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My Step daughter, Step daughter sex story, daughter ki chudai, meri dusri biwi ki beti ki chudai, sautela baap aur beti ki sex kahani : My name is Kunal, I am from Aligarh. I am 40 years old. My second marriage took place in August. The first wife eloped with her ex-boyfriend eight years ago. For eight years, I used to fart only after reading sex stories on But in February this year I got married for the second time. My wife is three years older than me and has a daughter who is twenty years old. This wife’s husband passed away so I got it so that both of us can start a new life. But there was one condition of this marriage that I should get his daughter married. So I had also said yes that I will give whatever expenses will be incurred in the marriage. Now let me tell you about my daughter who has come with my wife. Her name is Deepti Deepti is twenty years old hot and beautiful girl studying in BA. Beautiful such that his mother Manju i.e. my wife does not stay anywhere. Long, wide, big, round, round tits, fair body, deer-like gait, eyes, and lips, pink, ohhh, amazing thing. My wife is the number one sexy and hot woman. She is also a fan of this website. We both read new stories and fuck in different style everyday. Mother and daughter both are very modern. My wife works in a nearby unisex salon, so she keeps herself hot and beautiful. And in the night, her clothes are very hot and sexy, she wears such clothes. Even if the cock gets erect, there is no bra inside and the upper clothes are sexy and at night we both put two pegs and then both of us start fucking. My wife makes a very sexy voice because of which I become sensual and then start fucking hard. It was a matter of one day when my wife went to the salon, my daughter i.e. Deepti said that you and my mother are so busy in the night. Why do you make loud noises? Both of you should know that someone else lives in the house, a young daughter lives. If you are fond of making noises like this, then both of you should go on a honeymoon. Because even this young girl listens to both of you sighing, then tell her what will she do. I said what to do, it is not my fault, it is your mother’s fault, she wants to have sex in a tremendous way. She said, what would she think, she would also know that her mother is having sex. I also have to satisfy, so I can’t do it slowly. On hearing this, my daughter said, I am also sex. At night I had seen both of you having sex through the window. Since then I am worried, neither I feel like studying nor doing any work. I can’t live without sex. And I don’t want that I should do any work outside the house because later it is very difficult for a girl if she has sex with someone outside the house. Because later he will blackmail. And if you have sex with me, then the matter of the house will remain at home, even the mother will not reach this matter and whenever I want or you can fulfill each other’s physical desire. . I understand that what he is saying is really true. I could not say anything that means my silence was yes. She came close to me and holding my hair put her lips on mine. Slowly they started sucking each other’s lips. Both of us locked lips caressing each other. Ohhhh juicy lips and hot body I could not stop myself and forcefully pulled her towards me. When her nipples touched my chest, it felt as if velvet pillow was attached to my chest. His breathing started fast, I was also breathing fast. She unbuttoned my shirt and started licking my chest. I lifted her on my lap and took her to the bedroom. I took off her top and opened the hook of the bra ohhhhhhh big big round tight and pink colored nipples ohhhhhhh I broke down I grabbed both her tits with both hands and then Started pressing, caressing, then started sucking with her nipple in his mouth. She started making sounds of ah ah ah ohh ohh uff ufff ouch. Her voice was very hot and sexy. My cock got erect. I opened my pant and took the cock in my hand and pressed it against her lips. At first she was saying no, no, no, I will not take it in my mouth. I said take it, it will be a lot of fun. Your mother is crazy about this cock, when she fucks, she sucks my cock again and again with her mouth, loves and plays. rubs into his body. On hearing this, Deepti immediately took my thick cock in her mouth and started sucking. A little semen was coming out of my cock, so she used to say that it looks like salty. Ohhhhh, now her water started getting amazing, she lay down and spread her legs. And started looking at me with intoxicating eyes. I had fallen in love with him. I immediately separated both her legs and started licking Deepti’s pussy and simultaneously started rubbing both her boobs with both hands. She started getting more and more sensual. I was also not liking the delay anymore. I put my cock on her pussy hole and caressing her slowly started putting inside. If she repeatedly pulled her ass back, the cock was not going. This time I caught her hard and put the whole cock in her tight pussy. She was not able to move even now. I now started doing my cock inside and out loudly. She also became sensuous and started moving her ass loudly and started making sounds of aaah aaah aaah ohhhhh ohhhhh aaaaa. Now I put both her legs on my shoulders and started thrusting cocks in the middle. By doing this, her wide ass was also in front, so I felt like hitting her ass too. I said Deepti, now I want to hit her ass because your ass is looking very sexy and hot. She said, now everything is yours, my father, now do whatever you want, I will not say anything. On hearing this, I put my cock on her ass. The ass was also wet because the water from the pussy had wet the ass hole. I inserted Deepti’s ass cock, she felt a lot of pain but slowly she also agreed and started getting her ass killed comfortably. Ohhhhhh what can I tell friends it is very difficult to get ass and pussy in the same day. One more day and that too on the first day it was wow fun. Now I started fucking Deepti in different ways, sometimes in sitting position, sometimes in standing position, sometimes in lying down. After an hour and a half of fucking. Then we both fell asleep holding each other, then after an hour both of them started sucking each other’s lips and started fucking again. Friends, nowadays my life is going on smoothly. I fuck my wife at night and my daughter during the day, my work is also work from home and I have to go to the salon, so I am enjoying it. I will bring my second story soon on non-veg story dot till then I take your permission.

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