. Friends, I was having so much fun. My brother Mahavir was drinking my milk very well. This was a wonderful thing. Then he came on my pussy and started drinking with pleasure. For some time he kept drinking my pussy. Then he started fingering my pussy. I started tossing my waist and ass. Aa aa ha ha ai ai ai!! started doing Mahavir started thrashing my pussy loudly with his 3 fingers. I started enjoying paradise. I had a lot of fun guys. After some time brother put his 7 inch long lauda in my hot pussy and started taking my pussy with pleasure. I started getting excited about Chudas. I jumped on the soft and soft bed and started kissing. I was really enjoying seeing all this. Where would I go out and make a boyfriend? That’s why I had made my real brother my boyfriend. Mahavir started pushing me loudly. After sometime, when I started lifting my waist, he put both my legs on his shoulders and started choking me like a chisel. I jumped my waist and started kissing me with fun. My pussy was full. It was full of meat. My brother Mahavir was hitting my pussy with great valor. Had a lot of fun guys. He was giving cock only in my fist. Lund was raining on my puddi. Brother was fucking me like a scoundrel. I was tossing my hands and feet. Friends, after some time Mahavir left his goods in my Gujiya. When he took out his lauda, ​​my gujiya was full of his goods. Then his goods came out of my pussy and started flowing downwards. If Mahavir’s goods were put on the bed, then the mother could have come to know about us. That’s why my brother Mahavir immediately filled the material coming out of my pussy in his hand and put it in my mouth. Brother’s hot hot stuff I drank whole. I had a lot of fun guys. Then the brother made me sit on his cock and started choking. I was having a lot of fun this time too. That’s why I jumped again and started kissing. Mahavir held my waist firmly in his hands. Like a snake is tied on my thin sexy waist. Brother was caressing my delicate velvety thongs and choking me by tossing it up and down. He used to get very sizzling as he cooked, and used to press my milk with great force like a juicy tomato. I thought it was a lot, friends, but it was also a lot of fun to press. That’s why I would say that all the girls should definitely get their brothers kissed once. My brother Mahveer kept banging me on the soft bed with fun and started pressing my juicy tomatoes. I was enjoying heaven, friends. Then the brother took the second tomato in his hand and, hitting me, started pressing it too. After sometime I got angry on Mahavir’s lode. You are reading this story in Non Veg Desi sex story, mast chudai kahani, girl sex story, saheli ki bhai, chudai ladke, girl ki chudai, desi kahani, mast kahani, kamuk kahani, sexy girl sex, girlfriend se, indian sex kahani, mast chudai, desi chudai story, sexy girl sex, sex story, fun sex

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