Service To Mom

Hi guys!!!!! My name is Vinay , age-17years,living with my mom in’s age is 37 yeara, dad died 10 years ago.i am telling you my real life incident,so please enjoy it. daily i used to think of fucking my mom.but,i was not having any guts to screw my the real fact was that,my mom was a torture lover.she used to see many torture blue flims on her p.c .she also used to get horny by seeing torture scenes on t.v . On day a plan strucked my mind.i was sure that with this plan i will be able to screw my i went to my mom’s that time she was watching a torture b.p .but as i knocked yhe door,she switched the p.c off.i said.”mom,what were you doing?”.”nothing” she said.”i know you were seeing torture b.p .”i said.”what do you mean?” she asked in anger.”mom,this is not the way to fulfill your dreams.i know you are a torture lover,but you are not getting the pleasure of torturing anybody.if you want,i can give what you can toryure me as you like,play with my bodyas you want.because after all i am your son and this body belongs to you as i am your creation”my mom was very much happy by this statement of mine. i could see the evil smile on her face.she said”you are really an obidant son,now do as i say.”she told me to take off my clothes and lie on the,i began to prepare myself mentally and physically to bear the torture.then she began to whip my ass with a was painfull but i was prepared.this went for ass was now red and sore.then she litted a candle and began to give me wax burnson my ass,back and was painfull but i beared it.the hot wax began to burn my skin.then she took an iron and switched it on.after sometime she placed the hot iron on my ass and i screamed in pain.hearing this,mom laughed an evil laugh.then she asked me to lie on my back.she kept the iron 0n my belly and i cried in pain.for sometime,she played with my cock and balls.she twisted my cock and pricked it with a needle.she also pressed my balls,making me scream.this went for half-an-hour.she was now all wet seeing me tortured.then she sat on a sofa and pulled her gown up to her upper thighs and pulled down her panty and begantomastuarbate in front of me. For first time i was seeing her pussy.i came to her andsat down in front of her.”are you happy with your slave’s service,mom?”i asked.”yes my child”she said finguring hre pussy.”if you want,i can do some more service to you mom.”i said and began to lick her thighs and cunt.she became more horny and then she undressed herself and i began to fuck her. so my plan worked out and i was able to screw my i fuck her daily,but now also she torture’s me and now i also enjoy it.