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Hi friends, I am Sunny Kashyap welcome all of you to non veg story. I read hot sexy story of non veg story everyday, today I am telling you my story. I am a resident of Sitapur. I had taken admission in BA in college and our classes had started running. There were 25 girls in the class, but most of them were black and of no use. If there were 10 girls then they were married and they had already been kissed by their respective husbands. Some girls did not talk much to the boys, maybe they were afraid that some boy might fuck them. Altogether there were 3 girls who used to talk sweetly to the boys and were in a mood to kiss. Among all the girls, a girl named Priya Rani was very cool. I had a big heart to fuck him and my cock gets erect to see him. She was 5 feet 4 inches, fair, full body, her lips were so cool that when I used to see her, I used to want to give a cock in her mouth and suck it a lot and keep her burr torn by choking. I’ll give Slowly, seeing Priya Rani, I started chugging. One day it was 2 in the afternoon, I was walking in my college building on the art side. I don’t know why my mind was upset today, and I didn’t feel like going to class today. I crossed 4 rooms and stood by a balcony on the side and started smoking cigarettes. So I got fucked from a college room hot hot ohhhh mom… ahhhhhh uhhhhh…. U U U… Suck Suck…..And Suck…My pussy….Drink well my bad!!” A loud rumbling sound began to be heard. I have lost my brain. Friends, that room was leaving 4 rooms from my room, from where the warm warm sound was coming. I pulled out a big wish of a cigarette and headed towards the room. The door was open, I went inside. In the midst of many long long college benches, two guys were engrossed in hot hot sex. I did not make any sound and sat down to see who is doing this scandal. When I recognized them, my ass exploded. My best friend Kailash was raping Priya Rani, the coolest material of my class. “Sisterchod!!!…..he has chocked Priya Rani today, brother!!” I told myself that after seeing this hot sex scandal, my Lauda was completely standing. I extinguished my cigarette by crushing it with my feet and like a thief, he hid sitting on the floor below and watched the hot chudai of Kailash and Priya Rani. Kailash had seduced the most lovable maid of our class and was opening the whistle of her pussy today. The clothes of a chubby girl like Priya Rani were kept on the bench by the side. She was completely naked and I could see her smooth, bare and kissable body. One thing I did well was to take my smartphone and start making videos of it. With this, I will blackmail Kailash later and will lick Priya Rani’s new pussy with my tongue and enjoy it. I was staring at everything. Both were silent. Priya Rani was in the mood to kiss, Kailash Mishra, my friend, was completely lying on her and was sucking on Priya’s pink gorgeous strawberry-like lips. Both were staring at each other, both were in a mood to fuck. Seeing all this, my cock stood up, if I had a firearm with me at this time, I would have put it on my friend’s head and at the same time I would have kissed Priya Rani. Seeing this hot sex in a closed room, strange thoughts were coming in my mind. Kailash had captured the coolest stuff of our class, other boys of my class like me, Paramjeet, Sandeep, Devendra, Ajay all wanted to fuck Priya Rani, but brother-in-law Kailash took the lead. Seeing Priya, we kept hitting our fists and this brother-in-law is fucking the goods. Seeing Kailash got a little jealous. But it was comforting that the sweet stuff like Priya Rani got sucked up today. Today he went to his pussy, now he will be counted in an alter, that was the joy of that. I was hiding sitting on the side of the wall. Kailash kept sucking on Priya Rani’s juicy lips for a long time, then started drinking her milk. Uffff…..motherchod!! Milk also directly of size 36. With this, you can find out how much fun Gandu must be having, friends. I was watching him drinking Priya’s Mast Mast Mango with my own eyes. My best friend Kailash was drinking Priya’s milk full of mouth. Seeing Priya’s huge intoxicating breasts, my cock was so upset. My heart was wishing that I should hit my fist now or I should put it in the pussy of this Alter material now. I was hiding There were big chocolate colored circles on the edge of Priya’s milk, every Indian boy aspires to get someone with such big circles to suck the girl’s boobs. All of us boys are very thirsty to drink the teats of girls, how much fun, how much comfort we boys get in drinking the cool mangoes of girls. I was seeing all this with my bare eyes. For some 20 minutes, my best friend Kailash Priya kept drinking the queen’s milk. Then he took his 7-inch-thick lauda hand and started rubbing it on her pussy from top to bottom. Priya “Ah ah Raja….ajajjaj….. how many times I was making noises about Chod Dododododo…. Priya Rani was completely naked and I could clearly see her smooth chudasas and her body that was fattening. Kailash was just looking in a fun mood. He wanted to play with her intoxicated body before fucking Priya, that’s why he was not putting the fat of his fat lad in the pussy of Priya Rani, he was just rubbing the loaf’s supada on the pussy up and down very quickly. I could clearly see in Priya’s eyes the yearning to eat cock and the sensuality of kissing. She was groaning like a thirsty fish. But Gandu Kailash seemed to be in the mood for full entertainment. I could clearly see that he was repeatedly rubbing his fat lad on Priya Rani’s pussy. The pussy was yearning to eat Lund and here Gandu Kailash was finding fun. Then he lay down on Priya and started drinking her milk. Priya’s waist was very sexy and low, if someone had seen Priya’s intoxicatingly thin and sexy waist, then she would have considered it only, even if she had to go to jail. Then Kailash Priya started sucking the belly of the lovable lady like queen with his tongue and then started burying his lauda in the navel. Priya u u u u uuu … oo .. ooh … oh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cc cc.. started making repeated sounds of ha ha ha. After rubbing Priya Rani’s pussy up and down for some time with her thick 7 inch ladle, finally the moment came for which Priya Rani was waiting a lot. My best friend Kailash Mishra placed his lauda on his burrow and hit it hard. Making the sound of Lauda Sat, Priya entered the queen’s red red drunken bosom. He got great wealth. “Kailash!!…my friend….my dear…….aaaaaaa…andrar…. Chododo with loudness….cc cc….ee..mama mama” The beautiful lady like Priya started shouting. Today was a very historic day in Kailash’s life, because he was eager to kill Priya, the coolest lady of our class, for a long time. Kailash did not want to rush everything. He wanted to live and feel every moment of Priya Rani’s drunken sex. When Kailash looked down, he could clearly see Priya’s flat bosom. He saw the pink bosom. The hibiscus flowers looked like the lips of Priya Rani’s pussy, noticed from Kailash that her 7 inch and 2 inch thick Lauda has penetrated deep into the bhasoda of the most beautiful lady of the class, Kailash looked at this wonderful moment for a long time. Stayed. On the other hand, Priya was requesting again and again that Kailash….. fuck me….why are you wasting so much time. But Kailash Gandu wanted to imprison this moment in his heart forever. After some time, the beauty of Priya Rani’s bosom was broken. My dear friend, whom I used to call Gandu Gandu with love and in boyish witty language, he started eating Kailash Priya Rani with great love and started choking her. Slowly his maiden started measuring the depth of Priya’s pussy. It was such a pleasant thing that that cool lady of the class was kissing today. Slowly, Kailash started moving his waist faster and started eating Chodne to Priya. Priya’s eyes closed, her big mother started moving like a ball. She was kissing, Kailash was drinking the beauty of her closed eyes with his own eyes. He was really of great value, I, Paramjeet, Sandeep, Devendra and many other class boys used to just tear Priya apart all day, once from the dupatta of her salwar suit, if Priya’s big mammo could be seen. When I used to go, the cocks of all my friends used to stand up, all of them used to dream of kissing Priya Rani, but when the lottery started, it was in the hands of Kailash Mishra. Now slowly he started increasing his speed in Priya’s soft bosom. Priya u u u u u u…… She started shouting oooh..ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. There is no doubt that he too was enjoying the sex. She was eating Kailash Mishra’s long long lauda and enjoying it. After sometime, Kailash Tej Tej started kissing Priya Rani and started giving sharp slaps. As Priya’s Lajwanti’s breath began to crumble, her soft, flexible body was unable to bear the thick fresh loaf of a stick like Kailash. Ai… ai….ai……ai, isssssss uhhhhh ohhhhhh…..Chododo…..Chododo…..fuck me tighter, give me more tightness.” Priya started making a voice like a chudasi bitch. Meanwhile, my friend Kailash put his mouth on Priya’s mouth and started drinking from her soft lips. Both were intoxicated by youth and sex, both of them started drinking by moving their jaws on each other’s lips. Priya took Kailash in her arms and started kissing her with pleasure. As soon as Kailash sucked the lips of the beloved, he started choking with fun. After some time, the chudai reached its final stage and the sound of chat and pat pat started going in my ears. Friends, I was hiding in the same fuck room, I opened my pants and put my hand in my underwear and started chugging. It was such an occasion, today the coolest lady of my class was kissing in front of my eyes, the party used to be made. That’s why I started pounding my cock very quickly. Kailash Mishra and Priya could not know at all about me, otherwise they would not have executed the fuck. I was hiding like a thief on the side of the bench next to the wall, while the sex of the maiden lady was going on like Priya Rani. Both of them had reached the climax. Taking out the voice of Kailash am…. Amidst the sweet voice of Chat Chat Pat Pat, Kailash’s fat lauda entered Priya Rani’s bosom innumerable times and came out. Sweat came out from the hard work of sex on Kailash’s forehead, then he left his goods in the bosom of a beautiful lady like Priya. While beating here, my goods also fell. As soon as she left the goods, Priya clings to Kailash, a chudasi scoundrel, and both of them clinging to each other’s body naked for about half an hour. The coolest lady of my BA class was kissed in college today itself. How cool was this? Both started wearing their own clothes. I made a full 1 hour video of Priya ki chudai. Now I stood up and started clapping loudly. When Kailash Mishra and Priya saw me, their ass burst. “Sunny….you????” Kailash said “Yes son…..he was hiding in the room watching your and Priya’s sex, brother there is one thing… Priya Rani you have kissed today….I slapped my fists on sight” I said laughingly, “I have made a video of both of you chudai….Now Sarafat has given Priya’s pussy… otherwise in the whole college right now. Will send this video in 2 minutes!! I blackmailed Kailash. With great difficulty, Kailash agreed to kiss Priya. After that friends, I fucked Priya Rani in that closed room for half an hour and kicked her ass. I fulfilled my promise to Kailash and deleted the video, but was happy that I got the pussy of the coolest material of my class. You are reading this story on Non Veg school sex story, school sex, school girl sex story, school sex story, school sex story, school girl sex, chudai ki kahani, hindi sex story, student sex story

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