Student Teacher Sex Story

It is a matter of those days when I used to teach in computer center, I had one student Neetu, seeing her nipples would make anyone’s mind go crazy, until that class did not come, I did not feel like it, because I I used to touch her nipples, sometimes with my hand, sometimes with my elbow, one day I kept my hand at least for a second, she didn’t even say anything, my courage increased, now I started feeling the size every day, now What was it, one day I asked, Neetu, don’t you feel bad, I understood your…. Ha……… Neetu replied, she said no, I don’t feel bad, we also don’t feel good unless you touch me, I feel like I have found heaven, my heart and my cock both started dreaming, that the time has come Now the time has come to fuck, first only with eyes, then with hands, then now the time has come to quench thirst with cocks. One day we already told her Neetu, we will go for a walk tomorrow, but she did not say, sir, I cannot go, my father does not let me go anywhere. Dena I said ok, she called her father and I said, “Neetu will participate in a competition on behalf of our coaching, she will have to go out tomorrow, if you say so then it is ok, otherwise we have to call someone else. Will have to be taken, because Neetu was saying that father will not let us go. Neetu’s father said, “No, take your head, I don’t refuse you a little for studies, you know that the time is bad, that’s why I tell the children.” Well you take it, when will it come back. I said it will be evening because it is 2 o’clock, she will come in the morning to practice in the class and then go back. What was the matter, Neetu came the next day in a red color suit where I had told to meet, she looked cool. She was fully dressed, today she was looking even more sexy, she just sat behind my bike and we have Paharganj area in Delhi, reached there and took a hotel room on rent, and closed the door. Let’s just break down. Take it easy, today is the whole day, my dear, “Neetu said.” Was, since then he is upset. “No problem, he has a right, bring it, I will explain it” and he opened the chain and hook of my pant and kissed it by taking it out from the top of the underpants” and said, “Don’t worry, stop. I want you to stay with your friend for a while, because your friend is also suffering, water is getting watery, today in these eighteen years a friend is about to meet. And then she started sucking my lip and I too tightly He started kissing her by filling his arms, Her eyes were turning red and lips were turning pink and her nipples were drooling. I grabbed her ass and touched it with my cock, now she was rubbing her ass and my cock, she was breathing fast and I put her to sleep on the bed and after climbing up I started kissing and pressing her nipples again.”Leave it. No please what are you doing, take off your clothes from above, no please, then I took off my clothes and took off her clothes too, now what can I tell what was the thing, cool two 34 size boobs, stomach seemed like Be a South Indian heroine, what was her waist, hair on small holes, and the whole body absolutely flawless. She started sobbing, what are you doing. Slowly pleasezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz soon today today first after today fuck so much that my ass bursts” When I applied, she started saying “It hurts” slowly please, I took it out and put my spit in my cock, then put it on the hole, its hole was very hot and water was pouring, I pushed hard and full Cock went in her burrow, she started flirting, I said don’t move and remained like that for two minutes, then slowly started moving back and forth, she started enjoying, and I also started taking my cock out in her burrow by holding her nipples. , she was also jerking and fucking, and ahh uhh, ahh uhh, ahh uhh, haiye, marrrr gayee, chud gayeeeeeeeeee, fat gayeeeeeeeeeeee, I also started kissing tightly, and after about 30 minutes of fucking, my semen went into her mouth. I fell down, and she became calm, she was neither moving nor shaking, we both kept lying holding each other for about 30 minutes and then got dressed, then asked for lunch, then food. Took it again after sex, stayed in the hotel for about 7 hours and fucked her 3 times, then what was it, I fuck whenever I get a chance, she is also a big bitch, she gets ready immediately, how did you feel? Please do comment please, I will post the story of another student soon.

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