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Friends, my name is Ramkumar Yadav. I live in Lucknow. We are residents of Pustani Etawah. I am telling you my true story. 4 years back I got my elder son Sonu married. I asked Sonu from where he would get married. There were many good girls in Etawah. Sonu said that he will not bring the village girl. Because the village girl will not be able to teach her children. So. My family made up their mind that we will get her married from Lucknow. My daughter-in-law’s name was Nimmi. When my son Sonu saw her, he fell in love with her at first sight. She was very beautiful. He had a round face. He had two big eyes. He had rosy cheeks. Our whole family went to see him with Sonu. She herself brought tea and snacks for us. Sonu liked her. While the family members of Nimmi were giving only 2 lakh cash in the marriage. While in other places we were getting 5.6 lakh CAS. Marrying Nimmi was a loss deal. But my son Sonu liked Nimmi with round face so much that he started insisting that he would marry her. I gave up and we agreed to get married. You are married. When the honeymoon came, the sisters-in-law of my son Sonu went to leave him in the room. Her room was decorated with roses. Nimmi was talking to someone on the phone when Sonu went inside. Whose phone is it?? Sonu asked that this is my friend’s phone. Nimmi congratulated her for the wedding. Sonu nodded. He switched off the tube light and lit the night lamp. Nimmi was looking amazing in the wedding dress. She was looking very tough. Hard Mall ready to fuck. Since a long time my son Sonu was only dreaming of Nimmi. Finally he was married to a beautiful girl of Bala like Nimmi. Sonu was very happy. Nimmi was looking like a lotus flower in a red wedding dress. For that we had brought two lehengas worth twenty five thousand. Nimmi was looking amazing. Sonu got mad on seeing him. He lost consciousness and started carrying Nimmi in his arms. Suddenly Nimmi jerks her off and away. Sonu Chowk went. What is the hurry?? We should do everything slowly and comfortably! Nimmi said Sonu was happy that his wife is such a sati Savitri. At last it was night. Reluctantly, he grabbed Nimmi and pulled her red lehenga. Half became naked. Her breasts were also big 2 round like her face. My son Sonu’s penis got hard. Today my young son Sonu wanted to fuck my lovely daughter-in-law Nimmi to the fullest. He had nurtured this desire about 2 months back. From the day he saw Nimmi, he was infatuated with her and her juicy discount. Had Sonu been able to, he would have celebrated Nimmi’s honeymoon at Nimmi’s house on the same day he went to see her. Sonu went mad at 2 in the night. He took Nimmi’s soft nipples in his hand. Nimmi’s of very soft and soft breasts. Sonu was considering himself lucky. Like a thirsty man, he started drinking half of the round chhatiyas. Now my son Sonu wanted to fuck my daughter-in-law as soon as possible. Sonu was certain that Nimmi would be a virgin. Her father had told that he never allowed his daughter to climb even on the roof. He never left his young wood alone lest any boy should know her. And lest someone fucks her and breaks her seal. That’s why Sonu was not worried that Nimmi would be a virgin and a hard mall. My son Sonu had spread a white sheet on the bed. So that while breaking the seal, blood should not get on the bedsheet. Although Nimmi was not in the mood to fuck on the first night. She was saying again and again that first friendship should be done then there should be a ritual of pussy fucking. But Nimmi’s couldn’t handle Sonu’s impatience. Sonu went down after drinking her milky marble mammies. Nimmi’s navel was very delicate and beautiful. Sonu started putting his tongue in his navel. Half started getting hot. Sonu went further down. He started licking her soft pussy. Nimmi had made her inner hair with Baal Shafa soap. Sonu yearned to see her juicy pussy. For a long time he wanted to see Nimmi’s bird. Today, after waiting for a long time, that day has come. Today Nimmi’s bird was in front of him. Seeing Nimmi’s clit, my son Sonu’s arms blossomed. He started kissing and licking her clit. Oops were those pink pussy lips. Sonu had gone crazy. My son Sonu removed his underwear and got ready to fuck my young daughter in law. Nimmi had agreed to be fucked even reluctantly. While Nimmi had hidden one thing from all of us. My son Sona put his bull like cock on Nimmi’s juicy pussy and started pounding. The cock sank straight into her clit. Nor was any seal broken. Nor did any blood come out. Half sister! Mother’s lauri had already been licked. My son Sona understood that someone has already smelled the flower he brought. My son Sonu became very sad. He should not fuck this new daughter-in-law. He was not able to understand anything. Sonu had gone to celebrate the honeymoon with the message of love. There he learns that Nimmi had celebrated her honeymoon with some boy earlier. Love turned into hate. We had left the party of 6 lakhs in half way. Sonu’s blood boiled. Now he started considering Nimmi as a Chhindri. Now my son Sonu wanted to fuck her like a prostitute. Sonu rubbed and watered his cock in Nimmi’s loose pussy for an hour without any love. Her pussy was completely loose. In the morning, my son told me the whole thing. The truth was that Nimmi was not at all tight. Now I have to maintain you as it is, I told Sonu. Slowly 2 days started passing. My son Sonu lost his mind and did not inquire much from Nimmi that she had come here after getting fucked. Because he liked Nimmi a lot. Days started passing. After a few days, when Nimmi went to take a bath, she would enter the bathroom with the phone. And leaves after 2 hours. My wife got suspicious. She started to find out. But didn’t know. All of us family members got worried. What do you do in the bathroom with the phone, Nimmi?? When my wife asked, she got upset. Slowly we started doubting him. Felt that she is trapped with one of her friends. One day my son Sonu caught her talking to her lover at 3 in the night. Why did you marry me when you were already stuck with your boyfriend?? Has your mother come here to fuck you?? Sonu got upset and slapped the rosy cheeks of Nimmi Alter. Nimmi panicked. Please don’t tell this to anyone! She started tying the hands of my son Sonu. I am ready to do whatever you say! My alter daughter-in-law said. Sonu came to me and told that she has a lover. She has been kissing him since 5 years before marriage. Hey! You have become bhasudi!! I said. When my daughter-in-law has been kissing me for 5 years, then which daughter-in-law is she? This is a Chinar, then only. Dad you also come to the room! My son Sonu invites Alter and Chinar Nimmi for a group fuck. Ok call your uncle too Sonu! I said. Exactly at 3.15 am I went to Nimmi’s room with my son Sonu and my younger brother Nanke. I locked the door from inside. Nimmi’s ass got busted. Seeing three men, his mother got pissed off. My blood boiled at the sight of that prostitute. It seems so straight in appearance, but from inside she is number one vagabond and a slut. Nimmi started crying. dad! You have suffered the most. You fuck this whore first. Sonu said I slapped Nimmi more. Hey whore! Crying shows crocodile tears. Now we are not going to fall in your trap anymore!! I said and I tore off Nimmi’s amazing mall blouse on my chinar. There was blood on my head. Then my hands went on her saree. I pulled him out too. Dad! Please forgive me! Now I will not do this again!! Nimmi started crying. Started folding my hands. Sister Alter! She secretly talks to her lover in the night and is apologizing!! I screamed and tore my daughter-in-law’s petticoat. Now she became naked and in white bra and tights. I really had blood on my head. I pulled her hair. Hair opened. I caught hold of her hair and with kicks spoiled the beauty of the prostitute. I gave another blow and tore her bra and panty. Nimmi started crying and hid under the bed to escape. Catch the sister-in-law!! I told Sonu and my younger brother Nanke. There was a lot of ruckus in my house. My three daughters, my second son, my wife woke up. But we had locked the door from inside. Everyone got upset and started banging on the door. Sonu and Nanke dragged Rand out. Nimmi was crying continuously. I grabbed her hair and threw her on the ground floor. Her head exploded.Slut! You have so much courage, even after marriage, she secretly talks with her old friend!!! You are very cuddly, aren’t you? You have to eat two cocks!! Today you will eat 3 cocks together I shouted I opened her leg and started looking at her ass. motherfucker!! What condition has come to get your bull done?? Totally ripped!! Even a cobbler cannot seal it!! I screamed. I again kicked and punched my daughter-in-law Nimmi. I got furious. I put my whole hand till the elbow in the torn vagina of my alter daughter-in-law. Half moaned in pain. Le Randi!! Today you will fuck so much that you will forget your old lover!! I screamed. And started running his hand in her pussy. Sonu and my brother Nanke got scared seeing that her pussy might burst. I put my hand up to the elbow in Nimmi’s bosom. The hole became very big. The skin of the pussy was stretched like rubber. I will kill you today you whore!! I screamed and started moving my hands in and out. Nimmi’s pussy became a platform. Her pussy was stretched like rubber. Felt like it might explode. Felt like a baby is about to come out of her pussy. Nimmi started crying loudly father! Forgive me!! Forgive me!! I will not talk to my friend again. But I didn’t listen to one. For half an hour I kept doing half in and out in Nimmi’s bosom till the elbow. Then I fucked her for 1 hour with my bare cock without any condom. Then it was the turn of her ass. I did not see whether Randi was dying of pain or not. Again I put my hand till wrist in her ass without any oil cream. Nimmi Chinar’s mother got fucked. She was in bad condition while crying. I grabbed her hair and slapped her a lot. Many of his hairs were broken. Then I fucked my alter daughter-in-law’s ass for fifteen hours. After that I put on my white pajamas and tied the slogan. Then Sonu fucks Rand for 1 hour. Chhinar and Awara were half half-dead. Let’s go fuck sister-in-law!! I Gurrayananke also unbuckled the belt of his blue pants. He took off the pant and hanged it on the peg of the wall and made the alter fuck Nimmi for an hour. My wife kept banging on the door hearing Nimmi’s cry. But we didn’t open it. The three of us opened the door at 8 in the morning. I told everything to my wife. After 2 months my boy Sonu got divorced, left that Chinar. And married a brand new mall. 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