Rainy day exotic sex with my Teacher

Hi guys, my name is Ritesh . This incident of the sex with teacher happened 3 years ago. I was 21, and I was doing my college. During those days, I was so proactive that I used to…

Hi guys, my name is Ritesh . This incident of the sex with teacher happened 3 years ago. I was 21, and I was doing my college. During those days, I was so proactive that I used to participate in most of the extracurricular activities. I was into athletics and sports as well. So I had to maintain my physique to perform well.
I am a 5.11 ft tall and average built body with a muscular tone. I have a fair complexion and strong jawlines and good beard, which makes me more attractive. I was a smart and good student in the class. I used to top in most of the subjects except accounts.
I did my  college studies in delhi. My accounts  teacher’s name was Neha (name changed). She was 5.9 ft tall, wheatish complexion with baby rose lips. She weighed around 60 kg. Yes, she was chubby, and her body figure was approximately 34-28-34. She was stunning and hot.
She was young, her age was 28, and she was still unmarried. She looked more or less like Anushka Shetty. Eventually, she became the crush for many students. She was hot and admirable. But I didn’t personally like her due to her way of treating me in class.
She used to discriminate against me in class a lot. I really got pissed at her for her behavior. Until one day, things went upside down between us. Once after the revision exams were completed, I scored really bad in the accounts exam. So Neha ma’am asked me to meet her after school in her home for special classes.
A few of my classmates were also asked to join that special class. So from the next day, I used to go to her house after my volleyball practices were over. Her house was just 2 streets across from my home. So it hardly took 10 minutes to walk.
I realized that I was late. Yet she still allowed me with a pissed off face. I sat on the desk and started taking some notes of her teaching. But I didn’t know how it happened. My eyes were distracted and started observing her ass, swaying while she was writing on the board.
She was wearing a pink light cotton saree. I could see her navel, her curvy waist, and I was floating in thoughts of my fantasy world. The next moment she asked me questions. I answered a few of it and blinked for the other questions.
She then took me as an example and started giving advice to other students saying that I’m not good for education. I was angry and worried at the same time. Later the classes came to an end. Neha ma’am said she wanted to have a word with me. She asked me to stay until all the other students left.
She came and sat nearby me, and started to give advice. Later, she placed her hand on my thigh and started speaking smoothly, saying, “Ritesh, I don’t know what’s going on with you, I know that you perform well on every other subject except accounts, why?” For which even I didn’t have the answer.
I was staring at her hands on my thigh for a few minutes. Neha ma’am then held my chin and made me face her. Her face was so close to mine, I didn’t know what was happening. I had a hard-on. Her hand, which was on my thigh, noticed my erection by sensing the bulge in my pants.
I stared into her eyes for a good long 3 minutes, and she whispered slowly while her face was just an inch away from mine. She said, “Look, Ritesh, the principal called me yesterday afternoon to his office and asked me to take extra care of you in accounts. As you scored 2nd in tenth, he has expectations on you now.”
I was listening to her soft words, while her warm breath from her mouth and nose were falling on my face and lips. With her soothing soft words, she whispered again, saying, “I’m sorry for being tough on you, but don’t let me down by not performing well in your accounts exam, please Ritesh. I depend on you.”
I was puzzled and stunned at the same time. Not knowing what to react and her glossy pink lips were so close to mine, and it was so arousing. I then backed off, breaking the hot intimate moment. I knew I would regret that for my life. I said, “Thank you, ma’am,” and went to her door.
The moment I opened the door, the sky thundered like anything and freaked the hell out of me, causing heavy rain. The ground got wet in a few seconds. Seeing that heavy rain, Neha asked me to stay for a while and leave after the rain ends. So I said yes. I went to the hall and sat on the sofa.
For a few minutes, I started using my mobile. 5 minutes later, Neha came with 2 cups of coffee and offered me one. I took and started drinking. Meanwhile, she started bugging me with few questions like, “Why aren’t performing well in maths nowadays, do you have a girlfriend, are you distracted by those?”
I said no, and she started shooting her next question. “Then what is it? Don’t say that you are wasting your time in porn and stuff.” I was shocked for the moment by her thoughts and said in a harsh tone, “No ma’am, not like that. If that’s the case, I shouldn’t be performing well in other subjects also, right?”
My statement made sense to her. She then gave a few seconds of thought and asked me in an innocent pity tone, “ Then is it because of me? I’m so tough on you, did that make you hate me, so you started hating the subject as well?”
I didn’t respond for a few moments, she realized that was the reason. Immediately she came and sat left side to me, so close. She then placed her right hand on my thigh, and her left hand was wrapping my shoulder. My arms were touching her side breast.
I didn’t react, but my cock started to have another round of hard-on. Neha came so close to me and started talking in a pity whispering tone, she said “Ritesh, I’m really sorry for being so tough on you. I thought that would make you focus and study hard, I didn’t mean this to happen.”
She was about to cry. That’s when I started comforting her with my words saying, “It’s okay, ma’am, once you were my crush,” in a bright tone. Hearing that Neha looked up at my face with a bit of excitement, she said, “Really, then what about now?”
I couldn’t be so rude to her. So I said, “I like you and admire you, ma’am. But at the same time, you treated me so badly that I eventually even stopped admiring you.”
Hearing that her face reaction went dull. She turned towards me and cupped my face with her cold soft hands. I stared at her eyes while she came so close to me. We were back in that old position. Her lips were just an inch away from me. She said, “I’m sorry,” her words were so soft.
Her breath was directly hitting my face and my lips. She started slowly leaning towards me. I closed my eyes, and that’s when I felt her soft wet lips touching mine. I couldn’t resist any longer. My hands reached her head and her back. I hugged her tight and pressed her head close, making the kiss stronger and more passionate.
Her hands were running through my hair. Meanwhile, my right hand was exploring all of her back, her waist, and her soft, smooth skin. We made kisses, which evolved into a tongue kiss. Soon our tongues started playing with each other making our mouth more wet and warm with our breath flowing inside us.
She took a further initiative by bringing her hands inside my shirt. Her cold hands touching my skin was making me very horny. Her hand reached my nipples, fondling and rubbing it. So I took my next step by moving my hand to her waist and pressed hard, making her more erotic.
She came closer and closer to every minute of our kisses. Finally, she stood up. She sat on my thighs, facing me. I started kissing her neck, her earlobes, her forehead, and all of her cute face. In that position, I also tried to unhook her blouse and her bra. And removed her pallu completely.
She was now in her blouse and petticoat. But to make things easier, she held my hands and placed them on her breast, pleading me to press it hard and squeeze her soft melons hiding inside her breast. She unhooked and removed her blouse and bra in the blink of my eye.
But still, she didn’t remove her bra completely. She was wearing a lacy grey bra compressing those two cute big boobs inside it, making a hot deep cleavage. Her hands now started removing my t-shirt by kissing my neck and all over my face. Her unhooked bra fell on the ground.
We both were topless now, she was sitting on my thigh in face-off position. Her boobs were rubbing against my chest. I sensed her hard nipples. She held my head and pulled it towards her breast, and buried my head between those two marvelous soft juicy boobs.
And her smell was so provoking. I started sucking her boobs so intimately. My hand was on her waist, and my other hand was pressing bouncy, soft ass. Meanwhile, she was kissing my neck and cheeks, making it all wet.
She started moaning in a low tone and whispered in my ear, saying, “Ritesh, I love you, give me more, take me to the bed. Eat me, please, Shiva, please, give me all you have.” Her naughty words made my dick so hard. She even sensed that her words are having an effect on me.
I lifted her to my waist as she was, and I walked to her bedroom. As soon as we went there, I dropped her down. She was in a hasty mode trying to remove her petticoat. I went near her, trying to help her, and once that was removed, she pushed me to the wall and started kissing me all over my face.
She started kissing my neck, chest, she even licked my nipples, my navel hole and reached to my pant. I was unbuttoning my pants, she unzipped my pants, grabbed hold of my dick, which was popping out. She started kissing and sucking my dick.
I had a 7-inch straight dick. So it was not easy for her to take my entire dick into her mouth. I removed my pants. She was desperately sucking my dick and my nutsack. She stopped sucking my dick and started stroking my dick so fast. In the next 2 minutes, I warned her that I was about cum.
She didn’t stop, she kept jerking me, and at the last moment. She placed my dick in her mouth, and I cummed in her mouth. She swallowed it. But she was still horny, and she kissed me again all over my body. I didn’t want to miss the chance, so I started kissing her back.
Meanwhile, my hands slipped into her panties and started rubbing her pussy. It was already wet with her warm juices still dripping from her pussy. I inserted my middle finger, and she hugged me tightly. She whispered in a moaning tone, “Deeper Ritesh, go deeper.”
Hearing those words, I inserted my index finger and my ring finger as well. Slowly I went deeper and deeper, making her moan louder and louder. I had an erection again after a few minutes of rubbing her fully shaved wet pussy. While my other hand sliding into her panties to grab and squeezing her ass.
I also played with her asshole for a few minutes. I started rubbing and inserting my fingers to and fro into her pussy made her attain her 1st orgasm. She removed her panties. I took her to the bed and slowly tried to insert my penis into the pussy in a missionary position.
She started to scream with that pleasurable pain. Once my dick got in, I fucked her for a few minutes, and we shifted to the doggy style. I leaned forward, fucking her, and my right went for the boobs. I started pressing and playing with them.
Meanwhile, my other hand reached her pussy from the front and started rubbing it, making her hornier. A few minutes of fucking in the doggy style, she was on top of me. She was moving her hips to and fro. We were in a cowgirl style. While my hands were pressing her boobs.
Her finger on my lips and playing with my tongue. Her movement started getting faster, she was humping on my cock. Five minutes later, I lifted my body and sat on the edge of the bed and made her sit on my lap. My dick was finding its way into her pussy, and my face was buried between those melons.
My hands wrapped her waist completely, and her hands were running through my hair. She was scratching my back due to the immense pleasure. I fucked her in that position for straight 10 minutes, then, while I was about to cum. I had no intention of cumming out and wasting my load.
So I hugged her tight and buried my face deep in her cleavage between those round juicy melons and cummed inside her. At the same time, she also let out a big loud moan and reached her climax.
We sat in that position for a few minutes. She stood up, lifting her pussy hole from my penis. Her juice mixed with my cum oozing out of her pussy, falling all over my lap. We both stood up, kissed for another long time.
Later we stood there staring at each other, wondering how it will be between us after this incident. We went to the washroom, washed, came back, got dressed. To make things less weird and more romantic, we helped each other in dressing.
I helped her hook the bra and wear the panties. She helped me wear my pants. She wasn’t completely dressed. She was just wearing her bra and panties and covered her body with the blanket.
We noticed that the rain had stopped long before. I kissed her for the last time, like there is no tomorrow. After kissing, I hugged her so tight and whispered into her ears, saying, “Neha, I love you. I want you more.” She kissed me again and said, “I will see you Tomorrow.”
It was already 9 pm. So I rushed back home filled with the excitement of having mesmerizing sex with one of the hottest teachers in our school.
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